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News | Monday, August 17, 2015

Safe Surprise This Week on Guntalk Television

This week on GUNTALK: We put out the call for family and friends to nominate a person who deserved to win a day of training with Chris Cerino. The winner had no idea what was waiting for him when he arrived home. See the surprise that was helping unfold with help from Liberty Safe and others on this week's episode.

Grand Power Pistols- This Week on Guns & Gear

This week, Guns & Gear, one of the top-rated television programs to showcase products for shooting and hunting, features Grand Power's P45 with rotating barrel, and their K100 9mm; Ruger's AR-556 direct impingement rifle, and new "452" AR drop-in trigger; Ballistic Tip Ammunition from Nosler; CrossBreed Holsters Appendix Carry holster options; and Sig Sauer's complete line of optics.

Campbellsville University Latest School to Offer 3D Archery Scholarships

Campbellsville University will join Union College, Midway College, Kentucky Christian University, University of the Cumberlands and Bethel University of Tennessee to offer coed competitive 3D archery programs.

Kroll International Seeking Regional Account Specialists

Kroll International, a leading wholesaler of law enforcement, military tactical, public safety, and shooting sports equipment seeks an experienced Director of Sales and New Business Development to add to their dynamic team in Southeast Michigan.

U.S. Shotgun Success Continues With Godgell-Unrein Bronze

Two-time Olympian and 2008 Olympic bronze medalist Corey Cogdell-Unrein (Eagle River, Alaska) kept the shotgun success rolling for the USA Shooting Team with a bronze-medal performance Friday at the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) in Gabala, Azerbaijan.

USA Women's Team Dominates Historic World Cup Stage Win

Coming off of Team USA's hottest qualification day in a long time, and four medal wins Saturday, the recurve team was poised for greatness with a shot at gold in each of the four Olympic events. They achieved the goal, firing a perfect score to take the World Cup Stage Win in Wroclaw, Poland.

This Week on AR-15 Podcast

This week, listeners get a look and discussion of the SOPMOD MK18 clones.

Springfield Armory® DUEL 3 Promotion Coming Soon

One of the shooting industry's largest gun and gear giveaways of its kind is set to launch soon. The Springfield Armory® DUEL 3 promotion is back, which means participants will soon be able to submit for daily and weekly prizes, as well as one spectacular grand prize experience.

Victory Loves Preparation: The New Leapers UTG All-IN-1 Range Bag

Born and developed from the extensive knowledge of the UTG PRO Shooting Team and taking both the good and bad experiences they have encountered on the range, the UTG All-IN-1 Range Bag succeeds where many other bags on the market have come up short.

Federal Premium Ammunition's Grateful Nation Salutes Spec Ops

In this week's episode, host Tim Abell honors the special operations units and look back at some of those hunts and the stories of those brave fighting men. From deer to duck to plains game. From North America to Africa, to the hallowed shores of Normandy, this week's episode his week's episode spans the globe to thank our military.

ProSounds Reaches Final Week of Kickstarter Campaign for X-Pro Earplugs

The Kickstarter campaign for ProSounds® X-Pro™ Earplugs is in its final week of fundraising. ProSounds introduced the all-new X-Pro Earplugs in July via Kickstarter campaign, which will end Aug. 22. This is the last week for contributors to receive steep discounts on the innovative hearing protection. The campaign has garnered more than 1,700 backers, exceeding its original goal by 400 percent.

J. Dewey Rods' Tischauser Takes Title at Benelli Tactical

J Dewey Rods Pro Shooter Jesse Tischauser secured his second major victory of the 2015 season by taking the Outlaw Division title at the Benelli Tactical Championship this past weekend at Rockcastle Shooting Center in Park City, Kentucky.

Mississippi Governor Congratulates MDWFP LawFit Team on National Title

On Friday, Governor Phil Bryant welcomed members of the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks' LawFit Team to the Governor's Mansion to congratulate them on winning the 2015 National LawFit Competition held last month in Olive Branch.

Hogue Offers G10 Magrip Kits for 1911 Government Model Pistols

If you're a proud owner of a 1911 Government Model autoloader and you're considering a new set of grip panels, Hogue Incorporated cordially invites you to take it the next level with one of their Magrip Kits. Each kit contains two extended grip panels and matching mainspring housing that, when installed, integrates a magwell into your 1911 grips.

Henry Repeating Arms, Charlie Daniels Honor War Heroes

Last Wednesday night, a sell-out crowd at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee was brought to its feet when four war heroes were invited onstage and presented with Henry Military Service Tribute Rifles during the Charlie Daniels' fortieth anniversary Volunteer Jam.

NRA Announces 2015 Women's Award Recipients

The National Rifle Association has selected the recipients of its 2015 Women's Awards, recognizing exceptional accomplishments in the preservation of the Second Amendment and the shooting sports through education, advocacy, and volunteerism.


Gadgets & Gizmos

One of the advantages of doing what I do for a living is the opportunity to see a lot of the very latest equipment before it's formally announced. It's also one of the downsides of what I do. But the downside doesn't begin to diminish the fun of the early preview opportunities.

What because absolutely means is an instant spot inspection when I show up at an event as a competitor or hunter. Some guys who know me discretely eyeball my gear to see if there's anything new. Those who know me really well tend to start rummaging around in my gear bag like they have permission.

If I have something new, I don't mind. Seldom do I mind. But I do take great pleasure in hiding new stuff in plain sight. It's easier than most people think because there are certain items people expect to see.

Today, a quick look at a few small items that I have taken a big liking to.

It's pretty much invisible until you hang something from it (above) but the Magnetactical belt clip is capable of holding a full 1911 magazine. When viewed from the side (below) it's easy to see how you can effectively add a magnetic third hand -only when needed.

The first one hides on my gunbelt until I decide to give it away. When I do, I find myself having to explain something that should be ridiculously obvious. It's a little clip-on device called the Magnetactical belt clip, and it's exactly what it sounds like, a small clip-on polymer device that covers a powerful little magnet. If/when I have something in my hands (like a pistol magazine) and I need to either find a place to put it down or grow a third hand, I simply stick the magazine (in the illustration, one of Wilson Combat's awesome 1911 mags) to the Magnetactical clip, do whatever it is I need to do, then reach down and grab my mag when I'm done.

According to the company, it's capable of holding up to ten pounds, but I've never really tested it by hanging a firearm or anything heavier than a full magazine on it. But I have put mags on it, forgotten they were there and gone about my business until I happen to realize it's still there.

The creator of these ingenious little clips is a police detective and found in his work the occasional need to securely hold something while performing his duties. In his line of work, those "somethings" were frequently knives of small guns, so he started thinking about something that would hold an object without being obvious when it wasn't needed.

Enter the Magnetactical belt clip. And the company website ( has testimonials from other officers who've found it useful for them as well.

Fortunately, my work doesn't involve those sorts of situations, but I have used it to hold pistol magazines, drill bits, small tools and the assorted nuts, bolts and washers I normally try to juggle when I find myself in need of a third hand when there's not a tabletop available.

If you think it might be something you'd use, you can check out their website and save a few bucks. Yesterday, when making certain they're still offering their clips, I discovered they're now being offered in three colors (black, sand and olive drab) for $24.99, not the original $35 MSRP. I had a pair, but gave the second to a young man who loves to shoot, but has the challenge of only having one arm. He says it helps -immensely.

The YPOD looks like a simple gun rest, but the ability to strap it around a barrel, rest it on a tabletop or on a treestand rail gives it a lot of versatility.
Something that's not nearly so subtle in my range bag right now is a new gun rest that I got last week, tested and promptly put into my bag. It's called the YPOD ( It's one of those products that seems to have been designed just to fit the circumstances I occasionally find myself in.

It looks like a shooting stick gun rest. Except it's not. It's designed to be used in a more "natural" situations -like a shooting bench when sighting in or the rail of a tree stand. It's plastic and rubber, but has sturdy adjustments that allow you to get it to "just the right height" for wherever you're shooting. In fact, I used the nylon strap on top to put it across the top of my AR and use it as an impromptu monopod. I wouldn't recommend it as a replacement, but it did the job when I decided to give it a try.

It's so new that the only place I've found it for sale was Amazon, but it is there for $24.99 and has gotten four 5-star reviews from other users.

Tac Straps are tougher than standard rubber straps -and those swivel hooks make it easy to be certain they're securely fastened.
And I found the solution for how to stick the YPOD onto my range bag literally laying atop my work bench. Several weeks ago, I received a pair of Tac Straps from Tacshield ( They'd been laying on the bench, just waiting for the right time to get a field test. When I realized my bag was, as usual, overfull, I grabbed one of the TacStraps, passed it through the molle strap, made a couple of whips around the YPOD and realized TacStraps were cool for a couple of reasons: first, they stretch and hold and, secondly, they have swivel hooks at both ends for making certain they're really caught -without twisting or binding.

They're not as inexpensive as a rubber band or a roll of tape, but at $4.50 for either an 8 or 12-inch strap, a pair of them isn't a bad use for a $10 bill. You can get them at or from Amazon -although the seller there was asking $6.79 (caveat emptor, right?).

There's more hiding in that range bag, but I don't want to give away all my secrets before next month's Starlight 3 Gun Championships (as if any piece of gear could save me) watch this space.

--Jim Shepherd

Aug 15-16
Saginaw Field and Stream, Saginaw, Michigan
Aug 16
Blue Ridge Cherry Valley Rod & Gun Club, 2178 Smith Road, Sciota PA, 18354
Aug 29
Atlanta Conservation Club, Atlanta, Indiana
Aug 29-30
Echo Valley Archers, Fayette, Iowa
Aug 23-30
Donaueschingen, Germany
Sep 3-4
College Station, Texas
Sep 5-7
College Station, Texas
Sep 11-13
Tusco Rifle Club, New Philadelphia, Ohio
Sep 8-13
Medellin, Colombia
Sep 24-25
Peacemaker National Training Center, 1624 Brannons Ford Rd. Gerrardstown, WV 25420
Sep 24-26
Peacemaker National Training Center, Brannons Ford Road, Gerrardstown, WVA
Oct 10-11
Louisville, Kentucky
Oct 9-11
Old Fort Gun Club, Fort Smith, Arkansas
Oct 17-18
Mexico City, Mexico
Oct 21-24
Rockcastle Shooting Center, Park City, KY
Dec 3-6

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