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October 11, 2017 |
Growth Strategy Partners Provides Consultations at NASGW Expo

What are you going to do differently in 2018 to make it better than 2017? Do you know there are 7 business fundamentals which drive profitable growth? NASGW has asked Growth Strategy Partners to provide complimentary consultations at their Annual Expo next week and during these consultations you can learn of these 7 Keys to Growth and ask a business expert how to improve your business performance.

The one-hour complimentary business consultations are designed for NASGW member Presidents, CEOs, executives and owners. In this one hour, you can obtain feedback and insights on one of the following business topics with a very experienced business advisor:

- How well is your business applying the 7 Keys to Growth?

- How can I improve my growth in 2018-19?

- How prepared are you and your company to sell or transition your business?

- A topic or challenge of your choice

Your consultation will be with Christopher DiCenso, the Managing Partner of Growth Strategy Partners. Chris started his career with Sturm Ruger then after spending 7 years in industry obtained his MBA and built three business consulting practices before starting his own. Chris has consulting to over 20+ companies in our industry and has generated an average increase in operating profits of 220% and over 5.5 times return on professional fees to clients.
To schedule one of the 8 available consultations on October 18 or 19, please contact Chris directly at or 781.837.3276 and suggest a date and time to meet.
Growth Strategy Partners is a management consulting firm accelerating the revenue, profit and organizational performance of shooting sports companies by applying our research driven 7 Keys to Growth. To learn more visit