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December 5, 2018 |
Federal Ammunition Announces New Loads in 450 Bushmaster

ANOKA, Minnesota – – Federal is proud to announce new loads for hunting chambered in the popular 450 Bushmaster straight-wall cartridge. Shipments of Power-Shok ammunition are being delivered to dealers now. Fusion and Non-Typical will soon follow.

Legal in more “slug-only” areas and offering enhanced range, accuracy and power over other straight-walled rifle cartridges and sabots, the 450 Bushmaster is becoming a new favorite of deer, hog and bear hunters. Now the hot cartridge is available in three of the best loads for hunters—Federal Fusion (bonded), Power-Shok and Non-Typical. All get the most from the round thanks to consistent, accurate bullet designs that expand reliably.

Features & Benefits

  • Superior range and accuracy over other straight-wall rifle cartridges and sabot slugs
  • Legal for hunting in many areas where other centerfire rifle cartridges are prohibited
  • Fusion bonded bullets offers best-in-class expansion
  • Non-Typical is specifically built for deer hunters
  • Power-Shok provides versatile, reliable performance on a wide range of medium game

Part No. Description MSRP

F450BMFS1 450 Bushmaster 300 grain Fusion soft point, 20-count $37.95

450BMDT1 450 Bushmaster 300 grain Non-Typical soft point, 20-count $33.95

450BMB 450 Bushmaster 300 grain Power-Shok soft point, 20-count $33.95

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Press Release Contact: JJ Reich

Senior Communications Manager - Firearms and Ammunition