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EasyExport Releases Multilingual Communication Features

Hartford, CT – EasyExport® announces the release of new features that allow EasyExport merchants to communicate with international customers in their preferred language. Manufacturers and resellers who subscribe to EasyExport’s revolutionary export-processing service now have more tools with which to build trust, loyalty and durable relationships with their consumer and dealer customers around the world and to distinguish themselves from other American exporters.

Introduction of the new language features accompanies the release to EasyExport subscribers of the first EasyExport Merchant Insights™ monthly reports. Merchant Insights uses information extracted from EasyExport transaction data to give EasyExport merchants a powerful competitive advantage in the export market for American guns, parts, scopes, and accessories.

The first Merchant Insights reports reveal to EasyExport subscribers that the majority of their customers in certain key international markets prefer to communicate in a language other than English. This is true, according to EasyExport data, not only for consumers, but also dealers.

“Lots of people around the world have at least some ability to communicate in English,” said Jeff Grody, EasyExport co-founder and CEO. “As a result, new exporters are relieved to discover that they can be successful even if they only speak English. That’s true, but why not be very successful? Our data shows that, while international buyers may be able to get by with English, many of them don’t want to. Our merchants can now show respect for their international customers’ language preferences and to build stronger relationships by doing so. It’s much easier than people think.”

EasyExport’s new language features include:

·Language look-up enables merchants to know a shopper’s preferred language without asking.

·EasyExport order screen now shows customers’ language preferences, positioning customer service personnel for relationship-enhancing interactions with their international customers.

·One-click location finder offers “instant geography lessons”, improving the ability of American customer service personnel to bond with international customers.

·Training shows merchants how EasyExport staff uses free automatic translation tools every day to communicate more effectively with international customers.

·Best practices guide provides instructions for optimizing websites and ecommerce stores for instant translation by international shoppers.

EasyExport is an automated processing service that enables American companies to export guns and related products from their own facilities. EasyExport customers ship safely, affordably, and efficiently to consumer, commercial and governmental customers in 82 countries. To make this possible, EasyExport classifies its customers’ products for U.S. export and foreign-country import regulations. Then, using proprietary software, EasyExport scans international orders to instantly identify export license and import permit requirements. EasyExport staff obtains export licenses for its customers and approves their buyers’ import permits before shipment. EasyExport also registers, vets, and approves international buyers. EasyExport provides all the related support required to make EasyExport a total exporting solution for every company in the firearms industry.

About EasyExport®

EasyExport is the only solution that enables any seller of firearms, parts, optics, or accessories in the United States to ship legally, reliably, and affordably from their own facility to lawful firearm owners around the world. EasyExport makes fulfilling international orders almost as easy as domestic orders.

With EasyExport’s no-risk service, it is practical for every manufacturer and reseller in the firearms industry to sell into the global market. Set-up costs are low, contracts are cancellable at any time, and merchants pay only for orders received and shipments shipped.

EasyExport contracts include full training and continuous support. No export compliance expertise is required. Start selling internationally in about two weeks. EasyExport provides a total, proven commercial and regulatory solution.

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