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Maria Kernasovic Named President of Eagle Imports

WANAMASSA, N.J. – With outgoing company president Michael Sodini exiting his long-time role, Eagle Imports Inc. recently announced the assumption of Sodini’s duties by tenured CFO and VP Maria Kernasovic on May 21, 2019.

Sodini left his position with the company to take on a role with Walk the Talk America, an organization that strives “to reduce the misconceptions and prejudices that exist when it comes to mental illness and firearms,” according to its website.

Kernasovic has been with Eagle Imports in varying capacities since 1990, having served primarily in a financial role and subsequently as the company’s CFO since the late 1990s. She assumed a VP position in 2006.

“We wish Michael (Sodini) well on his new and exciting career path with Walk the Talk America,” Kernasovic said. “We’re grateful for the dedication and energy he’s brought to Eagle over our long history together. I am humbled and excited to fill his role as president of the organization.”

In addition to Kernasovic’s transition, National Sales Manager Rafael DelValle has assumed the role of Director of Sales and Marketing. He joined the Eagle Imports team in 2009.

“I am energized to take on a more strategic role,” DelValle said, “and I’m committed to move Eagle forward in this competitive environment.”

Kernasovic said these changes mark a continued focus on customers moving into Eagle Imports’ future. “Expect a renewed commitment to value and service as Eagle transitions forward and endeavors to exceed all expectations,” she said.

About Eagle Imports Inc.

Eagle Imports Inc. was established in 1988 and is the exclusive representation for Bersa firearms, including the Thunder and Firestorm series, and the Metro Arms Corporation’s family of brands, including MAC, American Classic, SPS and Llama.