ALLEN Duffel Display Program Strengthens Retail Store Layouts

Louisville, CO: It’s an important tenant of retail business to update your store layouts periodically, so you are delivering something new to the consumer experience.

For retailers looking to freshen up their visual layouts and improve floor fixturing, ALLEN Company has launched a Duffel Display Promotional Program where retailers receive both multiple FREE samples of duffel bag products, and a strategic means to display them in pivotal areas of their store.

In order to receive a FREE Duffel Display Rack all a retailer has to do is to purchase a minimum number of duffel bags, and both the loaded sample display rack and order shipment is sent to their respective store.

The Terrain™ Basin Duffel bags are a small part of the broader Terrain brand assortment comprised of:

·Hunting Backpacks and Daypacks ranging from 3000 to 1300 cubic inches

·Binocular Harness Systems for optics and essential gear storage

·Dynamic Waist Pack Platforms for carrying smaller cargos

Duffel bags have long been a staple of outdoor stores catering to their adventure-seeking patrons, and this new series has been made available just in advance of many hunting seasons kicking off around the country.

These, and many other fine hunting products, are available to the outdoor trade for the 2020 hunting seasons at many retail and online customer channels.

To find out more about this exciting retailer display promotion, contact your ALLEN sales representative or contact us directly via any of the outlets listed below.

For more information about the ALLEN Company and their broad expanse of shooting and hunting products, visit us at or call (800) 876-8600. @allenoutdoors



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About Allen Company:

Enjoying their newly opened headquarters in Louisville, Colorado, Allen Company was founded in 1970 and is the leading provider of hunting, shooting, archery and tactical-related products to the Outdoor Industry. By continuously striving to improve our product design and quality, we have set our sights on making the Allen brand known and trusted by the entire outdoor population as the best product for the money.

After celebrating the 50th-year Anniversary for the organization, ALLEN Company is hard at work maximizing the expanse and operational improvements embedded within their new headquarters and distribution center located in Louisville, CO.