DRD Tactical Awarded APTUS(AMG) Rifle Contract

Dallas, GA: DRD has been awarded a fixed quantity-fixed price contract for our APTUS(AMG) Rifle from a US ally in Asia. These APTUS(AMG) rifles are select fire (safe-semi-auto) version of our semi-auto rifles. The machine guns will be shipped with 5.56 NATO barrels, 300BLK barrels and SilencerCo Chimera 300 sound suppressors. Delivery on this contract starts this month and will be completed in Summer 2020.

DRD Tactical specializes in design and manufacturing of patented Take Down Rifles in 338 Lapua Magnum, 7.62 NATO, 6.5 Creedmoor, 5.56 NATO and 300BLK calibers, and select fire machine guns in 7.62 NATO, 5.56 NATO and 300BLK calibers in our modern CNC manufacturing facility in Georgia.

For Sales and Marketing please contact Justin Padgett at or call 678-398-9059.