Walther Manufacturing, Inc. appoints Thomas Goike to CEO

Effective immediately, Walther Manufacturing, Inc. is excited to announce the hiring of Thomas Goike to President and CEO. Goike’s hiring is part of a long-term, strategic transition for former Walther Manufacturing President and CEO Adam Blalock. Blalock will now serve as Chairman of the Board for Walther Manufacturing. In addition to his duty as Chairman of Walther Manufacturing, Inc. Blalock will continue to serve as Chairman of the Board for both Walther Arms, Inc. and Umarex USA, Inc. All three privately-owned U.S. corporations share a campus located in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

“I’m excited and grateful that Tom Goike has joined our work family, accepting the role and responsibility to lead WMI as we look to dramatically expand our U.S. Manufacturing operations. While Tom comes to us with rich, broad skills and experience … It's his leadership approach with people and team that will lead to success. I am really excited to see what he will do.” said Chairman of the Board, Adam Blalock. Blalock continued with a note about his own past experience as CEO and his new role going forward, “We now have a CEO for each of our U.S. Companies! I have absolutely loved my role as CEO of our three U.S. businesses over the past sixteen years. I haven’t the words or space here to express my gratitude and love for my work and work family in the USA and Germany. I’ll miss being involved in the day-to-day operations, but so grateful to stay connected and contribute as Chairman of the Board for our U.S. based companies.”

Goike brings with him 32 years of experience in manufacturing, R&D, and sourcing. He has held leadership roles in manufacturing and R&D facilities for both Fortune 500 companies and highly successful start-ups. He has worked in industries ranging from oil & gas to consumer goods as well as serving in the United States Air Force. Tom has led teams in all areas of manufacturing giving him a solid understanding of the day-to-day operations and a clear vision of world class manufacturing. Goike follows a servant leadership style that focuses on engagement and empowerment while developing a culture of high-performance. He is dedicated to making Walther Manufacturing, Inc. a world class facility for firearms manufacturing whether it’s the 90 year old PPK or the new-for-2022 PDP F-Series.

“Finding an opportunity like the one presented with Walther Manufacturing is incalculable. To be a leader in bringing manufacturing at this scale to the United States and to the Fort Smith, AR area is an opportunity many strive for.” says Tom Goike. He continued with, “Add to that knowing the commitment from Umarex and Walther to introduce world class manufacturing in Fort Smith coupled with the foundation built over the past many years and without a doubt the future of Walther Manufacturing USA is as bright as they come.”

About Walther

"It's your DUTY to be READY" is a message of sincerity that Walther must build the best performing firearms. It is a message to every shooter who understands the importance of firearms safety and the inalienable right to bear arms. It is a message to clearly and concisely show that Walther is doing everything in its power to support shooters everywhere with not just the absolute best in firearm innovation and performance but also access to the best training and informative firearms community. History has shown Walther's dedication to this message, beginning in 1886 and continuing today, with the innovative spirit that builds off the invention of the concealed carry gun by creating duty grade weapons such as the PDP and world-class rimfire products such as the P22. Walther will continue its long tradition of technical expertise and innovation in the design and production of firearms to meet the demands of any customer. Excellent service and superior quality will continue to be benchmarks of Walther's success.