Franks Woods Joins The Mag Life

(Miami, FL)

The Mag Life, the official online publication of GunMag Warehouse, is proud to announce that Frank Woods will now be a part of their contributor lineup.

Frank Woods is a ten year veteran of Gotham City PD* and a devoted scholar of Hoplology. In addition to the experience gained during his tenure, he has amassed a considerable amount of training time beyond what his agency provides to its rank and file. This is as much a reflection of his enthusiasm for learning and honing techniques and mindset as it is a desire to enhance his ability to serve and protect. He's blunt, candid, and knowledgable - just how we like it.

*His agency's policy and procedures prevent the use of the real agency and name but he has been thoroughly vetted.

Frank's first article for Mag Life was about considerations for a reliable (and suitable) home defense gun; his most recent one is the first of a series we'll be calling "Art Guns". Oh, and If you're on Facebook much, check out his discussion group: Tactics & Applications.

Frank Woods joins such other recent additions as Varg Freeborn, Mike Searson, Chris Tran, Joe Dawson, Peter Suciu, and Michael Kupari in writing for GMW's Mag Life.

Read Frank's (and other) articles on The Mag Life. There we endeavor to bring quality information, ours, and that of other publications and SMEs to an active and engaged readership. GunMag Warehouse is online at gunmagwarehouse(dot)com/.


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