John Annoni Defends Gun Rights, Hunting on MSNBC

Allentown, PA - - John Annoni may have walked into New York City's NBC Studios for his live appearance a wolf dressed in sheep's clothing. The founder of Camp Compass and 2 Million Bullets was a guest on MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry Show this past Sunday, December 9th, to discuss guns, youth, violence and of course hunting.

The segment included a panel of four New York University professor Kenji Yoshino, Rep. Donna Edwards, D-Md. but ended up pitting John against Demos fellow Bob Herbert ,an American journalist op-ed columnist who wrote for The New York Times. The discussion quickly turned to John after the replaying of him being featured on the NBC Nightly News, "for making a difference", with Brian Williams using firearms to help inner city youth. It was clear from the start John was put in a position that would make most firearm/hunting rights' defenders run for the comfort of their local gun clubs. The piece titled "Young people learn how to safely pack heat" was to be a discussion about how John has used his pro firearm agenda to keep kids safe and healthy but quickly turned into a debate with John scoring often.

The battle ended with a big surprise, Melissa Harris-Perry displayed a photograph of her family hunting together this Thanksgiving. The picture, as they say, was worth a thousand words and most watching concur the positive hunting photo never would have been seen on this type of TV format if not for John's work.

It looks like there is a new kid in town worthy of hunters' and shooters' support. After all, how many young men from the inner city have earned the national spotlight defending the right to hunt and own firearms?

To learn more about John and his years of service work you can visit and

To go a step further visit the new national campaign and support the mission to make youth a priority in America's hunting and gun agenda.