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News | Friday, August 26, 2016

Pursuit Channel Presents Doug Koenig's Championship Season

Pursuit Channel welcomes Doug Koenig's Championship Season to NRA Freedom Friday lineup airing 10:00 pm EST. Doug travels to Argyll, Scotland for a Red Stag hunt.

TruckVault Pro Kim Rhode Makes History In Rio

TruckVault Pro and USA Shooting Team Member Kim Rhode became the second Olympian to medal at six consecutive Olympic games with a bronze medal in Women's Skeet at the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio De Janeiro. Rhode's bronze-medal match ended in a shoot-off between Rhode and China's Wei Meng.

NRA Provides Scholarships for SCTP Last Competitor Standing Competition

Each year at the Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP) Team National Championships, young shotgun shooters line up shoulder to shoulder for what may be the single largest Last Competitor Standing (aka "Annie Oakley" or "Knock Out") trapshooting competition in the world. Three skilled high school seniors earned scholarships courtesy of the National Rifle Association.

Beretta Holding Group Companies Contribute $100,000 to NSSF's #GUNVOTE

The National Shooting Sports Foundation announced that Benelli USA, Stoeger Industries and Burris Company, three companies under the Beretta Holding Group umbrella of firearms industry companies, have together donated $100,000 toward #GUNVOTE, the association's critical voter registration and education campaign.

Archery Trade Association Contributes to National Deer Alliance

The National Deer Alliance is proud to announce Archery Trade Association is contributing $50,000 to NDA to ensure the future of deer and deer hunting. ATA is one of the founding organizations and ATA President and CEO is the chairman of the board of directors.

Next Week on Guns & Gear

Next week on Guns & Gear: For home defense or concealed carry, the Laserguard Pro light and laser and Blade-Tech holster combo from Crimson Trace will take your firearm to the next level. We'll also take a look at the EMP 1911 from Springfield Armory in 9mm and .40; check out the affordable Expanse M4 from Colt -- and more.

Next Week on GunVenture

Next week on GunVenture, we'll meet the Williams sisters, Justine and Jalise: At only 12 and 13 years old, these two are making a name for themselves in the world of competitive shooting as the youngest members of Team Springfield.

Julie Golob Wins USPSA Championship With Trijicon RMR

Trijicon Inc. announced Elite Pro-Staff member Julie Golob's success at the Carry Optics National Championships. She won her 15th USPSA Ladies National Title and became the first woman in history to win a national title in all seven USPSA divisions.

Leupold & Stevens Contributes to #GUNVOTE Voter Education Campaign

The National Shooting Sports Foundation is pleased to announce that Leupold & Stevens has joined #GUNVOTE's Ambassador Club in support of the association's critical voter registration and education campaign.

Tacstar Shotgun Slimline Sidesaddles

Lyman/Tacstar's new Slimline Shotgun Sidesaddle has a contoured non-glare aluminum backing plate to take up less space on the shotgun receiver. The shell carrier material is a proprietary flexible synthetic 'rubber' for durability and weather resistance.

Bill Robinson Departs Daniel Defense

Daniel Defense announced that Bill Robinson has resigned from Daniel Defense and will be pursuing interests near his home in Greenville, SC. He will be working with the company for a few weeks to assist in a smooth transition.

Honor Defense/DEA Survivors Fund Auction Ends Soon

GunsAmerica launched an auction for a brand new Honor Guard Sub-Compact semi-automatic 9mm handgun on behalf of the DEA Survivors Benefit Fund. The Fund provides money to the family of an agent slain in the line of duty to help with funeral and family transportation expenses, accommodations and other associated costs. The auction ends next week, August 30, 2016.

MidwayUSA Foundation Matches Nearly $100,000 in Donations

The MidwayUSA Foundation has matched $91,932 in donations to youth shooting teams for the month of July. This money will benefit 72 youth shooting teams that are part of MidwayUSA Foundation's Team Endowment Account Program.

Beretta Congratulates Kim Rhode

Beretta DT11 shooter Kim Rhode made history when she was awarded the bronze medal for Women's Skeet during the Olympic games in Rio De Janeiro. Rhode is the first athlete to win an individual medal at six straight Summer Olympics and the first to win Olympic medals on five continents.

Starline Donates $8,700 to America's Mighty Warriors

Starline recently announced they will be donating $8,700 to America's Mighty Warriors, an organization whose mission is to honor the sacrifices of our troops, the fallen and their families by providing programs that improve quality of life, resiliency and recovery.

New Hampshire State Police Selects SIG SAUER Electro-Optic for Patrol Rifles

SIG SAUER, Inc., announced that the New Hampshire State Police has selected the SIG SAUER ROMEO4 as its new duty optic. The state police agency selected the ROMEO4 red-dot sight to serve as the primary optic on all patrol rifles.

Gander Mountain Announces National NRA Weekend

Gander Mountain announced its National NRA Weekend event, taking place at all Gander Mountain locations around the country on September 10th and 11th. During this weekend, customers can purchase a discounted NRA membership for $30 (regularly priced at $40) and receive a $25 Gander Mountain gift card along with their discounted membership.

Swab-its Expands International Dealer Network With New Zealand Chain

Swab-its®, makers of Bore-Whips™, Bore-tips® and Gun-tips™, announces the expansion of their international dealer network with the addition of Hunting & Fishing New Zealand, a chain featuring over 30 retail stores, each owned and staffed by outdoors enthusiasts.


Editor's Notebook: "All-the-Time" Gun

Editor's note: this is from our companion service, The Tactical Wire

For the 'home invasion defense,' the carbine isn't always the best idea. Powerful and with plenty of ammo, will you have it at hand with the play starts?
It seems that, increasingly, burglars are less put off by "violent and tumultuous entry" into an occupied residence. I remember a time when the official narrative about residential burglars was "they're as scared of you as you are of them" – a comment often made about dangerous critters of various sorts.

It was crap then too – sharp burglary investigators liked to process the residential kitchen, particularly the cutlery drawer or butcher's block. It was common knowledge that career offenders, especially in "3 strikes" states, would take a knife first, then look for plunder. Upon leaving, the knife would be replaced.

Still, we're seeing more about home invasions and this leads us to some critical issues surrounding the preparation for defense in such situations. A friend and colleague prefers "buckshot or carbine," this based on a case from a few years back when a home defender ran out of ammo in his handgun when facing multiple home invaders and was killed.

Of course that raises an immediate "Rule 5" issue.

The defense shotgun, like this Robar modified Remington 870 "Thunder Ranch" model, is a superb choice -- if you have it with you when the door is kicked in.
For those who came in late, Rule 5 was given wide exposure by Stephen Wenger, Defensive Use of Firearms -- originating with Arizona attorneys Michael Anthony and Robert Brown – Anthony was on the "CCW Committee" for Arizona DPS when the CWP program was organized and he was assisted by Robert Brown. Brown did a study of lawsuits against gun owners and was surprised to learn most gun owners - and most of the successful lawsuits against gun owners - did not involve wrongful shootings but unauthorized access, through improper storage, resulting in misuse of the firearm by someone other than the owner. The lawsuit angle is only one problem, the chance for criminal prosecution a different side to the same coin.

More problematic is the tragic injuries and loss of life, often victimizing children – this is the critical reason for adherence to Rule 5.

Now, that Rule – "Maintain control of your defensive gear" – is even more of a problem when the gun is a rifle or shotgun. They're large, unwieldy and can't be carried on one's person all the time like a handgun. I agree with being able to respond even if there are multiple offenders but these affairs aren't static standing-on-the-range things: if you're at the 7-yard line and you're ammo is on the bench back at the 25 yard line, you have a problem. But fights tend to be fluid and you don't have to stand fast.

How about keeping handguns stored around the place?

Do what you want, but I'm uncomfortable with the concept. Again, Rule 5 rears its ugly head. Will you remember every one, where it's at, have them all policed up and secured before strangers or family with children show up?

The ultra-small defense pistol is often the worst choice -- until it's the best choice. The Ruger LCP is hard to hang onto, but with some range work to figure it out, you can have it to hand all day/any day around the house when you might not have more formidable hardware with you.
What about your children? I read an interesting piece on the blog Growing Up Guns. Keeping a gun up high – like keeping a semi-auto chamber-empty or keeping a so-called 'double action only' revolver or pistol due to the trigger being "too long and heavy" for a child to press – is a non-starter. These techniques don't work and tragic stories demonstrate the failure of that kind of thinking on a regular basis.

You have to analyze your own situation. In mine, I don't have an uninterrupted visual distance of more than 20 feet in the whole house. Unlike those keyboard commandos who've never worked a homicide, suicide or ever attended an autopsy, I can tell you that a load of 7/8 ounce number 7 ½ birdshot at that distance makes one big hole at that distance. Of course you have to get to the shotgun to use it.

While I don't have youngsters hanging around and I have little tolerance for strangers on the place, I don't leave guns laying around. When I'm dressed, I wear them -- always having a gun on, a service type "compact" handgun with revolver backup, like on the street.

Just having it on your person isn't enough -- if you can't use it. This five round string was fired at a quick pace from 30 feet. That's further than any uninterrupted line-of-sight location at the residence it guards.
If I'm not dressed in street clothes, those guns are a problem. I was privy to a conversation about just that problem. The proposed solution – a small gun. One correspondent referred to a very small gun with one of the frame-mounted clips to go over a waistband. He uses that or the DeSantis Clip Grip #T07 on a Smith & Wesson J-frame revolver for his "all-the-time" gun at home.

Five, six or seven shots not enough? Maybe, but it is a gun and it is a start.

I'm using the Ruger LCP with the Crimson Trace LaserGuard for those 'around the house' duties. With six rounds in the magazine plus one in the chamber and using the Elite Survival 1-L pocket holster or the Galco Stow-N-Go Clip-On IWB holster, it's just a little bit of gun but enough to start the play. I don't have to stay in one place, planting my feet: if I can respond instantly, this is one time I can work to the secure area for the 'ready guns' or to the shop for the bigger artillery.

What fits for you? Examine your physical layout, including security, the nature of your location and proxemics – distance to points-of-entry from your likely location within the house. Don't just accept my plan or the long gun plan – and especially not the "hide guns around the house" plan – without thinking it through.

Then, you pay your nickel and take your chances.

-- Rich Grassi

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