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News | Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Breakthrough Clean at 2016 NASGW Expo

Breakthrough Clean will be showcasing their Breakthrough solvents, Battleborn lubricants and cleaning kits at the 2016 NASGW Expo and Annual Meetings. Booth #1136 will serve as Breakthrough's home base while at the NASGW show.

Dave Sevigny Wins USPSA Limited 10 Nationals

GASTON J. GLOCK style LP is proud to announce Dave Sevigny's win at the 2016 USPSA Limited-10 Nationals held October 6-8 in Frostproof, Florida.

Sightmark Wolfhound 3x24 Prism Sight

Sightmark is proud to announce the National Tactical Officers Association has completed testing of the Sightmark Wolfhound 3x24 Prism Sight, resulting in the organization's recommendation of the Wolfhound to its professional law enforcement members.

Trulock Tactical Choke Tubes

The Trulock Tactical Choke was designed to produce optimum performance with breaching rounds, buckshot and slugs. Internally, the Trulock Tactical Choke is more than just a breaching tool. The new design is constructed to produce improved downrange performance and accuracy for buckshot or rifled slug applications.

Walther Introduces the Creed

Walther Arms, Inc. is proud to announce the new Creed pistol. The new pistol is a modern polymer-frame feature-rich handgun achieved with 
an economic price-tag.

GunVault Launches new ARVault at NASGW

GunVault launched their new ARVault, a compact safe specific for AR rifles, at the 2016 National Sporting Good Wholesalers (NASGW) annual Expo in Kansas City. GunVault is also taking pre-orders for this new ARVault at booth # 56 during the expo.

Honor Defense Partners with Outdoor Marketing Group

Honor Defense is proud to announce a partnership with Outdoor Marketing Group for sales representation. Outdoor Marketing Group will be responsible for selling Honor Defense in the southeast.

Magnum Research Congratulates Pro Shooter John Nagel

Last fall, John Nagel was introduced as the Pro Shooter representing Magnum Research at shooting events across the U.S. Now, Magnum Research is proud to announce that Nagel has earned high honors among the shooting community.

Team TacSol's Kolby Polvack Wins Back – to – Back World Championships at the NSSF World Championships

Kolby Polvack returned to the Cavern Cove Shooting Facility for the 2016 edition of the NSSF World Championships, taking the competition by storm, and dominating the weekend competition.

OpticsPlanet to Carry SB Tactical Brand Products

Ken Jefferies & Associates, outdoor sales and marketing representatives, facilitated relationship between a leading online retailer and the creator of the innovative Pistol Stabilizing Brace™

Final Airing of Shooting USA's NRA in Louisville

It's a huge celebration of the Second Amendment! More than 80,000 NRA Members gather in Louisville for the 145th Annual Meeting and Show. There's major political news, and a surprising number of new guns being announced, including the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield in .45 ACP and BLACKHAWK! Rifle and Pistol Suppressors.

NRL Set to Launch Inaugural Season of Precision Rifle Matches

National Rifle League (NRL) announces its inaugural season of outdoor competitive shooting events in 2017.

Crow Shooting Supply Launches Multi-Warehouse Ordering

Crow Shooting Supply has launched multi-warehouse ordering, allowing wholesale customers to find products online in warehouses located from Nevada to Iowa to North Carolina.

Leupold® LTO Tracker Thermal Sight a Vital Tool for Any Hunter

With its state-of-the-art thermal imaging engine, the new Leupold LTO Tracker thermal sight provides exceptional image quality, fast 30hz frame rates and detection of heat sources out to 600 yards.

Firefield Charge AR Lasers

Firefield Charge AR Lasers are available in four models to best suit your individual needs. The Firefield Charge AR Red Laser and Light Combo and Firefield Charge AR Green Laser and Light Combo weigh 3.4 oz. and light up surroundings with a bright 180 lumen flashlight.


Leaps and Bounds

It's not the way social change is accomplished. I know that people talk in those terms – especially politicians – but it's not how politicians and the ruling class work change in America. It's how they prove they are on one side of the issue or another. It's how they prove they're no threat and that their opponents provide the threat. It's how they've done business for forty years – and it's a winning strategy.

Donald Trump made a speech in which he alleged that Hillary Clinton "wants to abolish, essentially abolish the Second Amendment." Mrs. Clinton, in the third debate said, "I support the Second Amendment."

In 1994 – and since – she supported the Clinton gun ban, a ban on certain firearms and "ammunition feeding devices." This was a law that saw prices on "pre-ban" guns and magazines sky rocket and saw chief law enforcement officer letters going to manufacturers to allow their officers to have these "highly dangerous" arms, these "weapons of war," according to the former Secretary of State.

Meanwhile, at a Clinton campaign event on Sunday, October 23, in Las Vegas, Mr. Obama said, "They said I was gonna take everybody's guns away. So people have been hearing that, they start thinking, well, maybe it's true. So if the world that they've been seeing is that I'm powerful enough to cause hurricanes on my own and to steal everybody's guns in the middle of the night and impose martial law even though I can't talk without a prompter, then is it any wonder that they end up nominating somebody like Donald Trump?"

While there were fringe elements trying to make the case that Mr. Obama was born overseas, that he was going to impose martial law and suspend the elections, and that he was going for firearms prohibition, his record makes it clear that his objective is indeed increasing restrictions on firearms ownership, carry and use – over time.

It's something that the elders among us have seen since the mid-1960s in regards to firearms, but it is how the political class rules in America. See, they tried Prohibition – of alcoholic beverages – in the early 20th Century. They never forgot how that ended up. So when they hit upon the evil weed tobacco, they didn't ban cultivation, production, transportation, sale and possession of that substance: they did it piece by piece. They did this by use of media campaigns, taxation and co-opting useful idiots to send their message. In the case of tobacco, I personally have no problem with people not using it and moving others away from its use. To be fair, I'd think that if it was the deadly substance they say it is – they do have science on their side – not banning it while maintaining bans on other demonstrably dangerous substances is hypocritical.

Now, as to guns, they've been using incrementalism to cut away at the Second Amendment since the clear and obvious success of the National Firearms Act of 1934 – which has likely contributed as little to public peace and safety as any statute ever passed.

It doesn't have to work. You just have to have 'common sense regulation,' controlled by organizations that are never associated with common sense: government bureaucracies.

Even the Los Angeles Times has finally recognized their technique. In a "Capitol Journal" report filed on Monday, Oct. 24, George Skelton laid out the case for doing what gun grabbers have been doing since before passage of the 1968 Gun Control Act:

Proposition 63 would enact the toughest gun controls in the United States. But it also would do something else: represent an astonishing historical milestone.

And if passed as expected, the ballot measure would illustrate a textbook example of how public policy can be radically changed in a democracy laden with competing checks and balances.

How is that? Through the long, slow process of taking incremental steps over decades. By pushing hard and steadily, but with patience.

(Source: Prop. 63)

Hence the story is "death by a thousand cuts," being consumed a bite at a time.

So what's the response? We've seen it: gun owners go on offense. You hit them by contact with legislators, from city councils all the way up to the Congress. You get on social media with every bit of news regarding nonsensical, silly and unconstitutional infringements so others in the gun culture are aware of it.

You vote even when the non-prohibitionist candidate has no chance. You talk with other gun owners – those who own guns but depend on "us" to fight off assaults on the Constitution and basic civil rights.

Gun owners have been successful in pushing pro-gun owner legislation state-by-state since 1986. There are more "free states" now than any time in our modern history as far as lawful concealed and open carry of firearms. The way to continue the trend is to learn from the enemy: bit by bit, piece by piece. Stay on offense. Push pro-freedom legislation and support pro-freedom candidates.

As to the founding of this nation, what did the founders give us? According to the old story, Benjamin Franklin responded "a republic – if you can keep it."

And that's the hard part.

-- Rich Grassi

Dec 6-11
CMP Talladega Marksmanship Park, Talladega, Alabama

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