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News | Monday, August 3, 2015

Kresser Named President of Advanced Tactical Armament Concepts, LLC - HPR® Ammunition

Advanced Tactical Armament Concepts, LLC (ATAC), the parent company of HPR® Ammunition, announced that respected industry veteran, Mark Kresser has been named President of ATAC, effective immediately. In addition, Kresser will also assume leadership of HPR® Ammunition as its President, overseeing the day-to-day operations of this premium ammunition manufacturer.

An Instructional Book Dedicated to Kids and Guns

The latest publication from Gun Digest Books is Guns the Right Way- Introducing Kids to Firearm Safety and Shooting, a detailed training guide with information on everything from knowing when a child is ready to learn about firearm safety to taking a child hunting for the first time.

America's Rifle Exhibit Opens at NRA National Firearms Museum

The National Rifle Association proudly announces the opening of America's Rifle, a new exhibit at the NRA National Firearms Museum examining the evolution and popularity of AR pattern modern sporting rifles.

PointsNorth Search Group Seeks Vice President of Sales

PointsNorth Search Group is currently seeking a Vice President of Sales for a leading archery products company, with offices based in Georgia.

NASP® Student Archers Shoot for the Green

For more than 10 years, NASP® has been affording student archers opportunity to pay for post high school, college, university, or trade school education expenses. After the 2015 shoot-off, each boy and girl in 1st place was awarded $20,000 in cash scholarship, the 2nd place pair each received $15,000, 3rd place earned $10,000, 4th place $5,000, and the 5th place boy and girl, $2,500.

Will Kincaid Promoted to National Account Manager

United Sporting Companies (USC) announces the promotion of Will Kincaid to serve as National Account Manager and report directly to Director of Sales Rick Hanke on the Big Box Team effective August 3, 2015.

Green, Hall Take Hearst Doubles Match at 2015 National Trophy Rifle Matches

Leading the two-man team Hearst Doubles Match at this year's National Trophy Rifle Matches was the team of SFC Brandon Green, 30, and SGT Joseph Hall, 29, with a score of 591-18x – beating out the second place team by nearly 10 points. Both are members of the Army Marksmanship Unit (AMU) Service Rifle team. Individually, Green finished second overall, while Hall also finished in the top five – in fourth place.

Brownells Lady 3-Gun Pro-Am Challenge – This Week On Guntalk Television

This week, GUNTALK heads to the Inaugural Brownells Lady 3-Gun Pro-Am Challenge, where female shooters - both professional and amateur - from all over the country converge in Covington, Georgia, to participate in the matches, and enjoy the camaraderie with fellow competitors.

Squeaky Clean Guns With Slip2000 – This Week On Guns & Gear

This week, Guns & Gear, one of the top-rated television programs to showcase products for shooting and hunting, features the new Smith & Wesson pistols with LaserMax lasers, ready out of the box; Springfield Armory's .45 and 9mm 1911 RO Compacts; Stag Arms' competition-ready Model 3T; Mossberg's Patriot rifle; and supreme gun cleaning products with Slip2000.

Keeping It Simple With All the Essentials

When bells and whistles are features you could do without and you are an individual who enjoys keeping things simple, sometimes less is really more. If a fixed powered zoom with a classic black reticle is all you need and are accustomed to in order to get the job done, Leapers UTG has the perfect optic for you.

Bill Hicks & Co., Ltd. Announces Dealer Show Dates

Bill Hicks & Co., Ltd. a full-line distributor for the hunting and shooting-sports industry, announces the dates of its twenty-firt Annual Dealer Show: Saturday January 9- Sunday Monday, January 11, 2016.

Parker Bows To Hire Factory Regional Sales Manager To Cover PA

Parker Bows, Inc., a leading manufacturer of compound bows, crossbows and crossbow accessories, is now taking resumes from candidates for the Regional Sales Manager Position covering the Pennsylvania Region.


Question Answered

Just over a week ago, an industry friend asked me "what do you hear from Mark Kresser?" In industry speak, that's either a genuine inquiry- or a way to quietly say "I've heard something..."

If you read today's wire from the top-down, you know the question could have been either interpretation, because the former top exec who's sudden dismissal from the top slot at Taurus USA just over a year ago shocked the industry is back in the news.

Mark Kresser, the new President at HPR Ammo.
Kresser is now the newly-named president of Advanced Tactical Armament Concepts, LLC- the parent company of HPR Ammunition, and you can read the details in today's news section. And we understand he'll be in his new job this morning.

On Friday, I had the opportunity to spend a few minutes on the phone with Kresser. He was on his way to his new position, but he was stopping along the way to visit H&H Shooting Sports in Oklahoma City. Kresser told me that despite all the good things he'd heard about the operation, he'd never visited it. So, when he spotted it from the interstate, he had jumped off at the next exit and turned around to check it out.

Knowing Kresser, I'm not surprised. Like me, he's a total nerd when it comes to checking out retail locations in the outdoor segment- especially successful ones like H&H. When he let it slip that he was stationery, I decided to take the opportunity to go on the record and spend...a few minutes with....Mark Kresser.

JS: Mark, I'm not good at indirect questions, did this new job come about?
Kresser: (Laughing) It was a process, actually. I'd spoken with the company founders some time ago, and we'd talked about their business, their plans and how they'd accomplished a lot since they started.

JS: And?
Kresser: And when we talked we realized we had a lot in common. They make a top-tier product and have grown. But the growth gets to the point where you have to decide if you want to be there every day to run it.

JS: So now you're going into the ammunition business?
Kresser: Not just in the ammunition business, in the premium ammunition business. Advanced Tactical Armament Concepts knew what they wanted to be as a brand, and they've accomplished that. HPR is a company that with a decidedly "up-line" product and image.

JS: I'm familiar with the ammo -and it's no secret that I've admired the way they've positioned their brand. But there's obviously something more ahead, right?
Kresser: Sure. And that's why I'm so excited. It's not a startup, it's a good product, and the company hasn't made any mistakes. It has a great philosophy, consistency across the product lines, and gets product out quickly. But we agreed that I could help get them to where they want to go because of my experiences in the processes of manufacturing and business practices.

JS: So will this change the company's direction or emphasis?
Kresser: Absolutely not. HPR's worked hard to become a company where quality isn't an issue. But it's tough to break out of the crowd-and move to that next level. Especially when you're absolutely determined that you're not going to lose two of the characteristics that make you successful: consistency across the line with the ability to get product out quickly and maintaining the reputation and quality of a performance ammo while you're growing.

JS: How's that work, I don't track?
Kresser: HPR ammo's goal is to become the Oakley or Yeti of ammunition- the brand that isn't just known; it's the brand people aspire to.

JS: OK, that I understand. So let's quickly change gears. What has this last year taught you?
Kresser: That we really are in a great industry because it's made up of good people. And those good people know you for who you are- not just for the brand you work for.

JS: Thanks, Mark.

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