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News | Friday, June 24, 2016

NSSF Announces Speakers for 2016 Firearms Retailer Security Conference

NSSF Compliance and Security team members Bill Napier, John Clark and John Bocker will be the headlining speakers for the 2016 Firearms Retailer Security Conference, set for August 15-17 at the Omni Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia.

Comp-Tac Victory Gear Adds Holster Fits for Revolvers

Comp-Tac Victory Gear has once again expanded their holster fits to include holsters for a variety of revolver sizes. Comp-Tac's popular International Holster now has fits for the S&W K, L and N frame revolvers.

Daniel Defense Releases .308 Hunting Rifle

Daniel Defense has released a new .308 rifle designed specifically for North American hunters. The Daniel Defense Ambush .308 in Kryptek Highlander is an accurate, hard-hitting platform engineered from the ground up to take down any North American big-game animal.

RTS Targets by FAB Defense

With the increase in gun ownership and participation in shooting activities, a more active way to enjoy target shooting – especially for those who are easily bored – is reactive targets. Steel targets have to be engaged from a safe distance but Reactive Target Systems by FAB Defense are made from a self-sealing polymer. This solves the distance problem and they are fun like steel.

This Week on Tom Gresham's Gun Talk Radio

We're talking two big competitions in the word of amateur shooting sports with the USA Shooting Team, and more, this week on Tom Gresham's Gun Talk Radio, the original nationally-syndicated radio talk show about guns and the shooting sports.

Bond Arms Inc. Sponsors Competitive Racer Stephanie Reaves

Bond Arms is sponsoring Stephanie Reaves in the 100th run of America's second oldest motor sports race, the exhaustive Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. She'll be racing in her Dodge Viper.

"Into the Fray" Revisits Support Hand Shooting

Kevin Michalowski, Executive Editor of Concealed Carry Magazine, revisits support hand shooting in this latest installment of the USCCA video series "Into the Fray."

Series Premiere of Gun Talk's GunVenture

The series premiere of GunVenture, a new television show from Gun Talk Media, airs on Monday, June 27th, on Sportsman Channel. On this week's episode, host Tom Gresham flies to Arizona to visit RECOIL Magazine's Iain Harrison. They'll test products at the range (including a flame thrower!); tour some of Iain's favorites spots (Robar Guns, McMillan Stocks, and POF); and even work in some bull-riding.

Season 8 Premiere of Guns & Gear

Guns & Gear is back again for season 8, premiering on Monday, June 27th, on Sportsman Channel. The Guns & Gear crew checks out Sig Sauer air guns, the newest XD Mod.2 from Springfield Armory, upgrades for the Smith & Wesson M&P Sport rifle, the Ruger 5.56 Takedown, and more.

Gun Boss Pro Precision Cleaning Tools

Gun Boss Pro – Precision Cleaning Tools are packaged in a polycarbonate case with a kickstand feature, so all the tools and implements are displayed in front of you in a well-organized manner. The ergonomic handle and extension rods keep tools steady when working on intricate working parts that traditional kits can't reach. Releases Top 5 Best Selling Firearms for May 2016 has released its list of Top 5 Best Selling Firearms for May 2016. The Ruger Precision Rifle was the number one selling new Bolt Action Rifle.

USA Shooting Team Tips on Gallery of Guns TV

Catch USA Shooting Team members providing practical, every day shooting tips for Gallery of Guns Television, which begins its seventh season Monday, June 27 on The Sportsman Channel. The unique opportunity came about with Davidsons and show of support to USA Shooting with Rio in Sight.

Gallery of Guns TV Season 7

Davidson's starts its seventh season of Gallery of Guns Television with an all new format. The first of the 13 episodes will air June 27 on The Sportsman Channel.

Crosman Extends Endorsement Partnerships With Jim And Eva Shockey

Crosman Corporation is excited to announce extensions of its endorsement agreements with the powerhouse team of Jim Shockey and Eva Shockey. The duo have been instrumental in delivering the message of airguns as tools for shooter education and the effectiveness, and fun, of airguns for serious hunting adventures.

Sightmark Wolfhound 3x24 and 6x44 Sights

Sightmark is proud to present its line of Wolfhound Prismatic Sights. Sightmark's Wolfhound line of prism sights are rugged and ready to handle extreme situations between -40° to 160° F.

Browning Introduces BXR Ammunition for Deer Hunting

Browning Ammunition introduces the BXR Rapid Expansion Matrix Tip line of ammunition. The BXR Rapid Expansion Matrix Tip is designed specifically for use on whitetail, blacktail, mule deer and antelope.

Firefield's Prismatic 3x30 Combat Sight

Firefield proudly introduces the Prismatic 3x30 Combat Sight. This rugged, reliable sight gets you in the action fast. The Firefield Prismatic 3x30 Combat Sight is also available with a 1.5x extender to take your magnifying capability up to 4.5x.

Pulsar DN55 Night Vision

Pulsar introduces the DN55 Forward Digital Night Vision Monocular and Riflescope Attachment. This digital forward attachment night vision optic pulls double duty as a 10x monocular and front riflescope attachment employing your own reticle and magnification via an adapter (sold separately).

Scott Sets New NWTF Still Target World Record

Longtime shotgunner Chris Scott blew away the previous Still Target world record during a recent National Wild Turkey Federation Southern Kentucky Still Target shoot.

Rainfall Closes Shooting Range at Hawkeye Wildlife Area

The Tim Dorr rifle and handgun range at the Hawkeye Wildlife Management Area is closed after a nearly six inch rainfall Tuesday night damaged the recently completed renovation on the popular shooting range. The range had only recently reopened.

Holsters for All

Crimson Trace set a new high standard in customer service and assistance in 2015 with the release of a free online holster guide. Now, the Wilsonville, Oregon-based laser sight manufacturing company has an updated holster resource guide that offers full details on more than 3,000 holsters.

SureFire Response to Competitor Suppressor Test Video

Recently, a suppressor manufacturer released a video showing what they claimed to be a "government agency test," in which their suppressor outperformed the SureFire SOCOM556-RC suppressor. In response to this so-called "government agency test" video, SureFire would like to make clear to the public that the test in this competitor's video was not a test conducted by SOCOM or any other government agency.

Springfield Armory Introduces Next Generation of Competitive Shooters

After taking the NRA 2016 Annual Meeting by storm, the newest members of Team Springfield sat down for a video interview so the shooting community could learn a bit more about these preteen wonders.

Heckler & Koch Seeks Purchasing Manager

Heckler & Koch has an immediate opening for a Purchasing Manager. This position will negotiate with vendors for the purchase of all materials, supplies, equipment and services used by the company.

Heckler & Koch Seeks Design Engineer

Heckler & Koch has an immediate opening for a Design Engineer. This position has product design responsibility for new products and further development of existing products from concept to production.

ARES Defense Freedom Promotion

ARES Defense Systems invites consumers to "Feed Your Freedom" during its Red, White & Belt-Fed Independence Day Sale. The savings have already started and the promotion will run through July 4, 2016.

Former CMP Counselor Makes Bold (and Cold) Moves to Fulfill Dreams

Thinking back to her senior year of high school, Natasha Dinsmore, now 30, remembered how she thought she had it all figured out. A trip to Germany was, in her mind, just something fun to do before college. One day, one of her fellow classmates in Germany struck up a conversation with her through note passing. Through that piece of paper, she learned about the existence of rifle shooting.

Shotshell Now Added to Winchester Varmint X Line

As coyotes and other varmints continue to expand and solidify their presence, predators are increasingly being hunted in heavily forested, brushy terrain where shots are often closer and must be made quickly on incoming or retreating targets. Varmint X now has an answer in the form of a new shotshell added to the line that boasts Winchester's proven Shot-Lok Technology.

CCRKBA: Dems No Longer Represent Ideals Of A Free Society

While Capitol Hill Democrats staged a symbolic "sit-in" in the House chambers to demand action on new gun restrictions, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms said these lawmakers clearly define by their actions how far the party has strayed from the ideals of liberty their predecessors stood for.

'Some Kid' Owns the Country During 2015 Rimfire Events

Samuel Payne had an unforgettable 2015. At just 16, he dominated the Rimfire Sporter events at the Civilian Marksmanship Program's (CMP) Eastern Games, National Matches, Western Games and the Talladega 600, while also setting two new National Records during the year.

Davidson's Seeking Buyer for Purchasing Department

Davidson's is currently seeking a Buyer to join its Purchasing Department and hardworking team in Prescott, Arizona. As a Buyer, you will plan and coordinate activities involved with purchasing the firearms, accessories, and ammunition, and act as a primary point of contact between Davidson's and its suppliers, negotiating and securing the best available terms and pricing, while cultivating strong long-term vendor relationships.

Shoot CTS Targets at Delta 2016

Not only will several different CTS Targets be featured at the 2016 Delta Shoot for shooters to practice on, but the CTS team will also be on the ground floor of the event to interact with their friends, fans, and followers.


Editor's Notebook: The Distance Precision Shot

First attempts at the "Bane Test" distance shooting exercise included the Ruger American Pistol (right), the S&W Performance Center Shield (top) and the Glock 43/Streamlight TLR-6 -- all in 9mm.
Michael Bane, writer-producer-TV personality and all-around gun guy, has been involved in production of the program The Best Defense on the Outdoor Channel since its inception. A natural direction for the program was doing a demonstration of a mass casualty event with volunteer participants – which they've now completed. In the hours after news of the militant Islamist dingbat shooting up an Orlando nightspot, he took to his blog and listed necessary gear and skills to prepare for such an event.

In that blog post, he noted that people had previously called him out for "saying you should be able to make a 25-yard head shot and a 50-yard torso shot with your carry gun." He also mentioned medical skills, but the question was presented: can you make the distance precision shot on demand?

Without our discussing it, our Publisher took to the range last week and found that he could accomplish the 25 yard head shot with a Colt Rail Gun in .45 Auto. I'd already considered an attempt – or three – before I found out that he'd done it. I was still working with Winchester's USA Forged ammunition brand and a Ruger American Pistol, but I elected to take along a couple of smaller guns to see where I was. Those were the Glock 43, altered only slightly, with stock sights, and the Smith & Wesson Performance Center Shield 9mm.

I wasn't anyplace good.

The 25 yard 'head shot' should be easy with the Ruger American Pistol. Hint: Knowing the point of impact for those sights is critical to success.
To start with, it was already sunny, 84° with 85% relativity – made it feel like 94° but wrapped in a soaked blanket. It was hard to keep the eye pro clear of condensation. I laid the Ruger American Pistol out, set up a target. It had a sheen of condensation on the slide by the time I returned.

I elected to shoot the 'demand shot' cold, as you'd have to for real. I used a Gunsite Option Target, available from Brownell's, and three permanent markers to mark bullet holes: red for the Ruger American Pistol, green for the S&W Performance Center Shield and black for the Glock 43. The Ruger American pistol had three-dot sights from Novak's. Here's a hint: lay the front sight dot over the mark you want to hit instead of using the top edge of the front sight. Trust me on this . . .

The Performance Center Shield had the factory provided HIVIZ fiber optic sights and the Glock 43 still had the plastic "ball in the bucket" sights. I'm awaiting a new sight installation tool before I resolve that particular difficulty.

I had to zero the Ruger as I found the rear sight to be off-center. This didn't take long and put five shots into a group the size of a quarter at ten yards.

This remote camera shot had the camera fifteen yards ahead of the target -- and the shot is cropped to show the shooter at the 50-yard line. Hint: left side of the image.
For the "Bane Test," I elected to make it one hit centered in the head box on the target at 25 yards followed by three hits to the thoracic cavity from fifty yards. Sadness ensued.

I nicked the head box on the right with the Ruger American. From fifty, there was a hit in the "x" ring (6" ring), another hit on the silhouette and one miss. I'm calling that a 'fail.'

The PC Shield gave a miss on the head box, an "X," one on the silhouette – and another I never found. This was shaky. Missing a horse blanket size silhouette at only fifty yards doesn't inspire confidence.

As to the Glock 43, the head was a miss, followed by one hit on the silhouette. I was three for three. Unimpressed – and now "warmed up" – I tried for three hits in the head box from 25 yards with the Glock 43. As the photo shows, there were a pair in the ocular box followed by one about an inch-and-a-half over the main scoring zone, still in the head box.

Warming up first is cheating. This is three hits from 25 yards into the Gunsite target's "head." Two were in the main scoring area, the last "parted his hair."
Lessons? Well, it's not the size of the gun, it's the familiarity with equipment. You'd best get that pistol zeroed – smart to do it for the load you'll carry. Know how you need to see the sights to make that hit. The Ruger American Pistol is regulated to hit to the white dot on the front sight – at least this one is – and that's a handy bit of information to have. Making a hit in a 4x4 box at 25 yards should be no chore for a gun like that. Likewise, going 2/3 in the "x" on the option with one more on the silhouette should be easy. It's a failure of a firm enough grip – though I could use condensation on lenses as an excuse, it's not a good one. Consider lighting in a movie theater, for example.

Know the grip as it relates to the trigger on the gun you're using. Grip relates to trigger finger placement like it relates to recoil management. It's not like the recoil was going to hurt: I didn't have temporary PTSD, my shoulder wasn't bruised, and the flying empties didn't disorient me. It does help you track the sight back on target for the next shot. Additionally, having your natural point of aim – checking it didn't cross my mind as I rushed to get out of the jungle – goes miles toward making those follow up hits.

Why three hits at 50 yards? I presume that one centered hit won't be effective. That could be due to armor, adrenaline – anything. Is this the be-all, end-all "qualification" test? No, it's one skill set and it's probably low on the probability scale. Still, it's better to have it and not need it than need it and not be capable of delivering. I'm not going to spend lots of training time and ammunition on it.

But I'm going to work more on the head shot at 25 yards and body hits at fifty yards to up my game. I want 100% hits on target to call it a "pass." Nicking the silhouette – even having a full-caliber hole inside the outside line of the silhouette – isn't enough for me. I'm thinking the A/C zone on the USPSA for fifty yards – or simply an 8 ½" x 11" sheet of paper which is easily found and cheap. As to the 25 yard shot, it's one and done on a 4"x4" sheet. These are to be done on demand.

I'm not sure I'll ever get there, but I have a goal.

How likely is it I'd try that shot for real? At the moment, it's unlikely and, even if I turn a range trick into a 95%+ likelihood, taking a shot like that operationally is a tough decision. As we're responsible for every round we launch and there's a real probability that someone else could get hurt, I likely wouldn't try the 4"x4" at 25 yards – the human head moves quickly and I'd be concerned about the "beyond" aspect of Rule 4. However, doing that shot repeatedly at 25 yards on the range builds confidence in one's ability. If that shot is required at 30 feet –for example -- the confidence would be there. Likewise, engaging a deadly threat at 25 yards – again, considering what's beyond and either side of that threat – is more likely.

It's something to consider.

-- Rich Grassi

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