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News | Monday, June 26, 2017

July 4th Holiday

In observation of the Independence Day holiday we will not be publishing any services on July 3 or July 4. We will resume our normal distribution schedules on Wednesday, July 5, 2017.

Gun Tote'n Mamas to Sponsor NSSF Northwest Rimfire Challenge

Gun Tote'n Mamas, creator and manufacturer of quality concealed carry handbags, is proud to announce their Platinum Sponsorship of the Northwest Championship Rimfire Challenge. Title sponsor, Tactical Solutions, presents the event.

Century Arms Named Cabela's Strategic Partner

Century Arms, North America's premier AK manufacturer, has been named one of Cabela's Strategic Partners of the Year. This honor is given to Cabela's top partners based on several specific measures directly influencing sales, customer service goals, inventory and margin.

Viridian Weapon Technologies Exhibits at NSA

Viridian Weapon Technologies appears at the National Sheriffs' Association Annual Conference and Exhibition at Reno, Nev. The company will exhibit its FACT – Fast Access Camera Technology – weapon-mounted camera and other technology.

MTM High-Low Shooting Table

MTM introduces an ultra-adjustable bench rest style shooting table for left and right handed shooters. The High-Low Shooting Table can stand 55" tall at the highest or 18" at the lowest setting.

Gallery of Guns Season 8 Begins June 29

Beginning Thursday, June 29 at 9:30pm Eastern, Davidson's debuts the 8th season of its weekly series Gallery of Guns Television on The Sportsman Channel.

Shooting USA's Impossible Shots Returns to Outdoor Channel

Shooting USA's Impossible Shots, featuring America's best marksman and exhibition shooters, returns to the network. The program returns to Outdoor Channel beginning Wednesday, June 28th.

Leupold & Stevens Seeks Manager of Military Sales

Leupold & Stevens seeks candidates for Manager of Military Sales. The incumbent will participate in the development, and manage the execution, of the Company's strategy and business plans for government/military accounts.

Todd Talbot Joins Buck Knives' Board of Directors

Buck Knives welcomed California native, Todd Talbot, as a member of their Board of Directors. Talbot currently holds the title as the President of Fluidmaster, a worldwide leader of the plumbing industry.

Redding 22 Nosler National Match Die Sets

Redding Reloading has added the 22 Nosler to its popular National die sets. The National Match Die Set concept has only been offered in sanctioned calibers for military match style events.

Deaton and Compound Women Win Bronze for USA at World Cup Salt Lake

In the compound finals at the Salt Lake City leg of the Archery World Cup, the U.S. was on deck for two bronze finals and was victorious in both matches.

Opportunities at USA Shooting National Championship for Rifle/Pistol

USA Shooting is once again hosting the National Championship for Rifle/Pistol at the home of the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit in Fort Benning, Georgia. The matches will conclude on July 2. Despite being an off-Olympic year, nearly 350 competitors are registered to compete, including 30 international athletes.

ENVIRON-Metal, Inc. To Ship New Bullet and Cartridge Products during August

ENVIRON-Metal, Inc., makers of HEVI-Shot® (Sweet Home, Oregon) will begin shipping new HEVI-Duty® frangible, nontoxic bullets and cartridges during August.


A Ruger GP-100 22 Exclusive

A four-inch version of the Ruger GP-100 22 is exclusively available from Davidson's. Shown here with the Brownells Pistol Screwdriver Set for the Ruger MKIV.
A Davidson's Exclusive – available from their Gallery of Guns -- this is Ruger's popular GP-100 revolver in .22 Long Rifle with a four-inch barrel. The currently standard production 22 GP-100 double-action revolver has a 5 ½ inch barrel. The Davidson's Exclusive comes in at two ounces lighter. If you have the standard 22 GP-100 revolver, you could perhaps tell the difference. I'd been working with a much lighter Ruger 22 DA revolver – the LCRx 22 -- which weighs in at 17 ounces. The Davidson's Ruger felt very heavy.

"I don't want to hear you whining about recoil," said the proprietor at Highland Crest Pawn.

Both of the 22 GPs feature a ten shot cylinder, more terrifying to the average legislator than the LCRx 22's eight round cylinder.

The rear sight is the standard Ruger revolver adjustable sight. A currently fashionable fiber optic front sight, green, is atop and slightly to the rear of the muzzle. This shortens the sight radius, something I didn't measure. The front sight is in a dovetail, not the older style front plunger of the original GP-100. The muzzle is recessed and crowned.

The stocks are of GP/SP style, rubber with hardwood inserts. The barrel has an ejector rod shroud but has no under lug all the way to the muzzle as some versions of the centerfire revolvers do.

The current GP-100 22 guns are fabricated of stainless steel and that includes this exclusive model. The trigger has no serrations; the face of the trigger is smooth. This makes me believe they want me to shoot it double-action.

The single action trigger breaks clean and is service weight. The double action trigger can be staged, drawing the trigger and hammer back to a "pause," confirming the sights and pressing off as a single action. It is weighty, my trigger pull gauge couldn't manage the measurement.

Before there are any complaints, the LCRx 22 I had for a sample didn't have the grandest trigger-cocking action ever – but the one a friend bought was pretty nice out of the box. As a result of the "Claude Werner Ball & Dummy" trigger control drill, done on every range trip since the LCRx arrived, the LCRx 22 factory sample now has a smooth "roll" back to fire. I expect the four-inch GP-100 will do the same.

Unremarkably, the gun didn't move when firing 22 Long Rifle high velocity rounds. I did notice a very light round – it was old ammo indifferently stored – and I ceased operations to ensure the round actually left the barrel.

Using premium ammo, the GP-100 did quite well – except I couldn't zero for windage. I found that the first group I fired was consistently right of the point of aim. I was going to use the Brownells Pistol Screwdriver Set for the Ruger MKIV, and I did – but I noticed the rear sight leaf was all the way to the left already.

Note to self: look the gun over before shooting it.

The front sight appeared centered, so I was forced to apply "Kentucky windage" for this first range trip.

After a little range work on paper and steel – a dueling tree with 6" plates for centerfire and another with 4 ¼" steel paddles for rimfire – I decided on trying a test. Modifying Hackathorn's "Test," normally shot at ten yards, I accounted for the light recoil of the gun by backing up. The Rimfire version I tried was ten rounds in ten seconds from fifteen yards using Federal Premium Hunter Match. Still tending right, there was one hit outside the black part of the target. Scoring it showed a 94/100.

I may have to back this particular test up to 20 yards with this gun.

Shooting from a "hasty" bench rest at 25 yards, the short GP-100 22 shot a 2 ½" group with ELEY action 40 grain ammo and a 1 3/8" group with Federal Premium Hunter Match. Taking the best three of five – something I first learned from friend and pro Massad Ayoob – generally helps weed out the human error and gives you an idea of how the gun would fare out of a machine rest.

The ELEY action clustered into 1 7/8" and the Federal Hunter Match had the best three inside ½" – good shooting.

As to the problem with centering the point of impact with the sights? I called Ruger Customer Service. We'll see how that works out.

Stay tuned.

-- Rich Grassi

Jul 8-15
Cardinal Shooting Center, Marengo, Ohio
Jul 8-15
Cardinal Shooting Center, Marengo, Ohio
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Heartland Public Shooting Park, Grand Island, Nebraska
Jul 21-23
Rochester Brooks Gun Club, Rochester, New York
Jun 26-Jul 29
Camp Perry, Port Clinton, Ohio
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World Shooting & Recreational Complex, Sparta, IL
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World Shooting & Recreational Complex, Sparta, Illinois
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Jericho, Vermont
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Club Cinegetico Jalisciense AC, Guadalajara, Mexico
Oct 7
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Ben Avery Shooting Facility, Phoenix, Arizona
Nov 4-5
Poligono 38 Especial
Dec 5-10
Talladega, Alabama

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