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News | Friday, August 17, 2018

Team Samson to Compete at Rockcastle 3-Gun Championships

Samson Manufacturing will be competing and displaying new products at the 2018 Rockcastle Pro Am 3 Gun Championships in Park City, Kentucky. The event begins Friday, August 17.

Team Ruger’s Randi Rogers Wins at the 2018 US IPSC National Championship

Ruger professional shooting team member Randi Rogers has taken the divisional High Lady win at the 2018 US International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) National Championship held at the Universal Shooting Academy in Frostproof, Florida. 

Wilson Combat 92G Vertec/Brigadier Tactical

Wilson Combat now offers the Wilson Combat/Beretta Brigadier Tactical 92 with a Vertec-grip frame conversion. This conversion, performed by Wilson Combat reduces the size of the frame to the significantly smaller Beretta Vertec size which is ideal for shooters with smaller hands or who prefer the straighter, more 1911 style grip. 

Speer’s New Gold Dot 10mm Auto Personal Defense Load

Speer Ammunition announced its new 10mm Auto 200-grain load.  While most 10mm Auto offerings produce ballistics similar to those of 40 S&W, Gold Dot’s 200-grain bullet is loaded for optimal performance from the cartridge. 

Industry Day at the Range Announces Returning Supporting Sponsors

Industry Day at the Range is pleased to announce that several companies have renewed their commitment as Supporting Sponsor for the 14th annual range event. With the return of these sponsors, there is currently only one Supporting Sponsorship available with a 50-yard exclusive bay. 

Flying Cross Aeroshell Armor Cover

Flying Cross announced significant improvements to its Aeroshell Armor Cover, an external armor vest cover designed with a zipper and Velcro dual adjustable side panel closure system. 

SB Tactical Announces Sponsorship of The Gun Collective's "Legal Brief"

The Gun Collective and SB Tactical are excited to announce a title sponsorship for TGC’s The Legal Brief. SB Tactical will serve as The Legal Brief’s exclusive sponsor for a 12 month duration. 

Bear & Son Cutlery Will Exhibit at Buckmaster Expo

Bear & Son Cutlery, a favorite among the knife community, will be attending the 2018 Buckmasters Expo this weekend (August 17-19) at the Montgomery, Alabama, Convention Center.

U.S & Texas LawShield Exhibits at Texas Trophy Hunters Extravaganza in San Antonio

U.S. & Texas LawShield, the finest legal defense for self-defense program in the nation, is proud to exhibit at the Texas Trophy Hunters Extravaganza in San Antonio, Texas.

2018 Small Arms Firing School

The rifle Small Arms Firing School is part of the National Trophy Matches, held annually during the summer months at the Camp Perry National Guard Training Facility in Ohio. It is a two-day clinic that includes a safety training and live fire portion on the first day and an M16 RifleExcellence In Competition match on day two. 

EAA Corp. MKA 1923 Bullpup Shotgun

EAA Corp announced the arrival of the MKA 1923 Bullpup Shotgun. From Turkey based Husan Arms, the MKA 1923 features a trigger block safety, a rubber butt plate, a reinforced nylon stock, removable sights, fully adjustable rear sights, and a Picatinny rail. 

Apex Releases FDE Optimized Grip for CZ Scorpion

Apex Tactical Specialties is pleased to announce the release of its Apex Optimized Grip in Flat Dark Earth (FDE). Designed for the CZ Scorpion EVO 3 S1, the Apex Optimized Grip is easy to install and the optimized grip angle improves overall ergonomics when compared to the factory grip.

Max Michel Wins in First Competition Using SIG Match Elite Ammo

SIG SAUER Inc. congratulates Team SIG Captain Max Michel on his first place finish in the Production Optics Division at the U.S. IPSC Nationals. The IPSC Nationals marks the first competition in which Max used the newly released SIG SAUER Match Elite Pistol Competition Ammunition. 

Lyman Products "What’s On Your Bench?” Sweepstakes

Lyman Products new sweepstakes, “What’s On Your Bench,” began on August 13 -- runs through September 21, 2018 -- will outfit one lucky winner’s reloading bench with every tool ever needed, plus a Savage 10 BA Stealth 6.5 Creedmoor rifle. 

Walther P22 FDE California Models

Walther Arms, Inc. announced expansion of its California rimfire line, with the introduction of the P22 FDE series. Available in two separate styles -- P22 CA FDE features a molded FDE frame with a black slide and P22 CA FDE Limited, with the molded FDE frame with a FDE slide.

Barrett MRAD Barrel Conversion Kits in Hornady 300 PRC

Barrett is pleased to offer MRAD barrel conversion kits for the exciting new Hornady 300 PRC (Precision Rifle Cartridge). Barrel Conversion Kits are available in fluted stainless steel and carbon fiber wrapped configurations. 

ERGO’s Dealer Portal Improved

ERGO’s Dealer Portal has made buying online faster, easier, and better than ever for dealers around the USA. New improvements to the system have made the Dealer Portal’s registration and buying process quicker and more convenient.

Another Anti-Gun Company Halts Commerce – This Week on Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk

It’s an e-commerce company blocking gun companies, the advantages of tactical pens, an ATF event that’s not what you think, the most popular guns right now, and more, this Sunday on Tom Gresham's Gun Talk.

Apex Returns To Shooter’s World Of Peoria

Apex Tactical Specialties will be holding another Apex product installation and showcase event from 10:00am to 2:00pm this Saturday, August 18, at Shooter’s World in Peoria, Arizona.

Aguila Ammunition Newest Supporter of NSSF First Shots Program

The National Shooting Sports Foundation announced that Aguila Ammunition has agreed to be the official rimfire ammunition sponsor for the organization’s First Shots program. 

NASP All-Stars Shoot For Gold in Calgary

The National Archery in the School’s Program All-Star Championship took place in Calgary. The top sixteen boy and girl NASP archers from four NASP countries (South Africa, Namibia, Canada, and the United States) were present for this tournament to determine gold, silver, and bronze medal rank. 

Team Beretta Shooters Dominate At Regional Competitions

Team Beretta shooters topped the podium in 5 different events during two recent regional competitions. Team Beretta captain Diane Sorantino recently attended the 2018 Great Eastern Lobster Classic. Concurrently, Desirae Edmunds and Zachary Kienbaum attended the Ohio State Sporting Clays and FITASC Championship. 

Taurus USA Stainless G2S Semi-Auto Handgun

Taurus USA announces the new Taurus G2S semi-auto handgun series.  The G2S utilizes a striker firing system and single-action trigger assembly with restrike capability.  Available in 9mm (7 rounds) and 40 S&W (6 rounds).

Georgia’s Shot Spot Range Earns NSSF’s Five-Star Rating

The National Shooting Sports Foundation announced that Shot Spot range and retail, located in Carrollton, Georgia, has earned the organization’s highest Five-Star rating for business excellence. 


To Learn Lighting Work in the Dark

Editor’s Note: This feature was previous run in our companion service, The Outdoor Wire. 

For the nearly two decades I’ve been fortunate enough to be in the outdoor business, there are a few companies whose names give you basically all the information you need to have a good idea what their featured products might be.

One of those companies is Oregon’s Crimson Trace. For nearly 25 years, C-T has been the category leader in laser technology. Granted, their laser mix now is about 50/50 red and green today, but the vast majority of “professionals” you’ve seen using lasers in everything from pro shooting competitions to movies like Jurassic World have been using C-T products.

Over the past few years, they’ve also integrated lights into their products. I hesitate to call them integrated flashlights because the idea of encouraging use of a light mounted on a gun as a flashlight concerns me. 

Crimson Trace, through their lasers and into their light/laser technologies haven’t manufactured flashlights, they’ve integrated weapon mounted lasers and illumination. 

Over the past two days, I’ve been at the Rockcastle Shooting Center a few miles from Bowling Green, Kentucky looking at a few of Crimson Trace’s newest offerings.

When they were shown to the little group of us, there was one comment we all had in common: “where’s the laser?”

Yep, after nearly a quarter century of lasers and light/laser combinations, Crimson Trace is now offering weapon-mounted lights -without lasers.

The newest gun mounted lighting from Crimson Trace doesn't have the "instinctive activation" of their grip mounted lasers, nor the separate light/laser and activation grip of their Linx system. But the simple tap on-tap off feature enables the lights to be cycled quickly - and, importantly, less expensively than previous models. Jim Shepherd/OWDN photo. 

We tested a pair of their new units, the Model  LTG 770, a compact, fitted unit designed for Smith & Wesson’s popular Shield pistol (Crimson Trace is, like S&W an AOB company), and a larger unit the CMR-208 a larger, 420 lumen unit designed for rail equipped rifles, pistols and shotguns. 

The CMR-208 is a tactical light designed to be used on rail-equipped rifles, pistols and shotguns. It is, in a word, bright as demonstrated by Airgun Wire editor Tom McHale.

After the initial surprise, we learned that the new light-only products were the result of requests from existing Crimson Trace customers. And C-T is one of those companies that listens to customers. And the initial result are a pair of lights that have two things in common that are not always the case with other C-T laser or light/laser products: first, the new lights are less expensive that the combo units, and secondly, these new lights are bright.

Mounted on an AR-style rifle, the CMR 208 more than capably illuminated Rockcastle’s unique test-bed for lights and lasers: a cave that’s about 50 feet underground, several hundred feet long and is the absolute definition of pitch black when you don’t bring your own illumination.

Rockcastle Shooting Center's "hole" (a technical term among spelunkers) is a fairly expansive underground shooting area that's only accessible via a claustrophobia-inducing shaft. Once inside, however, it's the perfect place to test the illumination values of lighting instruments- and quickly identify the holes in your shooting techniques under stress. 

While running a basic shooting scenario Rockcastle’s Nick Noble walked us down “the hole” while we used the gun-mounted lights to not only guide us down the narrow passage, but to illuminate targets and make the friend-foe determinations we all pray we don’t one day face for real. It’s trite sounding, but the experience is, well, eye-opening.

You’re already underground in a pitch-black situation. That’s enough to get the heart pumping and the adrenaline on a hair trigger. Once you’re handed a loaded gun, told to move down a narrow passage that is eerily similar to the passages U.S. troops had to go through -for real- during the Battle of Tora Bora, you find your temperature elevating along with your blood pressure. That, in turn, results in near instantaneous condensation on your safety glasses, further reducing your visual acuity (and confidence).

We made two runs each with the rifle and pistol. And to an individual, we found ourselves far more serious in the second runs. Strides shortened, room clearing techniques and use of cover improved, and we even took advantage of natural shooting rests that stabilized longer shots -while providing as much cover as possible from the porous Kentucky limestone.

A few hours in the cave isn’t enough time to thoroughly test these new products, but it was more than enough time to remind each of us that while we consider ourselves to be more familiar with our gear than most, there’s simply no substitute for the kind of simulation and live-fire practice that’s not possible in many places. You’re not likely to find an indoor range willing to turn their lights out and allow you to roam up and down the firing points, and traipsing around at night at your local range probably is frowned on by the neighbors- if it isn’t forbidden by regulation.

But it’s enough time to remind each of us that we need to take advantage of opportunities like these because it reminds us to pass on experiences that might help each of our readers get better, too.

It’s what we’re supposed to be doing as part of our ongoing promise: we’ll keep you posted.

--Jim Shepherd

Editor’s Note: Learn more about Rockcastle Shooting Center and their facilities at:

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