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News | Monday, September 26, 2016

CMP Talladega 600

Be a part of the new "Southern Classic" as The Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) hosts its second Talladega 600 – the perfect getaway for rifle, pistol and shotgun enthusiasts. The event will begin Tuesday, Dec. 6, 2016, and concludes Sunday, Dec. 11, at CMP's ground-breaking Talladega Marksmanship Park.

Crimson Trace Founder Lew Danielson to Retire

Crimson Trace's Founder Lew Danielson has announced his retirement after more than two decades as a leader in the company and the industry. Danielson, a trained engineer, co-founded Crimson Trace in the backroom of an Oregon machine shop in 1994.

Pulsar Quantum HD19A Thermal Monocular

Pulsar announced that the Quantum HD19A Thermal Monocular has been reviewed and tested by the National Tactical Officers Association. It is now recommended by the organization's membership.

Gauvin and Wilde Win Bronze at Archery World Cup Final

At the Archery World Cup Final, Crystal Gauvin and Reo Wilde racked up bronze finishes for the U.S. The Archery World Cup Final culminates a long summer of qualifying events as the top seven archers in each division plus one archer from the host nation in each category are invited to this prestigious, annual showdown event.

UTG Pro Super Slim Keymod Handguards for 308 AR

The New UTG PRO 15" MTU026SSKC and 17" MTU038SSKC are the latest Keymod Compatible handguards from UTG PRO's manufacturing facility. Compatible with the Smith and Wesson M&P10 and DPMS low profile LR-308 (other variants using the same dimensions may also be compatible), the handguards feature an ultra-lightweight octagonal profile, carrying on the same features and ergonomics from their successful AR15 varieties.

SSSF Donates to MidwayUSA Foundation Team Endowment

The Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation (SSSF) recently donated $791,950 to Team Endowment Accounts at the MidwayUSA Foundation. The donation will benefit 95 teams participating in the Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP) and Scholastic Action Shooting Program (SASP) across 24 different states.

Ellison Wins Fourth World Cup Final Title, Longines Prize

Globe, Arizona's Brady Ellison previously held the record for three golf finishes in his seven Archery World Cup Finals appearances. Yesterday, he broke his own record with a fourth Archery World Cup Final Champion title, along with his fourth Longines Prize for Precision award- a title no one else has won.

ABM Ammo Launches 300 Norma Mag Mission Ready Ammunition

Applied Ballistics Munitions is proud to announce the release of their 300 Norma Mag Mission Ready Ammunition, loaded with 215 and 230 grain Berger Hybrid Target bullets.

Firefield In-Chamber Red Laser Boresights Get You on Target Faster

Firefield In-Chamber Red Laser Brass Boresights get you on target quicker and easier than ever before. Rather than tasking yourself or your friends with locating your missed shot with some minute amount of splash, these precise laser boresights get you on paper before you ever pull the trigger.

GLOCK is Bronze Sponsor of 3rd Annual NSSF/HAVA Golf Classic

The National Shooting Sports Foundation announces Glock has agreed to sponsor the 3rd Annual NSSF/HAVA Golf Classic at the Bronze level.

Get Outstanding Noise Reduction With Wilson Combat's WCR 22 Rimfire Suppressor

The Wilson Combat WCR-22 Rimfire Suppressor was designed with outstanding noise reduction, easy maintenance and impressive long term durability in mind. This lightweight, ultra-quiet design will be equally effective at controlling sound on your rimfire rifle or pistol.

Colt Congratulates Team Colt Shooters Reese and Redl on Strong IPSC Nationals Showing

Colt is pleased to congratulate Team Colt for another outstanding showing at the IPSC Nationals, September 17-18 in Frostproof, Florida. Team Colt shooters Maggie Reese and Mark Redl both placed in this elite competition, with Reese taking a win.

SIG SAUER Electro-Optics Division Seeks Technical Support and Customer Service Representative

SIG SAUER®, Inc., is actively seeking a customer service and technical support representative to join the Tualatin, Oregon, based Electro-Optics division team.

MidwayUSA Foundation Matches Over $100K in Donations

The MidwayUSA Foundation has matched $114,820 in donations to youth shooting teams for the month of August.

Team MGM Shooters Score High at US-IPSC Nationals

MGM Targets congratulates Team MGM shooters for outstanding performances at US IPSC Nationals.

California: Gun Rights Groups Applaud Bill De-Criminalizing Political Speech

Firearms Policy Coalition applauds California Governor Jerry Brown's signing into law of Assembly Bill 884, a measure that followed FPC's successful federal First Amendment free speech lawsuit FPCSADC, et al. v. Attorney General Kamala Harris.

JROTC Air Rifle Postal Competition Opens Today

The 2016-2017 JROTC Postal Competition will officially opens today (September 26, 2016) for young cadets in Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force JROTC programs who are interested in competing in this three-position air rifle match with other talented juniors across the nation.



RAPiD Safe, photo from Hornady.
Gun owners face a serious situation with Rule 5. Most of us in the gun world – at least shooters involved in range shooting, defensive weapon-craft, military and law enforcement – recommend the use of Cooper's Four Rules. These safety rules govern the armed lifestyle in any location – and are not simply range rules.

Rule 5 was first articulated nationally and publicized by Stephen Wenger on his Defensive Use of Firearms page and in his email news digest. Arizona attorneys Michael Anthony and Robert Brown, working on the concealed weapon permit program in Arizona, had researched civil litigation involving firearms and found that most successful lawsuits against gun owners involved incidents where someone other than the owner has gotten the gun without permission and misused it.

The solution: keep the gun under your control at all times – when you wear it and carry it as well as when storing it. If you store a gun that you are not carrying, do what you must to limit access to it by others. The addition to Cooper's Four Rules, Rule 5, is Maintain control of your defensive gear, particularly firearms.

The research was based on lawsuits, concentrating on those where the gun owner lost. The civil litigation is secondary to possible criminal action – in some locations, it's illegal to store guns where the simple-minded and underage can get them – and that falls behind the issue of tragedy: the death of someone due to improper storage. The numbers of victims to accidents or criminal acts involving guns that weren't kept under lock and key is more than the person injured or killed. Consider the grief of the family and friends of the victim as well as the guilt of the careless owner.

All of this came to mind recently when I received a RAPiD Safe from Hornady. Having my security solutions in place, I still found a good use for it. A young couple of my acquaintance – and of whom I am very fond – had only been gun owners for a short time. I bequeathed the RAPiD Safe to them. They needed a security solution.

His choice of 'ready firearm' for the place was the Ruger SR9 pistol. He called me a few days ago to report that he'd secured the new safe in their bedroom and programmed a pair of RFID tags – one for him and one for her. The gun is secured and with it is a loaded magazine. He has a light mounted on the gun – and we had a discussion about a gun-mounted light not being a flashlight but being a firearm. That's another Rule: never let the muzzle cover anything you don't want to destroy. That includes a young daughter coming in late and unannounced.

Hornady acquired SnapSafe last year. Their trunk safe is a good idea for motor vehicle or home. Photo from SnapSafe.
While we're are discussing Hornady security products, the company announced its acquisition of SnapSafe, a modular safe company, last December. Makers of a safe that arrives to your home in components and snaps together – a smart idea – they also make an under-bed safe and a "trunk" safe.

The safe under the bed can be a good idea and having a lock box in your vehicle is extremely handy. While such items can still be removed by destructive means – or theft of the whole vehicle, allowing time to get the lock box open – it's still better than relying on auto glass or a trunk lock. If you have doubts of the ability of the criminal to steal guns from cars, simply check your favorite search engine with something like "gun stolen from car police." You'll get responses like "Guns stolen from unmarked Burlington police car," "NOPD officer's car, gun stolen," and "Hartford police: Firearms stolen from several vehicle break-ins."

The trunk safe weighs in at 89 pounds – tough to carry off when loaded with gear that adds to the weight. Made of 14 gauge steel with a 7 gauge door, the hinges are internal. It can be placed in an SUV, automobile trunk, motor home or your residence.

In addition to a three-foot anchoring cable, the safe is drilled on the bottom for permanent installation. The digital lock is backed up with a key backup.

Hornady, the bullet company, long ago moved into reloading tools and loaded ammunition and have now moved into security. It's a good move for them and for consumers.

Regardless if you use Hornady Security or another brand, you need to secure your gear. It saves lives, lowers your risks of property loss and litigation – and it plays a role in securing our rights. Every time a gun isn't picked up by an untrained child or stolen by a thief, it's one less story the other side can use against us in the political battle.

-- Rich Grassi

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