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News | Monday, April 24, 2017

Lyman Products Sweepstakes Ending Soon

Don't miss the chance to win the reloading setup of your dreams by entering the Lyman Products "What's on your Bench" Sweepstakes. The Grand Prizes includes a Savage Axis II XP Hardwood Stock Rifle, a Borecam Borescope, a Cyclone Rotary Tumbler, a T-Mag Expert Reloading Kit, and everything you need for reloading and firearms maintenance.

Mec-Gar USA Celebrates 25th Anniversary at NRA

Mec-Gar will be showcasing their products at the NRA annual meetings and exhibits, in Atlanta. All NRA show attendees are encouraged to stop by Mec-Gar USA's booth #1413 to see Mec-Gar USA's magazines, for a new product intro and to get show specials.

Traditions Booth at 2017 NRA Annual Meetings

Traditions announced their attendance at the 2017 NRA Annual Meeting and Exhibits April 28-30 in Atlanta, GA. Traditions' booth will include their full line of guns and accessories as well as catalogs and giveaways.

New Springfield Armory Pistol to Be Announced at NRA

Attendees will be the first to see an all-new Springfield Armory pistol platform at the upcoming 2017 National Rifle Association Annual Meeting and Expo when convention hall doors open at 9 a.m., Friday, April 28, 2017.

NRL Announces B&T Industries as Sponsor

The National Rifle League is pleased to announce that B&T Industries has agreed to sponsor the NRL's 2017 season as the official Bipod Sponsor. B&T Industries is the maker of the Accu-Shot monopods and Atlas Bipods.

HatsanUSA Introduces New Semi-Auto Air Rifle

HatsanUSA has announced the release of the Hatsan Barrage, an all-new semi-automatic air rifle available in both .117 and .22 calibers. The Hatsan Barrage is a Pre-Charged Pneumatic air rifle with a gas operated, semi-automatic action.

Team CMP Feature: Robert Taylor

Team CMP was assembled in May 2016 by CMP's Talladega Marksmanship Park range master Sara Rozanski in an attempt to build a group of elite civilian competitors. In this series, Team CMP members answer questions, as Robert Taylor does in this installment.

Colt Congratulates Team Colt Shooter Maggie Reese

Colt is pleased to congratulate Team Colt shooter Maggie Reese as she achieves the title of 2017 Ladies National Champion in Open Division at the USPSA MultiGun Nationals, April 14-16 in Boulder City, NV.

Hogue Unveils New Products at NRA Show

Hogue Incorporated continues their celebration of 50 years of quality manufacturing by unveiling several new products at the NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits. Hogue will be unveiling a beavertail HandALL grip sleeve made to fit Ruger's LCP II pistols. They will also be showing their new G10 grips to fit Ruger's Mark IV -- and more new products.

Daniel Defense Doubles Rewards for Retailers

Daniel Defense has announced the latest offer in its 2017 Daniel Defense Retail Rewards Program. With this new promotion, DD Retail Rewards members will earn double points for all DDM4 V7 firearms they sell.

Abeln Wins Women's Sport Pistol

The National Junior Olympic Shooting Championships kicked off its final week of competition at the U.S. Olympic Training Center with the Women's Sport Pistol competition. Taking gold in the event by the slimmest margin thus far at NJOSC was 16-year-old Katelyn Abeln (Douglasville, Georgia).

UTG PRO AR15 Ambidextrous Pistol Grip

UTG PRO just introduced their first USA made pistol grip for the AR15 platform. This pistol grip is molded from impact resistant high strength polymer and has an ergonomic shape and ambidextrous design.

Smith & Wesson's M&P 15-22 Sport Rifle on Guns & Gear

This week on Guns & Gear, it's the fully featured M&P 15-22 Sport rifle from Smith & Wesson. Clay 'birds' are broken with the Mossberg 930 Pro-Series, the range-ready Colt Competition pistol is shot, and new ammunition from Sig Sauer, including rifle ammo and range ammo, is checked out -- and more.

Mastercraft Metalworking Featured on GunVenture

See first-hand what it takes to turn raw materials into high-quality firearms during a tour of the manufacturing facilities of two top brands, on this week's episode of GunVenture.

Flag-Saving FedEx Guy Joins Brownells at NRAAM

An NRA member and U.S. Army combat veteran, Mr. Uhrin, also known as the "FedEx Guy" will attend several events with the Brownells team at the upcoming 146th NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits. He recently appeared on national media in video showing him bravely saving an American flag from being burned by a group of protestors.

Honor Defense Pistol to be Given Away at NRA

Tactical Squirrel has teamed up with Honor Defense for a giveaway at the NRA show. The pistol will be shown in the Maker Ammo booth #760. No purchase necessary to enter.

Viridian Announces Industry Guests at NRAAM

Viridian announced the guest speakers appearing at their stage at the NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits. These include Mark Gurney of Ruger, Rob Leatham of Springfield Armory and Massad Ayoob, among others.

Honor Defense Partners with Concealed Nation for a Giveaway

Honor Defense is teaming up with StealthGearUSA for a giveaway event held by Concealed Nation. Two Honor Defense Honor Guard 9mm pistols, three StealthGearUSA holsters and magazine carriers will be given away along with 900 rounds of Team Never Quit ammunition.

HK Introduces the VP9SK

Heckler & Koch's striker fired subcompact debuts at the 2017 NRA Exhibition in Atlanta, Georgia. The VP9SK has all of the characteristics of the larger frame VP models but in a more compact design.

Jack Leverett III Wins Men's Air Pistol Gold at NJOSC

The Men's Air Pistol competition concluded at the National Junior Olympic Shooting Championships with 17-year-old Jack Leverett III (Bainbridge, Georgia) winning gold in the event.

Century Arms Announces Daily Gun Giveaways & Appearances at NRA Convention 2017

Century Arms has announced a series of raffles that will be held at their booth, #723, at the 2017 NRA Show in Atlanta, GA on April 28th and April 29th.


Skill Set: Malfunctions

Once you learn how to work malfunctions with two hands it's time to learn how to work them with only one hand.
Two weeks ago we discussed the Empty Reload, the first of the Functional Manipulations. This week we're looking at malfunctions.

Morrison, in "The Modern Technique of the Pistol," tells us, "… a malfunction defines an inoperable condition which can be corrected immediately by the shooter." The malfunction may be a mechanical problem, a faulty round of ammo or due to a mistake made by the shooter. (A jam requires time and possibly tools to correct.)

The Type I malfunction could be due to an empty chamber or a bad round of ammo. You press the trigger and it doesn't fire. The pistol stays on target, just like with the empty reload. Finger off the trigger! Tap to ensure the magazine is seated. Cycle or rack the slide – aggressively - to load the pistol. You're still on target ready to fire if needed.

These same actions – loading the pistol – clears Type II malfunctions, which is a failure to eject an empty case, commonly called a "stovepipe." This could result from an improper grip, not applying isometric tension between the arms – pushing with the firing arm and pulling back with the support arm – or problems with the extractor or ejector. To clear the Type II you load the pistol as described above.

Type III malfunction is called a "double feed." Two things are trying to occupy one hole. An extra round can slip out of the magazine during the firing sequence. There could be an empty piece of brass in the chamber; the extractor is worn or broken. Not cycling the slide aggressively can create a double feed. Ultimately we're not worried about why it happened. The focus is on getting the pistol running again.

The pistol doesn't fire. You attempt to "load" the pistol, but when cycling the slide it doesn't go fully forward into battery. It's time to unload and then load.

Unloading starts by removing the mag. It won't drop free because there's a round sticking partially out of the mag, so you'll have to strip it out. (If you can't pull it out you'll need to lock the slide to the rear to remove the mag.) The mag goes into the pinky finger of the firing hand and you cycle the slide three times, just like always when unloading. Once the slide feels good – it's traveling all the way forward into battery – load the pistol.

The top round may be sticking partially out of the mag, so make sure to position the mag properly in the support hand, using the first finger to push that round back into the mag or flip it out of the way. Once loaded you're ready to shoot again if necessary.

The key with all your manipulations, but especially the Functional Manipulations, is to be able to clear them immediately, without delay. This level of efficiency is going to take lots of practice. Dummy ammo is the ideal way to get in the repetitions necessary to learn. Practice, and then practice some more. Once you've learned them, practice to ensure you're staying proficient. If you've got a pistol that never malfunctions, practice them even more. Remember, malfunctions are always unexpected. Make sure you're ready.

Tiger McKee is director of Shootrite Firearms Academy, located in northern Alabama. He is the author of "The Book of Two Guns" - writes for several firearms/tactical publications, and is featured on GunTalk's DVD, "Fighting With The 1911 - McKee's new book, AR-15 Skills and Drills, is available off Shootrite's website:

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