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News | Wednesday, August 24, 2016

New LaserMax Centerfire for the S&W M&P 45 Shield

LaserMax announced the newest addition of the CenterFire laser series -- the CF-SHIELD-45, for the new Smith & Wesson M&P 45 SHIELD. Rounded and blended to ensure a smooth draw, the CF-SHIELD-45 mounts to the frame without permanent alteration.

Daniel Defense Takes Steps to Meet "Unprecedented" Customer Demand

Daniel Defense is taking action to address the issue of product inventory levels not keeping pace with the current high level of demand being experienced by the company, its distributors, and authorized retailers. Daniel Defense has invested heavily in new machinery and added a substantial number of personnel to its workforce over the past nine months.

Epicosity Named to Inc. 5000 List Two Years Running

Outdoor marketing agency Epicosity has been named to the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing companies in the United States for a second consecutive year. The agency, founded in 2008, has seen a growth rate of 167% in the past three years, landing it on the magazine's annual list for a second time.

Ken Jefferies & Associates Signs RSR Group to Distribute SB Tactical Line

Ken Jefferies & Associates, LLC, a leading manufacturer's representation and marketing firm within the outdoor and shooting sports markets, announces that RSR Group, a leading distributor in the shooting sports market, will be the first authorized national distributor for SB Tactical™'s growing line of firearms accessories.

Cannae Named Official Outfitter for the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors

Cannae Pro Gear announced they have been named the Official Outfitter and Exclusive Apparel Sponsor for the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS). Cannae will also donate a portion of the proceeds from the company's annual net sales to assist TAPS in providing care and support to families of America's fallen.

Hornady Wins Telly Awards

Hornady Manufacturing received a total of 20 prestigious Telly Awards for video productions highlighting 2016 new products. The "2016 Product Introduction Teaser" garnered the most accolades with a Silver Telly in the Direct Marketing category and a number of Bronze Tellys.

SIG SAUER Electro Optics ECHO Reticle Maker

SIG SAUER, Inc., and the SIG SAUER Electro-Optics Division, announced the launch of the ECHO Reticle Maker for the new ECHO1 Thermal Reflex Sight. The ECHO Reticle Maker allows you to create, save and share custom reticles and ultimately upload them to the ECHO1 Thermal Reflex Sight.

Shooting Illustrated September 2016 Issue

NRA members who receive Shooting Illustrated as their magazine will get a close look at the Browning Hi Power—as updated and upgraded by Nighthawk Custom. A litany of custom gunsmithing, improved parts and aesthetic touches make Nighthawk's take on this octogenarian design really stand out.

Team SIG Captain Max Michel Wins USPSA Carry Optics Nationals

SIG SAUER, Inc., is pleased to announce that Team SIG Captain, Max Michel, won the Carry Optics Division at the 2016 United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) Nationals held at PASA Park in Barry, Illinois.

Century Arms AK Optic Mounting System

Century Arms announced introduction of the new addition to their AK-47 accessory line, the AK Micro Dot Side Mount. It's machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum and is hardcoat anodized per MIL-A-8625F Type III, Class 2 specifications, for overall strength.

Brownells New Product Review

This week, the Brownell's New Product video includes the Double Star ARFX-QD Skeleton Stock, the Tandemkross Halo Charging Ring, the Tandemkross Victory Trigger for Ruger and Browning .22 Pistols and the Tandemkross Performance Kit for Ruger .22 Pistols.

DeSantis Outback Holster

DeSantis Gunhide, a division of HELGEN Industries Inc., introduces a new product, the #145 Outback. It is a freshly designed OWB/IWB holster that is ambidextrous and two sizes fit almost all concealable handguns.

Wilson Combat a Sponsor for the IDPA US Nationals

Custom 1911 manufacturer Wilson Combat has once again signed on as a major sponsor of IDPA's U.S. National Championship, according to an announcement by officials with the International Defensive Pistol Association.

Single Stack Nationals on Shooting USA

This week, on Shooting USA, see more than 400 USPSA members compete in Barry, Illinois with single-stack 1911's, in the biggest championship competition of the year, the Single Stack Nationals. Plus, the history behind the John Browning 1911 Government Model in History's Guns.

The Auto Mag Pistol is Back

Auto Mag LTD, Corp., based out of South Carolina, has spent the past year reengineering the iconic Auto Mag pistol using advanced materials in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. The company has signed Laura Burgess Marketing for all marketing and public relations efforts.

Tonight on American Rifleman TV: 200 Years of Remington

American Rifleman TV takes a look at two centuries of gun making by Remington, the oldest gun maker in North America. In the "Rifleman Review," it's the German side-by-side shotgun, the Merkel Model 40E.

October 2016 issue of S.W.A.T.

The October issue of S.W.A.T. features a sub-MOA AK-pattern rifle, the Rifle Dynamics RD700 DMR. The popular S.W.A.T. Sweepstakes features the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield—one of today's most popular compact 9mm pistols.

FMG Online Exclusives

In FMG Online exclusives, the Online Editor revews the Kershaw Barge, a serious folding knife, and the mid-size tactical light that doubles as an impact weapon.

Nosler Hires North American Sales Manager

Nosler, Inc. has announced the appointment of Darrick Wyllie as Sr. Manager, North American Sales. In his 6.5 years at Nosler, Wyllie has managed several phases of the business, including international sales, Canadian sales and warehouse operations.

Sightmark Core Shot Reflex Sight

The Sightmark Core Shot Reflex Sight employs parallax correction and an anti-reflective, coated, curved glass system to keep your sight picture crystal clear, field of view wide and red-dot centered. The Core Shot Reflex has a hard-anodized aluminum body and shockproof design.

Viridian Trainer Makes an "Impossible" Shot

Viridian Chief Tactical Trainer and founder of Archway Defense, Peter Johnson, recently hit a target at long distance – drawing from a holster and making the hit in about a second.

Birchwood Casey Olympus Resetting Target

The new Olympus Resetting Target from the Birchwood Casey World of Targets line offers fast- paced, gallery-type action for rimfire rifles and handguns. It has three 3-½ inch paddles to knock down and a fourth paddle that resets all three knock down paddles when hit.

Comp-Tac a Sponsor of IDPA 2016 Nationals

Comp-Tac Victory Gear has signed on as a major sponsor of the International Defensive Pistol Association's 2016 National Championship, according to an announcement made today by IDPA officials. As part of their support, Comp-Tac will sponsor one of the 17 stages in the match and provide the target pasters.


Guns in Fiction: Ian Fleming

The Bond author originally had his fictional spy/assassin using a Beretta 418 in .25 ACP A reader and 'gun expert' chastised Fleming, recommending an earlier version of this S&W Model 642 -- Airweight Centennial in .38 Special.
Ian Fleming had been in the Naval Intelligence Division for Great Britain during WWII. He was involved in the planning for Operation Goldeneye and was involved in the oversight of a pair of intel units. While there's no record of his involvement in front line operations, he was involved in liason between intelligence organizations which included the British SOE and the US OSS.

Post-war, he was employed by a media concern as the Foreign Manager, responsible for the activities of the newspaper's global network of reporters. Fleming is better known for a series of novels and short stories he wrote about a fictional British spy, James Bond.

For a range of reasons, the motion picture versions of the stories and the character didn't always match Fleming's. As to the origination of the "James Bond gun," there is an interesting tale.

Fleming allegedly was in possession of a 6.35mm Beretta pistol during wartime service. He figured that Bond would be in possession of similar artillery. Any examination of British fiction, in books or motion pictures, would lead one to believe they had little grasp of the employment of the sidearm – or the appropriate use of any firearm.

Like writers on the US side of the pond, it's not the nationality of the writer but the fact that the writer writes. Research is often not part of the equation.

Fleming's response was to specify the Walther PPK in 7.65mm/.32 ACP, a predecessor of this PPK/s 9mmK/.380 ACP. Having a shorter grip frame, it was only marginally more concealable than this US version.
The Bond gun was originally described as the Beretta 418 .25 ACP. Originally designed before the First World War, the 418 didn't appear until after WWI – some sources showing its arrival in 1919, others in 1920. The magazine capacity was variously described as 7- or 8 rounds. It's a "single action" auto and, according to one source, it's striker-fired. There is a grip safety on some versions of the gun – if not all – and the safety lever appears on the left side of the frame. It's a pivoting arrangement with a long throw, not conducive to quick deactivation in an emergency.

There are images of the gun on the internet. I don't have permission to publish them and a request to Beretta for an archival photo went without results.

Fleming described the gun in his story with a "skeleton grip" – perhaps the stocks were removed? – and it is described in Diamonds Are Forever as having the "skeleton grip" wrapped in tape. The spy has "sawn" the front sight from the "barrel" (the front sight is on the slide of the 418). Of course, Bond has ground the firing pin to a "sharp point" because pierced primers are clearly better for the operation of the piece and he carries this formidable blaster in a "chamois shoulder holster" so as not to ruin the drape of his custom duds.

A gun crank named Geoffrey Boothroyd was a fan of the 'book-Bond' and dropped Fleming a letter – which still exists. In it, he chastises the author for the sidearm selection as the Beretta 418 in .25 ACP is a "lady's gun" – "not a very nice lady," Boothroyd noted.

Misogynist. I wonder what he'd think of the proliferation of women gun owners and concealed-carry license holders of today?

Boothroyd recommended a stiff leather belt holster and a revolver for the spy. The power was more fitting to personal defense – though one's selection for government-sponsored homicide would likely be something disguised as a non-weapon or would be a centerfire rifle from some distance. The purpose of the handgun, as we know, is to stop fights.

CIA case officers headed to overseas assignments back in the day were allegedly offered an earlier version of the FN Hi Power (P35) shown or a Chief's Special. The source noted that it was more often the S&W snub .38 that was selected for those trips.
The revolver Boothroyd specifies is the Smith & Wesson Airweight Centennial in .38 Special. This is remarkably similar to firearms I've carried in a backup role to heavier service pistols during my career as a peace officer.

Fleming chose the Walther PPK in 7.65mm (.32 ACP). He has a fictional "Major" Boothroyd telling Bond that the round has the impact of a "brick through a plate glass window."

Fictional hyperbole aside, the Bond stories were written in the 1950s into the early 1960s. A lot has changed since then – but the books and movies still tend to get it wrong.

As to Boothroyd, it's easy to make fun of him, but a CIA officer of the 60s and 70s has related stories of using five-shot S&W .38 Special revolvers on overseas assignments – he wasn't far off. A later employee tells how officers would be offered the FN High Power P35 or the Chief Special – and how often the Chief was selected over the P35.

More recently, stories have gotten out about the use of the SIG P228 for such details.

We love the stories and the films, but we don't make personal defense decisions on that basis – if we're wise.

-- Rich Grassi

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