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News | Friday, October 21, 2016

Don't Forget the Ruger 10/22 Contest

Ruger's giving Outdoor Wire Digital Network readers the opportunity to win some great prizes in their "Tricked Out 10/22 Contest". In addition to the chance to win prizes from Ruger, we have some prizes as well. So…you have until October 25 to shoot a video showing off your "tricked out" Ruger 10/22. Explain what you did- and why- in that short video. Post it on Facebook, YouTube or Vimeo, then send the publicly viewable link to us at and and you'll be entered in their overall contest -and our little side match.

Smith & Wesson Congratulates 2016 NSSF Rimfire Challenge World Champions

Smith & Wesson delivered congratulations to the winners of the 2016 NSSF Rimfire Challenge World Championships, held October 15-16th. Smith & Wesson sponsored the premier rimfire event of 2016, where 250 competitors came together to test their skills.

Team Bianchi's Lenseigne Wins at 2016 CMSA World Match

Team Bianchi's Kenda Lenseigne added another record to her impressive repertoire at the CMSA World Championship in Amarillo, Texas last weekend. In a world record run, Lenseigne won the Cimarron Eliminator CMSA World Champion Cowgirl title.

MidwayUSA Promotes Jarrod Schwartz to Content Manager

MidwayUSA is pleased to announce the promotion of Jarrod Schwartz to the position of Content Manager. Jarrod joined the MidwayUSA family in May of 2010 as a Videographer/Editor.

Humboldt Merchant Services to Sponsor NSSF/HAVA Golf Classic at the Bronze Level

The National Shooting Sports Foundation® (NSSF®) is pleased to announce that Humboldt Merchant Services has agreed to sponsor the 3rd Annual NSSF/HAVA Invitational Golf Classic at the Bronze level.

Swab-its Exhibiting at NASGW Expo

Swab-its®, makers of Bore-Whips™, Bore-tips® and Gun-tips™, will be exhibiting in booth #1143 at the NASGW Expo and Annual Meeting, October 25-28 at the Kansas City Convention Center, Kansas City, Mo.

FightLite Industries to Exhibit at NASGW

FightLite Industries announces that it will be exhibiting its products at the NASGW 2016 Annual Meeting and Expo. This year, FightLite will be exhibiting its belt-fed MCR rifle line, SCR sporting rifles, GXR Gas Piston Retrofit Kits for the M4 carbine and its Redi-Load revolver grips.

12 Survivors Mini First Aid Kits: Your off-the-grid medic

When things happen, 12 Survivors offers first aid solutions with the Mini First Aid Rollup Kit (TS42002B) and the Mini Medic First Aid Kit (TS42003B). Used to treat a variety of injuries, these small kits pack powerful medical attention when doctors are miles away. Designed for easy, compact carrying, both kits are easily packable for camping and hiking, and can be stored in a vehicle for emergency situations.

Sight-in in Seconds with Sightmark's Universal Green Laser Boresight Pro

Designed to reduce ammo waste, the Sightmark Universal Green Laser Boresight Pro (SM39044) attaches to the end of your barrel and produces a strong green laser, allowing you to sight-in or double-check zero on your rifle, shotgun, or pistol with ease.

Live from South Dakota - This Week on Gun Talk Radio

This week on Tom Gresham's Gun Talk Radio, Tom Gresham and Ryan Gresham are broadcasting live from the Scattergun Lodge in South Dakota hunting pheasants with the folks from Mossberg.

SIG Ammunition Next Week on Guns & Gear

On next week's episode of Guns & Gear, we'll hit the range with new calibers from Sig Sauer's growing line of ammunition.

The Birth of a Firearm – Next Week on GunVenture

Next week on GunVenture, watch as Smith & Wesson combines ancient tools and modern-day technology to forge high-quality steel firearms in their Massachusetts factory. Then, see Ruger's gun-making process from start to finish when we check in at their Pine Tree casting factory, foundry and inspection room.

Extended Magazine Release for SW22 Victory, Browning Buck Mark

TANDEMKROSS, a manufacturer of rimfire competition accessories, has launched a new upgrade for the popular SW22 Victory and Browning Buck Mark. The TANDEMKROSS "Titan" Extended Magazine Release for SW22 Victory and Browning Buck Mark is a simple, drop-in replacement for the factory magazine release.

Nosler Unveils Reduced Drag Factor Bullet Line

Nosler Inc. announced the release of their new RDF Reduced Drag Factor bullet line. RDF features the highest BCs and smallest, most consistent meplats of any hollow point match bullet line on the market.

Colt Introduces the Colt Combat Unit Carbine Featuring Mid-Length Gas System

The Colt M4 continues to be the platform of choice amongst Military, Law Enforcement, and firearms enthusiasts alike. Now Colt is offering yet another option for enthusiasts looking for that robust and well-fielded platform – the Colt Combat Unit(TM) carbine, featuring Colt's new mid-length gas system.

SIG SAUER Recognized for Optic and Silencer of the Year by Guns & Ammo Magazine

SIG SAUER, Inc. has earned two "Product of the Year" awards from Guns & Ammo Magazine. The SIG SAUER ROMEO1™ was named "Optic of the Year" and the company's advanced line of silencers earned the "Suppressor of the Year" award from this year's panel of voters.

Timney Announces 2016 Customer's Choice Offering – Replacement Two-Stage Triggers for Ruger Precision Rifle

Timney Triggers has been asking shooters and hunters, "What trigger would you like us to build next?" In response, Timney announces their 2016 Customer Choice- a self-contained, 100% drop-in ready, two-stage trigger for the Ruger Precision Rifle.

Firefield Stun Guns

Firefield now offers three stun gun models designed specifically for easy, single-handed operation: Firefield Microburst 7 Million Volt Stun Gun, Firefield Volt 9 Million Volt Stun Gun and Firefield Surge 10 Million Volt Stun Gun. They feature a built-in flashlight and a built-in charging plug.

Daniel Defense Expanding Operations

Daniel Defense announced that they would be expanding their operations in Bryan County, creating 75 new jobs and investing $18.5 Million into a new facility and equipment. The new expansion is set to be finished late summer of 2017.

TRUGLO Receives Two NASGW Leadership Award Nominations

TRUGLO, Inc. has been nominated for two National Association of Sporting Good Wholesalers (NASGW) Leadership Awards: Optics Manufacturer of the Year and Accessories Manufacturer of the Year.

Buck Knives Celebrates Diamond Anniversary Of It's Most Popular Fixed Blade

Buck Knives is excited to announce a Cabela's-exclusive 75th anniversary edition of the 119 Special®, the knife that sets the standard by which all others are measured. Making its initial introduction in a two man shop, the first 119 Specials® were hand made by Hoyt and Al Buck.

Huron Capital's Good Sportsman Marketing Acquires HME Products

Huron Capital Partners LLC ("Huron Capital") today announced its hunting accessories platform, Good Sportsman Marketing ("GSM"), has acquired Isanti, MN-based HME Products, LLC ("HME"). Huron Capital invested in Texas based GSM in June 2016, and this is the first add-on acquisition since that time.

Orchid Advisors Sponsors SHOT Show Executive Management Seminar

The National Shooting Sports Foundation announced that Orchid Advisors has signed on to be the Presenting Sponsor of the 2017 Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show's newest educational forum, the Executive Management Seminar.


Why A Compact?

Like certain other service style striker fired pistols, the Glock 26 is capable of using the magazines of the larger size pistols in the same caliber.

The full-size to compact situation works with certain other guns like the Smith & Wesson M&P line.

Ruger has gotten into the act with the Compact version of their Ruger American Pistol (shown in the foreground)
A week or so back a friend asked me if I knew of a second-hand Glock 26 he could get for a reasonable price. I responded that, with his law enforcement status, he could scarcely do better than a "blue label" (LE) Glock right from the company. He'd specified a 3rd Generation gun, preferring to stay with Gen. 3 for his "using" pistols.

I asked why he wanted such a gun. His response was instructive. While I'd traveled down the same path before, my reasoning was different as was the time and context.

He knew there'd be a time he'd need something smaller than the Glock 17 he'd preferred for years. Proper holstering and wardrobe can make the G17 discreet, but there's still quite a bit of material to deal with. It's the same -- to a lesser degree -- for my choice, the Glock 19.

In terms of envelope – size, weight, capacity – and capabilities, the G19 seems to be the best all-around choice for people who favor the striker-fired 9mm. There's nothing that quite touches it. That's why, when it was time to rotate primary carry pistols, another Glock 19 was put forward.

He makes a good case though. We're part of the aging population, constantly going to medical appointments, family activities, generally having to go forth in places where the armed lifestyle is not appreciated for whatever reason. A more discreet gun can more easily and more deeply be hidden.

Why not one of the micro-choices? He's also one of the folks who gets far less practice and familiarity time than he feels he needs. Having a smaller gun that's nearly the same as the other bigger gun makes a difference. And if the primary carry piece is put out of action – breakage, post-shooting seizure by police, or any other reason – the proper set-up means you can holster up and carry on.

The Glock he sought will readily take magazines from the larger pistols of the same format. He has magazines for the Glock 17, which fit the G19 and 26, and has Glock 19 magazines which also work in the G26. That makes a difference when you are forced by circumstance to move from one gun to the next.

If you are a striker-fired type who has a Glock allergy, other makers have stepped forward with a similar lineup. The M&P9 can be a back up to the M&P9 Compact – or the other way around. Just make sure you have more full size magazines than Compact – the smaller mags won't feed in the bigger gun. And, if you have a holster that fits the M&P9 it will fit the smaller version too.

Recently Ruger introduced the Ruger American Pistol Compact – a slightly smaller version of the American Pistol. The Compact ships with a 12-round compact magazine and a 17 round magazine – that will work in the regular size Ruger American. A slip-on 'boot' is included with the magazine and it fills the gap between the base plate of the longer magazine and the bottom of the Compact's frame.

I used the Blade-Tech Eclipse designed for the full-size gun with the Compact. No problem. Configure it for inside-the-waist carry and the rest of the holster vanishes.

Now my friend was careful to configure his Glock 26 in the same way his larger Glocks are configured. Having started with the Glock extended slide stop, he's become accustomed to it. Each Glock pistol he has is equipped with that item. It's the same with internal parts. He prefers the Generation 3 with the NY1 trigger spring and the "-" connector. That's how he set up the mini-Glock.

In my case, the Glock 26 had been a backup gun for duty use when I was in detectives. It was always on and it fed from the spare Glock 19 magazines on my belt. If one was held in evidence in a shooting, the other moved into the belt holster and I would carry on – that was the plan.

You have to find your own way if you carry concealed. His plan may not be right for you, but examining his thinking in that regard can help you make the best decision you can to fit your needs.

-- Rich Grassi

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