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April 16, 2018

Carry Option for Ruger PC Carbine


The Ruger PC Carbine is apparently quite a hit. I was first exposed to the gun at a media event at Gunsite Academy. The 9mm carbine has a 16” fluted barrel with a muzzle threaded for suppressor use. It arrives set up for the SR9 magazine and will accept Ruger Security-9 magazines, but ships with a replacement magazine well that accepts Glock 9mm magazines.

The gun has already attained some reputation for function and we found it to shoot easily inside 2 ½” at fifty yards with random ammo. It’s light, easy to handle, features that allow a simple manual of arms. The stock has some adjustment for length of pull by adding/removing butt pad spacers. The peep rear sight is on the barrel, keeping it lined up with the front sight. The receiver is configured with a rail for optics and a small pic-compatible rail section is molded into the forend.

As to potentially the greatest part of the PC Carbine – it takes down into two sections for transport – it does not ship from Ruger with a carry pouch the way their famous 10/22 Take Down model does.

That’s no problem though. Copper Basin has improved their Takedown Firearm Backpack, now offering their “Gen 3” upgrade.

Copper Basin photo.


The idea is to have a discreet option for transport of take-down long guns or other compact firearms – Copper Basin’s backpack is the definition of low-profile.

While the pack is designed for many firearms of this particular type, the original release didn’t mention the Ruger PC Carbine. The 10/22 Take Down was listed. I contacted the company’s media reps who checked in and responded with the good news.

The Copper Basin website now lists the PC Carbine as a fit for their Takedown Firearm Backpack, and I can confirm that it is a fit.

What’s the big deal? Discretion. If you’re living in a place where neighbors can see you load your vehicle for a trip to the range and you’re trying to be discreet about being a gun owner – think ‘burglary prevention’ – having a run-of-the-mill, non-descript bag to throw into the car is a big help.

Consider also traveling by car. If you need to find lodgings for the night and you happen to have a long gun with you, a gun case going into the hotel draws attention.

Attention is not always a positive thing.


The quick access top flap allows access to the firearm components – upper and lower or receiver and barrel/forend – as well as being part of the complete fold-open design. They say the dimensions are such that having optics, bipods, etc. won’t cause any fit problems. The only addition I have to the PC Carbine is an old butt-cuff double magazine pouch that I’d used on the Ruger PC4 many years ago. It’s not a great fit on the PC Carbine and I don’t believe it’s made any longer, but I’m trying it on this gun as a concept. Perhaps someone will want to make one for this particular stock.

Copper Basin photo.


The rifle components don’t “print” through the fabric due to structural foam layers. Component pockets are lined with fleece to prevent scratching and muffle sound. The black and gray color scheme was requested by a customer, according to the release. It’s certainly not “operator black” or FDE.

MSRP for this pack is right at $100.

If you have a PC Carbine – or a “take-down” lever gun or AR pistol or any one of a number of other compact firearms and discreet transport is a concern, give Copper Basin, LLC a look.

- - Rich Grassi