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October 10, 2018 |
Growth Strategy Partners Offers Business Consultations at NASGW Expo

Let’s face it. We all have business challenges. The question is whether you are open to hearing about ways to overcoming these challenges. Growth Strategy Partners, shooting industry business experts with proven success, will be providing complimentary consultations at the NASGW Expo next week. To schedule a consultation, see below.

Growth Strategy Partners has designed and implemented performance improvement programs for shooting industry companies driving revenue and profit growth. On average, Growth Strategy Partners has generated 220% profit improvements and a 7 times return on professional fees for clients. Would you like to hear how industry business experts can improve your business performance? Do you have a business challenge you would like independent and expert guidance on?

Chris DiCenso, the Managing Partner of Growth Strategy Partners is scheduling 8 complimentary consultations on October 18. At your consultation you can discuss:

·A specific business challenge you are facing

·How well you are applying the research driven 7 Keys to Growth

·How to improve operations by implementing sales and operations planning

·What goals should your company achieve in 2019?

·What will demand and the environment look like in 2019?

·How do I improve my leadership skills and team?

·How can a consultant improve a business I’ve been working on for 10 plus years?

To reserve your meeting, email Chris DiCenso at and suggest a few times to meet on October 18 and the topic you would like to discuss. Consultations start at 9AM and end when the bar closes….

Chris will also be presenting how NASGW members can leverage NASGW’s new industry database SCOPE to improve sales forecasting, production planning, scheduling and reduce inventory and costs. The SCOPE presentation is October 18 starting at 7:30AM. To learn more visit

To learn more about Growth Strategy Partners visit or call 781.837.3276.