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June 3, 2011 |
Action Target Announces Target of the Month

Provo, Utah - Action Target is announcing their new Target of the Month program. This is a special offer exclusive to their newsletter subscribers. It offers a deeply discounted target every month that can be purchased from Action Target or its subsidiary, Law Enforcement Targets.

Action Target has already launched new programs in 2011 designed to help offset some of the costs associated with the purchase of their products used in training. Some of these include the partnership with for weapon, ammunition and firearm accessory buyback and the recycling of old brass through Southern Belle Brass. The Target of the Month program is just another example of Action Target responding to the economy and the needs of firearms training.

The Target of the Month program will feature one of their Portable Target (PT) systems at a significantly reduced price. This price will last only for the month it is advertised, for the next Target of the Month will be offered. There is NO LIMIT on the amount you can purchase using these prices, so this is yet another great advantage of the program.

The Target of the Month program is an exclusive offer to subscribers of the Action Target Weekly Newsletter. The target, price and ordering instructions are included in the newsletters. With the promotional offer changing each month, Action Target will also have a 'Standing Offer' that is available at any time starting in June 2011 and continuing through the end of December 2011. This 'Standing Offer' is called the Action Target Newsletter Steel Target Package.

The Action Target Newsletter Steel Target Package includes the following target systems:

PT Hostage (AR550 rifle rated steel)
PT Dueling Tree (AR550 rifle rated steel)
PT Plate Rack (only available in AR500 handgun steel)

Action Target does want the Target of the Month to be available to all, so they encourage subscribers to forward the newsletter to their friends to take advantage of the program. To subscribe to the Action Target weekly newsletter, please visit the subscription section of their website, Action Target Newsletter Subscription.

For Action Target's the full line of products and services visit their website, To purchase Action Target products for drop shipment direct to your U.S. range or facility, shop online at For all other range-related needs, visit their subsidiary website, Law Enforcement Targets.
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