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May 21, 2012 |
Secure Firearms Products Launches New Online Store

Carl Junction, MO - Secure Firearm Products announced the launch of its new online store recently. SFP's entire line of high-quality products for shooting sports enthusiasts and professionals is now available at

Simply click on the Online Store button on the Main Page and shop from the convenience of your home for target systems, high-quality shotgun, handgun, tactical and rifle security cases, as well as gunsmithing tools like these popular new products listed below which were just recently introduced.

All-In-One 1911 Firing Pin Stop Tool & Bushing Wrench
This tool SAFELY removes and installs the 1911 Firing Pin Stop, and as an added bonus is a handy Bushing Wrench. While removing the Firing Pin Stop, this tool SAFELY depresses the firing pin and pulls the firing pin stop from the slide. When used for installing the Firing Pin Stop, the tool SAFELY depresses the firing pin and pushes the firing pin stop back into the slide. Constructed of high density nylon and adaptable for a Tangfolio pistol also. It's the best little tool in the gun shop or gun bag.

1911 Recoil Spring Tester
Save time and money by testing and organizing all those loose recoil springs in your gun shop or tool kit with SFP's new 1911 Recoil Spring Tester. It's affordable and constructed of high density nylon. The tester can be purchased with or without a scale.

SFP Security Cases
Secure Firearm Products Security Cases are used and endorsed by professional shooters such as Todd Jarrett as well as gun manufacturers who use them to transport and protect the firearms they take to shows.

Handgun Cases
The locking system uses a push button locking system along with their exclusive internal locking system and a Medeco high security lock instead of the removable cylinder, making it more secure and easier to use. Plus, the handgun case has been streamlined to fit inside your checked luggage and has a cable side locking system that works in conjunction with the internal locking system so you don't have to check it separately. Not only does this help prevent theft, travelers also will avoid additional baggage fees*. (* Note: Airlines may have their own additional requirements on the carriage of firearms and the amount of ammunition that you may have in your checked baggage. Therefore, travelers should also contact the airline regarding its firearm and ammunition carriage policies.)

In addition, side locking handgun cases now can be secured or unsecured from the cable or docking system without opening the case*, which is perfect for mounting underneath vehicle seats. (*case does have to be unlocked)

Tactical and Rifle Cases
This heavy duty case was designed for military, law enforcement and Homeland Security personnel, hunters and target shooters who want a case they can secure to a vehicle yet easily remove it when needed. Multiple docking stations are available enabling cases to be mounted vertically or horizontally.

The tactical cases include a separate internal locking system that allows the case to be securely locked to the docking station. Options available include keying locks alike and/or a removable core lock for key control systems.

SFP Target Systems
Secure Firearm Products offers an extensive line of target systems for both recreational and competition shooters. Their No-Cal Pop & Drop, Static Target Systems and Swinger/Star Target Systems will test the most advanced shooters. SFP's Target Systems allow for a variety of exciting shooting practices in different calibers and disciplines.

About Secure Firearm Products
Secure Firearm Products is a family owned and operated business. The Surgi family has been in the manufacturing business for over 60 years, and has developed and manufactured a high quality line of products for shooting sports enthusiasts and professionals since 2001. Their product line includes high security firearms cases, wall vaults and shooting target systems.

For more information about Secure Firearms Products visit or call (417) 649-7277.
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