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July 11, 2012 |
Negrini Bringing Full Line of Light Weight Gun Travel cases to U.S.

Canandaigua, NY - US hunters and firearms enthusiasts will now be able to store and travel their firearms in the same style as some of the world's best-known gun makers. Negrini srl of Quistello, Italy, known over 30 years for design and manufacturing excellence, is proud to announce full distribution of their patented lightweight firearm, bow, ammunition and accessory travel cases in the US through a partnership with International Case Co. located in Canandaigua, New York.

Negrini is internationally recognized in the shooting trade as the case maker of choice for the world's top gun makers such as Beretta, Benelli, Browning, Winchester, Perazzi, Blaser,Zoli, Guerini and many others. Now for the first time, high quality factory replacement cases for these brands as well as their patented, lightweight International Air Travel Approved cases will be available to US shooters.

Negrini's patented design utilizes double wall construction of thermoformed, high rubber content ABS yields the lightest and most durable case approved for air transport. The outer and inner case shells are assembled by ultrasonic welding and by the addition of fluid ABS material to create a weld as strong as the material itself. The benefits of ABS as a case construction material include its high shock resistance and strength to weight ratio, and lack of corrosive materials such as water. The water present in wood cases can be released into the case when the case's temperature changes.

The inner upholstery utilizes a special cotton/acrylic fabric that is laminated with technical poly foam. The lamination is made by melting the surface of the poly foam and applying a solvent-free cement from natural resins and then applying the fabric. All the materials used in manufacturing are corrosive free substances and do not out-gas even with extreme temperature change. All Negrini cases are backed by a limited lifetime warranty when purchased through International Case Company.

Negrini has pioneered unique latching technology for maximum security during travel and home storage. At present there are 4 styles of locks/latches for Negrini cases. The traditional keyed buckle style, the 3 number dial combination lock system, the push-pull safety latch and the new International TSA lock system. All 4 are made from the strongest materials to ensure that a locked Negrini case stays locked until opened.

International Case Company and Negrini srl offer complete service, from custom design to the production and shipping of the finished product. Services offered include technical design for customized product manufacturing, planning and realization of the molds, material engineering and personalization of the finished parts. All production comes from their Italian based plants and meets all specifications for US and international sale.

For more information, please contact Steve Lamboy or Elena Micheli of International Case Company at 585-905-3161 or via e-mail at