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September 12, 2012 |
The Glock 32 Gen4 In SIG .357 Caliber Featured In Nov/Dec American Handgunner

San Diego, Calif. - The cover story for the November/December issue of American Handgunner highlights the new Glock 32 Gen4. Chambered for the uncommon, yet effective, SIG .357 cartridge, this Glock 32 is more of an "enthusiast's pistol" according to contributing editor Massad Ayoob.

"Today, the .357 SIG is much like the 10mm Auto and the .41 Magnum - appreciated more by the people who are seriously into shooting than by those who follow the herd," asserts Ayoob. "Bottom line? If you're considering a pistol in this caliber for personal defense or concealed carry, the G32 Gen4 is definitely worth a look."

In "I Don't Hate the 9mm Anymore," contributing editor Mike "Duke" Venturino details his amusing journey from despising the 9mm cartridge to developing an affection for it - made possible by a certain World War II-era 9mm submachine gun. As a result, readers of American Handgunner can look forward to Venturino covering this cartridge even more in upcoming issues.

"In the last four years, I've fired thousands of rounds through 9mm handguns and 9mm subguns and have enjoyed it immensely," confesses Venturino. "In fact, I've fired more rounds through 9mm handguns lately than any other handgun caliber. That's quite a statement coming from someone who's written books on single-action revolvers!"

Other features in the November/December issue include a review of the tiny DB380 and DB9 from Diamondback Firearms, Benchmade Knives' unique American success story, an analysis of personal defense tools to "tame the terrible," how to prevent the mishap of flooded ammunition and a "Gifts for Grunts" guide, perfect for the upcoming holiday season.

A Harison Design Custom 1911 highlights the November/December Gun of the Month giveaway. This giveaway also includes the tough Hinderer XM-18 folder, a pair of Pro Ears Predator Gold NRR26 hearing protection, the AQPTLMG tactical green laser and the capable ACPRLS red laser from NcStar. Handgunner readers will have the chance to win this package, valued at over $3,450, by simply entering online at

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Roy Huntington