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October 12, 2012 |
Nosler's Reloading Guide #7

Bend, Ore. - Nosler, Inc. is proud to announce the release of their latest load data manual, Reloading Guide #7. Included in this 864 page Reloading Guide is the most up to date handloading data incorporating new cartridges, powders and Nosler's entire bullet lineup.

Nosler Reloading Guide #7 features over 120 cartridges and several informative sections such as "Getting Ready to Reload" for the beginning handloader, to bullet cutaways that explain bullet construction and performance as well as energy and drop tables for more advanced reloaders.

Each cartridge contains an introduction from an outdoor industry professional explaining the features, benefits and advantages of each particular cartridge.

Reloading Guide #7 will be available in hard copy November 2012, and soon, will be offered in digital format where the entire manual can be purchased for download.

Every page in the manual is done in full color and is the most comprehensive guide that Nosler has ever produced. Nosler Reloading Guide #7 will prove to be the most important asset on any reloader's bench.


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