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October 19, 2012 |
The Latest GUNS Magazine Special Edition Prepares Hunters for Fall Season

San Diego, Calif. - Hunters will find the 2013 Fall/Winter GUNS Magazine Special Edition to be a timely and valuable hunting partner this season. The bonus edition includes 11 features devoted to different aspects of hunting.

"For readers looking to prepare for fall adventures and expand their understanding on all types of gun platforms, this GUNS Special Edition is a matchless resource," Publisher Roy Huntington shares. "Our writers came through yet again, with engaging narratives and thorough reviews to help readers make informed buying decisions - this Special Edition offers something for everyone."

A New Ultra Light Arms in 6.5 Creedmoor adorns the cover of this GUNS Special Edition. This rifle has a revered place in the heart of Sammy Reese, editor of FMG Publications' Special Editions, as not only is this elegant rifle his first custom rifle, it was made by one of his heroes: Melvin Forbes. This rifle endured a baptism of fire at Gunsite Academy and performed admirably for Reese.

"After about 280 rounds and some sore muscles from lots of positional shooting, field stalks, a charging buffalo robot and a trip through the scrambler, my 6.5 Creedmoor NULA held up better than I did," contends Reese. "If I did my part, the NULA did its part."

The Desert Eagle is not normally associated as a handgun suitable for hunting exploits, which is exactly why contributing editor Todd Burgreen chose this powerful handgun chambered in .44 Magnum to heighten the challenge while hunting. In addition, carrying a Desert Eagle provided some added reassurance.

"An application I discovered for the Desert Eagle was found when escorting my sons hunting," writes Burgreen. "The ability to have both hands free and focus on their activities while still having a pistol with me, capable of putting down whatever we were after, was comforting."

This Special Edition also includes a review of the all-purpose hunting capabilities of the Ruger American Rifle, how the people at Timney Triggers make the difference that sets their triggers apart, a look at Mossberg's continued growth through its expanding rifle offerings, the convenience of sharing ammo between a long gun and a revolver like the Ruger 77/357 and the Ruger Blackhawk and some basic steps to take before embarking on a handgun hunt.

The 2013 GUNS Special Edition also features the all-inclusive 2013 Buyer's Guide, a 126-page catalog filled with handguns of all kinds, rifles, shotguns, knives, lights and lasers.

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