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October 24, 2012 |
Shooting Illustrated Asks: Is This Your Carry Load?

If you're forced to defend yourself at night and this is your carry load, you'd better make that first shot count-because a lot of bad things can happen in the seconds or minutes it will take for your night vision to return. November's issue of Shooting Illustrated takes an afterhours look at 15 popular defensive handgun loads, photographically recording their performance when delivered from five different personal-defense handguns.

"Most self-defense shootings take place in poor light," Field Editor Bryce M. Towsley writes. "But, who among us has thought about muzzle flash being enough of a tactical problem to test our ammunition? We shoot and train during the day. Most ranges close at dusk and going into the woods to shoot at night will often invite a visit from a SWAT team."

"Towsley's article examines what causes muzzle flash and its different components," said Shooting IllustratedEditor-in-Chief Guy J. Sagi. "Then, he explains in layman's terms the chemistry employed to reduce it in modern self-defense loads while dispelling some urban myths. Even if everything goes right and you do make that first shot count, bad guys have been known to run in pairs-I personally don't want my carry load to handicap me at a time when the second perp may be closing in."

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Editor-in-Chief Guy J. Sagi at (703) 267-1375 or e-mail