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November 2, 2012 |
Taurus Announces Expansion

(Miami, FL) - Taurus® International Manufacturing, Inc. is excited to announce that a real estate purchase of a neighboring facility has been finalized. The multi-acre parcel with an existing modern manufacturing and distribution building supports the Taurus vision of assertively pursuing mergers, acquisitions and business partnerships.

The new facility will provide a 30% increase to their current factory, generating the extra space necessary for the expansion of their state-of-the-art manufacturing, sales, customer service, gunsmithing services, executive offices and distribution processes. "This increase in infrastructure will provide us the room needed for our current manufacturing demands and will allow us future acquisition growth to support production and distribution", states Mark Kresser, President and CEO of Taurus. "We are clearly in the midst of revitalization here at Taurus and are capitalizing on all growth opportunities."

Since taking his position just over a year ago, Mark Kresser has been dedicated to cultivating the Taurus family of firearms into a distinguished leader through innovative design and industry-leading customer service. As Taurus continues to reveal their planned growth, their core philosophy remains: 'To be recognized as the most approachable firearms manufacturer in the world'. With recent hires and acquisitions, Taurus personnel are aggressively promoting these truly iconic global brands. Their innovative products are matched only by the passion of the people who make them.

About Taurus:
Taurus International Manufacturing, Inc. is proud to be the U.S. importer of all Taurus brand firearms manufactured in Brazil and to be the manufacturer of the model PT-22, PT-25 and PT-738 pistols made here in the US. Taurus International services all Taurus brand firearms under the LIFETIME REPAIR POLICY™ as well. For additional information about Taurus, visit High-resolution images are available at
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