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February 1, 2013 |
Jeff Wilber to Promote PistolPay's Online Transaction Platform

MIAMI, FL (January 2013) - PistolPay, LLC, the premier platform for security in the trade of valuable items, has signed an agreement with firearms professional, Jeff Wilber of RDR Custom Holsters, to create awareness of the benefits for buyers and sellers in using PistolPay, a pro-gun online payment service for buyers and sellers.

PistolPay was created by a group of entrepreneurs frustrated by the complications of purchasing high value items online. As a great example, PayPal®, the "typical" online payment system, prohibits using its platform for the sale or purchase of firearms, ammunition, accessories or knives. Firearms buyers and sellers have experienced frozen accounts and complete account shut-downs when trying to use PayPal®. PistolPay is a completely transaction-neutral and non-political online purchasing system, for buyers and sellers, that is backed by its strategic partners, Merchant Services LTD and BB&T Bank.

Partnering with Merchant Services LTD, an industry-leading credit card processing service provider that furnishes customers with secure, fast and cost-effective credit card and ACH processing solutions, PistolPay has developed a new paradigm in the buying and selling of high value items. The process is simple and unlike any other online transaction tool. PistolPay protects a buyer's personal information by safely and securely taking payments from the buyer's checking account or credit card. PistolPay also protects the seller by verifying the receipt of buyer funds before notifying the seller that the transaction funds are both available and guaranteed. Sellers can breathe easier knowing the funds have been transferred from the buyer and are ready for deposit with no fraud risk. PistolPay holds the transaction funds until the buyer has inspected and verified the purchase is as described in condition, quality, quantity, and provenance.

Find out more about PistolPay at www.pistolpay.comand register as a buyer, seller, or FFL holder for instant access to the safest online transaction service. Stay current with the PistolPay Facebook page and Twitter account.

About PistolPay, LLC

PistolPay, LLC is headquartered in Miami Beach, Florida and provides buyers and sellers a premium experience in the buying and selling of high value items. PistolPay is the secure online payment system backed by Merchant Services LTD and BB&T Bank.

About RDR Holsters

Based out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida Rounds Down Range (RDR) was established by two brothers and close friends with a desire to produce a premium holster at a great value; the result was a line of custom made Kydex holsters and ammunition carriers ideal for Law Enforcement, Military, Armed Citizens and firearm enthusiasts.

RDR's custom made products are designed and molded out of the industry's strongest materials; using Kydex allows our products to be lightweight and waterproof. Providing the durability needed to retain its shape and retention for a lifetime.
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