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February 8, 2013 |
This Week In Guns: Free Food, Joe Biden and ATF Failures

DeKalb, IL - This Week in Guns features a panel of hosts from the Firearms Radio Network headed by Jake Challand, they start off this week's show with the positive story about the Hot Springs restaurant which gave free food to gun rights supporters. Then they dissect bit by bit the Google hangout interview with Joe Biden. The Hosts have some fun at Biden's expense and his total lack of gun knowledge. Then they move to the topic of Milwaukee's ATFs sting operation, which was marred by mistakes and failures.

In addition to discussing the latest news and politics; The panel of hosts preview some of the new products to the firearm industry and address listener feedback. Challand and Co-Hosts talk about MagPuls new MOE-K2 Grip and AK Grip. They also discuss the UK Armed Forces decision to go with Glock for their new sidearm of choice.
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