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August 20, 2014 |
BlackBore Sports, LLC Competition Chokes

BlackBore Sports, LLC is month highlights the BlackBore Competition shotgun choke. The patented ports give the sport and competitive shooter the best chokes for busting clays! Used by the weekend shooter for local shoots all the way to Master Class shooters and everyone in between for that extra "edge"!

The BlackBore Competition choke is specifically designed for the loads used by Trap, Skeet, Five Stand and Sporting Clays shooters. The size and configuration of the ports with the unique machined "blade" slows the wad by adding friction. Slivers of plastic will be cut from the wad as it passes through the choke. The shot leaves the barrel with no interference by the wad to cause "fliers" and a hole in the pattern.

The result for the shooter is a denser, more consistent shot pattern. The clay bird is "crushed" when the shooter does his part. Your scores will increase as your confidence grows!

See the BlackBore Competition shotgun chokes on the BlackBore website. BlackBore also uses its unique technology for their HunterPro chokes and Tactical HD chokes.

BlackBore Chokes: The Cutting Edge In Choke Design
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