Crimson Trace

April 21, 2017 |
Nugent Dines With President Trump

Nugent, Deer & Deer Hunting Blogger, Dines with President Trump at White House

Deer & Deer Hunting's most popular blogger, Ted Nugent, dined with President Trump at The White House on Wednesday night. Nugent participated in the dinner attended by Sarah Palin and Kid Rock where Trump vowed his support for hunting, wildlife conservation and gun rights in North America.

"I would say that the prognosis for hunter's rights has never been better for the future of hunting, fishing and trapping in America, I assure you," said Nugent, who chronicled the experience on Deer & Deer Hunting's website.

Nugent, an award-winning musician and writer with numerous best-seller books, is one of the most prominent public figures representing the hunting community. In an exclusive collaboration, Nugent provides weekly content for a blog on Deer & Deer Hunting.

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