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October 10, 2018 |
Growth Strategy Partners/NRA Business Alliance Webinar

Join Growth Strategy Partners and the NRA Business Alliance as they present a webinar for firearm dealers on how to Drive More Traffic to Your Store.

What are the best ways to promote your business and maximize sales? How much depends on the type of firearms dealer or business you are? Does it depend on location, your website, or the time of year? What factors are involved in moving the sales needle, and what’s most effective?

A common challenge for dealers and smaller business owners is to identify the best way, or ways, to invest precious dollars toward promoting their companies. What works for one business may not work for another. Do you know how to stand out from the crowd?

To help identify and learn about useful tools for your business, the NRA Business Alliance has asked Growth Strategy Partners, a management consulting firm focused on the shooting sports industry, to present what they, and some of their partners already know about useful ways to help businesses grow and increase profits. This one-hour webinar presentation titled Drive More Traffic to Your Store will be October 12 and you will learn:

·The importance of differentiation. Why it matters, how to develop your own differentiators, and how to promote them.

·How to build a promotional culture (vs a promotional department)

·Strategies, tactics, and effective tools to promote your business

·Why education and training are a key factor in boosting your volume of customers and increased sales

·Levels of promotion sophistication and what options might work for you.

·Actions you can work on right away to improve sales

·Best Practices in Communicating with Customers

Date: Friday October 12

Time: 1 to 2PM ET

The webinar is presented by Christopher DiCenso of Growth Strategy Partners, George Harris, former co-founder and Director of the Sig Sauer Academy, and owner of International Firearms Consultants, LLC, Miles Hall of Hall-N-Hall Consulting, founder and previous owner of H&H Shooting Sports, and Laura Evans, owner of Silver Bullet Marketing, a marketing and public relations consulting firm specializing in the shooting, hunting and outdoor industry. This team has the combined management, leadership, marketing, sales, and dealer specific knowledge to help you improve your business.

Registration is free but you must register in advance. Click here to register

If you have questions please contact Christopher DiCenso at Growth Strategy Partners LLC at 781.837.3276 or

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Growth Strategy Partners is management consulting firm which accelerates the revenue, profit and organizational performance of privately held businesses by applying its research and experience based 7 Keys to Growth. The firm has a focus on the shooting, security and defense industries. To learn more visit

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Silver Bullet Marketing delivers marketing services, strategy execution, media relations, public relations, and tactical media purchasing to companies in the shooting, hunting, and outdoor industry.