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December 5, 2018 |
Accura Outdoors "Brass Butter"

Nampa, ID - Accura Outdoors, a leading designer and manufacturer of accurate and high-performance bullets is pleased to introduce their all-new, commercial grade case lube, Brass Butter, in their continuous goal of providing and increasing their product offering(s) to the reloading market.

“Brass Butter” is a commercial-grade case lube that doesn’t quickly evaporate or lose any of its lubricating properties. Accura’s proprietary formula quickly and evenly coats brass for a smooth, consistent stroke that won’t cause undue “wear & tear” on any reloading equipment. Brass Butter does not get “gummy” as it sits over time, and (if the user prefers) it can be left on the brass to save a step in in the loading process. Brass Butter comes in a convenient, ready-to-use spray bottle.

“Our customer base continues to grow exponentially and as we grow, the more customers relay their wants and needs and we listened,” said Jared Wilson, COO of Accura Outdoors. “Brass Butter was created not only to compliment our core products, but also to assist our customers in the reloading process and out on the range or field.”

To order Brass Butter or for more information, please visit

For any other inquiries, please contact COO, Jared Wilson at sales@accuraoutdoors or call 800-376-4010.

About Accura Outdoors :

How does a company come to make the most consistent and accurate plated bullet on the market to date? We start with our roots, the PowerBelt muzzleloader bullet. The PowerBelt bullet sold by BPI Outdoors has been the world-wide number one selling muzzleloader bullet for over two decades. Building on that base, we began making plated pistol bullets at the dawn of the new millennium. Dedication to using only the highest quality materials and machinery along with a relentless quality assurance program made the PowerBelt bullet successful. We went about building our plated pistol bullet line with the same dedication, and since its inception we have built a reputation for not only quality but consistency, and the best customer service in the industry. After over a decade of selling to OEM loaders and the private label sector, we expanded our capacity and are taking that product straight to the consumer. Our goal is to offer the best options for hand loaders striving to reach the most cost efficient way to shoot without sacrificing accuracy. We will not be stopping there, join the Accura Outdoors family as we continue to develop new products and improve the current ones. Together we will discover, the art of accuracy.

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