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January 12, 2018 |
Oakwood Controls SPORTSMAN H-BAR Portable Electronic Target System

Oakwood Controls is proud to announce the launch of the Sportsman H-Bar at the Dallas Safari Club’s Annual convention last week.  The H-bar is a portable electronic target system for live fire practice at any distance. The system gives instant feedback via computer at the firing line which shows shot placement within a 6’ window. No more guessing where that shot went if it is missed.   The Sportsman H-bar will allow hunters to maximize zeroing and practice times.  Realistic animal targets with vitals zones and real-time feedback on hits and misses that give Sportsman the confidence to MAKE THE SHOT.

A must have for ethical hunters who want to maximize their practice time and have the confidence to say “I can make the first shot count”. 

The tactical version of this system is utilized by the US military for sniper training and incorporates the latest technology into a user-friendly platform. 

For more information on Oakwood’s Electronic Target Systems can be found HERE.

Additional information on the Dallas Safari Club’s Annual Convention can be found HERE.

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