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Sellmark is proud to announce the addition of Kopfjager to the corporation’s family of brands. Launched in 2012, Kopfjager began with a rifle rest designed, tested and redesigned by two SWAT officers, Garret Hellinger and Matt Banes.
CCI Ammunition introduces VNT loads in 17 Mach 2 and 22 WMR. They feature a Speer bullet with an extremely thin jacket and polymer tip that offer flat trajectories, superb long-range accuracy and explosive terminal performance on impact.
Longtime conservation partner Dallas Safari Club (DSC) and the Dallas Safari Club Foundationare stepping in once again to support America’s Shooting Team in hopes of helping Raise The Flag. This time they are providing $25,000 in travel support to USA Shooting’s Paralympic Shooting Team ahead of the upcoming 2019 World Shooting Para Sport Championships, October 11-18 in Sydney, Australia.

GPO USA-sponsored archery competitor Shawnn Vincent and teammate Brandon Williamson captured the winning title at the 36th Annual Western Classic Trail Shoot NFAA Marked 3D National Championship May 5 in Redding, Calif.
Hornady celebrates the win of shooter Jake Vibbert at the Precision Rifle Series Quiet Riot in Hiawatha, Utah May 31-June 1, 2019. Vibbert won the national Quiet Riot match using the new Hornady 6mm 110 gr. A-Tip Match bullets.
Hogue’s new Exploit knife is their latest "backbone trigger/fire out the front" automatic knife offered to consumers. The Exploit’s blade is cryogenically treated, hand sharpened and honed.

Buck Knives is excited to introduce a new series of everyday carry knives featuring a ball bearing pivot system. The Sprints feature a 3 1/8” blade with an overall closed length of 4 3/8”, making these lightweight liner lock flippers perfect for every day.
Sellmark is proud to announce participation in the annual Professional Outdoor Media Association Conference. Attendees are generally comprised of hundreds of outdoor media professionals and 50 to 60 of POMA’s 185+ corporate partners.
ERGO’s team will be in Utah for the Rocky Mountain Airgun Challenge June 6th-9th. The company is proud to be a sponsor of the event, helping towards the amazing $20,000 prize pool for winners.

The annual John C. Garand D-Day event, held June 6-9, 2019, at the Civilian Marksmanship Program’s Talladega Marksmanship Park, will stray from its usual format to celebrate history not only through marksmanship competition but also through fanfare and fun. The event will honor the 75th anniversary of the Allied Forces landing at Normandy Beach in France in 1944 through a series of vintage rifle and pistol competitions.
Savage is excited to announce the new 110 Apex Predator XP, which offers adjustability and accuracy. The 110 Apex Predator XP pairs a Model 110 rifle with a 4-12x44mm Vortex Crossfire II scope that comes mounted, bore-sighted and ready to hunt.
SIG SAUER, Inc. is pleased to announce the Spartan II series of pistols with the 1911 Spartan II Full-Size and Carry, and the P238 and P938 Spartan II Micro-Compacts. The Spartan II series of pistols are all hammer-fired, single-action-only, all-metal pistols with a distressed coyote finish.

Gunwerks launched a new program producing quarterly, limited run rifle builds. The first in the SkunkWerks series is the FireStarter, a competition-specific chassis rifle build chambered in 6mm Creedmoor.
Galco Gunleather introduces a wide range of popular holsters fit to the Mossberg MC1Sc pistol. These iinclude the Ankle Glove, Combat Master, Scout 3.0 and more.
The Protector S3 is the most technically advanced holster that Versacarry offers. It enables the owner to carry their handgun inside the waistband or outside the waistband making it adaptable to all types of situations.

Meopta USA Sport Optics is pleased to announce industry veteran Barton Hege has joined the company as Field Advisor. In this position, Hege will assist with online consumer service and provide extensive content generation for social media platforms.
Celerant recently wrapped up its annual client conference at Atlanta, Georgia. This year was an especially exciting event, as Celerant celebrates its 20th year serving the retail industry. Celerant announced its rebrand to its clients, unveiled its new website and showcased the newest version of its retail software for firearm dealers.
The Second Amendment Foundation has joined in an amicus brief to the Colorado State Supreme Court in support of a case that challenges Centennial State gun control laws including the ban on so-called “high capacity” magazines.

Mec-Gar USA announced the availability of an upgraded 9mm 10 round Sig Sauer P226 X5 magazine. The magazine consists of a 17 round tube with the new aluminum +2 basepad installed. The magazine is dimpled to prevent more than 10 rounds from being loaded, but allows the spring and follower to be removed for cleaning and maintenance.
Ed Brown Products, Inc. is proud to introduce the EVO CCO9 Lightweight as the newest model in the Evolution Series. It weighs approximately 27 ounces, due to its lightweight aluminum compact frame and shortened and thinned slide.
Firearms enthusiasts and competitive shooters from across the U.S. are preparing for the D.C. Project Team Match to be held June 7 through 9 at the Reveille Peak Ranch in Burnet, Texas. The two-person, team match is a fundraiser for the D.C. Project Foundation, and will feature John “Tig” Tiegen, and Jerry Miculek as competitors.
The National Shooting Sports Foundation is pleased to announce that it has selected five recipients to receive a portion of 2019’s $100,000 grant allotment provided by the NSSF Hunting Heritage Trust.
Scholastic 3-D Archery welcomes Quentin R. Young as the newest member of the S3DA Board of Directors. The National Archery in the Schools program first piqued Quentin’s interest into the archery world.
Safari Club International and Safari Club International Foundation have combined operations under Chief Executive Officer W. Laird Hamberlin. Both will continue as separate non-profit corporations maintaining their respective Boards of Directors, but day-to-day operations will go forward under the leadership of CEO Hamberlin.
The 2019 winner of the Linda Harris Memorial Scholarship was announced at the USCCA Concealed Carry Expo in Pittsburgh, Pa. The scholarship committee reviewed a talented group of applicants and ultimately selected Beth Grote, of Maineville, Ohio, as the winner of the inaugural scholarship.
In celebration of Father’s Day SIG SAUER is offering an exclusive 2 for 1 Father’s Day promotion. Now through June 30, 2019 purchase any new SIG SAUER P226 pistol, and get a free SIG AIR X-FIVE ASP pistol.
Greg McHale’s Wild Yukon, Gunwerks, Kuiu and Vortex Optics have joined forces to offer what could be the largest giveaway ever of its kind. The Stone Sheep Dream Hunt offers one incredibly lucky hunter an all-inclusive guided Stone Sheep hunt that will take place in Northern British Columbia in August 2019.
Proven Arms & Outfitters announced the SIG P365 XL and SIG 15 round magazine are now available for pre-order. The SIG P365 XL is an optics ready, carry pistol featuring a 15+1 capacity with Sig Sauer’s new 15 round magazines.
Breakthrough Clean Technologiesis proud to announce that Sportsman’s Warehouse stores are now stocking Breakthrough Clean products.
USA Shooting is excited to announce the return of Krieghoff International back to its powerful lineup of sponsors as the organization continues a resurgence of sponsor support in build-up to the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.
This time, Shooting USA covers Precision Rifle Competition at the Brawl in Texas with the shooting challenges that are complicated by the south Texas weather.
Beretta USA is pleased to announce two new sponsored locations, which will be offering Beretta armorer training. These include PROFORCE Law Enforcement, Brea, CA and Sumner Co. Emergency Management, Gallatin, TN.

Last week, we reported that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, listening to the overwhelmingly positive voices of his Attorney General and state legislature, signed legislation effectively dissolving the state’s nearly 70 year old ban on “gravity knives”.

This week, Governor Cuomo’s not changed his mind, but New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, is still defying the state’s legal change. After pitching what could best be described as a bureaucratic hissy-fit, hizzoner and his police chief dredged up an obscure law regarding the public transit system he says will allow the New York Transit Authority police to -legally- continue to arrest owners of the knives now widely used by everyone from stagehands to plumbers, electricians, construction workers, and, yes, first responders.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio promises the ban on "gravity knives" will continue on New York City subways. Photo from KnifeRights.

Here’s the bit of legalese he’s using to say it’s ok to continue to enforce a regulation the rest of the state -and a federal judge -have ruled illegal:

See below the text of New York Codes, Rules, and Regulations; Title 21 - Miscellaneous; Chapter XXI - Metropolitan Transportation Authority; Subchapter D - Rules and Regulations Governing the Conduct and Safety of the Public (emphasis ours):

Section 1050.8 Weapons and other dangerous instruments.

(a) No weapon, dangerous instrument, or any other item intended for use as a weapon may be carried in or on any facility or conveyance. This provision does not apply to law enforcement personnel and persons to whom a license for such weapon has been duly issued and is in force (provided in the latter case the weapon is concealed from view). For the purposes hereof, a weapon or dangerous instrument shall include, but not be limited to, a firearm, switchblade knife, gravity knife, boxcutter, straight razor or razor blades that are not wrapped or enclosed in a protective covering, sword, shotgun or rifle.

Section 1050.10 Fine and penalties.

Pursuant to section 1204(5-a) of the Public Authorities Law, any person committing one or more violations of these rules shall be subject to either:

(a) criminal prosecution in the criminal court of the City of New York, which court may impose a fine not to exceed twenty-five dollars or a term of imprisonment for not longer than ten days, or both; or

(b) civil penalties imposed by the transit adjudication bureau in an amount not to exceed one hundred dollars per violation (exclusive of interest or costs assessed thereon).

Knife Rights continues to caution anyone visiting New York City to continue to exercise common sense when carrying a pocket knife. Don’t clip it to your pocket (brandishing) and if confronted by an officer for carrying a knife, don’t argue; comply. There’s no percentage in unnecessarily provoking an officer.

One more bit of news that should help clear some of the speculation about the resignation of Pete Brownell from the Board of Directors of the National Rifle Association.

When Brownell announced he was leaving the board due to “business obligations” the speculation was rampant that there was something amiss with that explanation.

There wasn’t anything wrong, but there were some things coming.

Having been privvy to some of the behind the scenes activity, we’ve maintained our distance from the resignation, the speculation and the entire NRA situation. And we still believe when you have nothing to add to a story, your audience is better served without speculation.

That having been said....2nd Adventure Group, a holding company wholly owned by Pete and Frank Brownell, has purchased the website, adding it to their holdings which include Brownells, Inc., and other industry brands.

Pete Brownell tells The Outdoor Wire Digital Network it will become the “backbone” of what he envisions as a communications outlet for the Second Amendment.

It’s already a significant presence with shooters, boasting a user group of more than five million.

According to former owners, Eduard, Juan and Jorge Avila, the decision to sell to 2nd Adventure was their realization that, after 23 years, the Brownells and their group made most sense. Like the Avilas, they say, the Brownells “see the importance, now more than ever, for having a free, unfiltered forum for pro-Constitutional voices and ideas to be heard.”

We’re told there are “big things ahead” and with a growing void in the pro-Second Amendment universe, it makes sense that a group with business acumen and a deep respect for the Second Amendment move both the idea- and the backbone- forward.

As always, we’ll keep you posted.

--Jim Shepherd

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