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Daisy Outdoor Products announces the introduction of the new Model 1999 BB Gun in three versions. Each version features some traditional Daisy features – 650 BB capacity, lever action, trigger block safety.
Starline Brass has been asked by the trademark holder to cease using the name .50 Beowulf on cartridge cases. To comply with this request, Starline Brass is no longer manufacturing cartridge cases with the .50 Beowulf headstamp and will still manufacture brass to the original design as 12.7x42mm.
Ali Weisz won not only a Pan American Games Lima 2019 gold medal, but also the final quota spot for the U.S. women’s 10-meter air rifle for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

In recognition of National Shooting Sports Month SIG SAUER, Inc. is honored to announce support for the NSSF's annual initiative to celebrate the shooting sports throughout August. SIG SAUER is offering more opportunity for participation in the shooting sports through the SIG SAUER Shooting Sports Gear Box, a Web Store Promotion, and SIG SAUER sponsored events.
Pulsar is ready to showcase at the Texas Trophy Hunters Association Extravaganza. The Extravaganza will be held at the Fort Worth Convention Center from August 9-11, 2019.
Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. is proud to support National Shooting Sports Month, the annual month-long initiative created by the NSSF to encourage participation in the shooting sports throughout the month of August.The company's support includes the donation of an exclusive Team Ruger Gearbox, which participants can enter to win.


FN America, LLC is pleased to announce the release of an optics-ready variant of its FN 509 Midsize pistol. The FN 509 Midsize MRD combines the 15-round frame size with FN’s patented optics mounting platform.
Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. announced two new, limited availability models of the 10/22 Carbine. Offered with either a gray or charcoal colored stock, both of these affordable 10/22 rifles feature a factory-installed combination scope base adapter.
Springfield Armory announced the newest member of the M1A family, the M1A Tanker. Inspired by the shortened “Tanker” Garand rifles of WWII, it’s a maneuverable and compact rifle, featuring a 16.25-inch parkerized barrel.

Galco Gunleather introduced a wide range of popular fits for the new military-issue SIG-Sauer M18 and its non-government equivalent. These include the Combat Master, Corvus, Summer Comfort and more.
The White House issued a Presidential message to the nation on the importance and tradition of the shooting sports in America on the first day of National Shooting Sports Month. This annual 31-day celebration, developed by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, reminds people that everyone can enjoy these safe, fun and social activities.

Clenzoil introduced their new Director of Marketing, Alan Molony. He worked with Clenzoil during their revamping campaign in 2015.

1791 Gunleather is excited to announce increased availability and dealer support with the addition of Zanders Sporting Goods as a new wholesale distributor.
GSM Outdoors is pleased to announce the recent hire of Kim French to the GSM Outdoors sales team. French will serve as the Regional Sales Manager for the TALO and MINK states.
Apex Tactical Specialties, the leading manufacturer of aftermarket drop-in firearm parts, announces available Apex upgrades for the new FN 509 Midsize MRD.

ZEISS has placed the attributes of “Reliability and Ruggedness” at the center of the most comprehensive campaign in its history, which is officially launching this month. Durability is critical in a hunting optic.
A limited number of IDF sights are available from Samson Manufacturing. These sights are production overruns for the backup iron sights Samson designed and manufactured for the Israeli Defense Forces.
Nikon unveils the MONARCH M5, the new patriarch of the Nikon riflescope family.  The efficient 4x zoom optical system in the MONARCH M5 was created with the goal of delivering a brighter, sharper, higher contrast sight picture for the times it’s vitally needed.

National Shooting Sports Month in August provides the perfect opportunity for experienced target shooters and newcomers alike to head to a shooting range in your area and experience what millions of Americans have long appreciated — that a day at the range is a day of fun.

The Union Sportsmen’s Alliance (USA) and a consortium of partners celebrated the improvement of public recreational shooting opportunities at Prince George’s County Trap and Skeet Center in Glenn Dale, Maryland, July 31.
The National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers (NASGW), the association representing shooting sports wholesalers, manufacturers, and their trade partners, is renewing their Tier 3 sponsorship of the American Suppressor Association.
Hoppe’s and STI Firearms are proud to announce a partnership. STI Firearms will begin using Hoppe’s products in their shop, and by September, every 2011 will ship with a sample of Hoppe’s Black included.
Self- and home-defense remain top of mind for today’s customer. The August issue of Shooting Industry uncovers trends affecting sales of defensive long guns — with three dealers lending their expertise in expanding sales in this category.
It’s the return of American icon Bob Lee Swagger, an instant gear bonus with new Springfield Armory purchases, preserving the Second Amendment, and more, this week on Tom Gresham's Gun Talk Radio.
Walther announces the industry’s first 30-day money-back guarantee for pistols. It extends to include the PPQ and PPS models.
Hunters and shooters can gain great savings on Burris’ optics promotion running through December 31. Incentives range from an incredible $500 in savings with the purchase of an Eliminator III laser range-finding smart riflescope to $180 with the purchase of a Fullfield II and $210 with the purchase of a Fullfield E1.
Doug Koenig’s Championship Season, on Pursuit Channel, features the conclusion of the coverage of the 2019 Bianchi Cup match, which continues to be the ultimate challenge for action pistol competitors.

Editor’s Note: Today’s guest feature is our contributor Greg Moats.

In 1960, I visited what is now the Buffalo Bill Center of the West and stood at the end of the Whitney Western Art Museum wing (it was the only wing in the building at the time) looking out at the statue of “The Scout.” In front of the window was a glass encased Winchester 73. As an eight year old, I had a pretty limited understanding of the afterlife in general and heaven in specific, but I was pretty sure that heaven was something like this setting! 59 years later I still court that feeling! That view and the museum in general sparked a passion for western history, art and firearms that I still possess to this day.

The difference between Isosceles and Weaver can be experienced by following the directions on the floor mat.

Today, the Buffalo Bill Center of the West (BBCW) is composed of five separate “wings” or museums: The Whitney Western Art Museum, The Buffalo Bill Museum, The Plains Indian Museum, The Draper Natural History Museum and The Cody Firearms Museum (CFM). Each Museum has its own staff, advisory board and curator.

The term “museum curator” usually doesn’t conjure an image of youth and enthusiasm. However, when you combine youth and enthusiasm with an encyclopedic knowledge, you have a good picture of the CFM’s curator, Ashley Hlebinsky. If her name sounds familiar, you may have seen her on the Travel Channel’s “Mysteries at the Museum,” the Discovery Channel series, “Master of Arms,” or on the Outdoor Channel’s “Gun Stories with Joe Mantegna.” Add to that mix that she is the President of The Gun Code, LLC a consulting company through which she serves as a museum advisor, expert court witness, writer, instructor, lecturer and television producer and you can tell that she is a savant at prioritizing and organizing combined with a touch of professional juggler with a high energy level!

One of the shotguns used by CZ's Dave Miller to set a world's record is on display at the Museum.
Ashley Hlebinsky welcomes everyone to the Grand Reopening of the CFM.

Ashley recently oversaw a total renovation of the museum that was 6 years in the planning and one year in execution at a cost of over $12 million. They virtually gutted and re-built the entire museum. Why did they feel the need to change what was already the nation’s most comprehensive assemblage and display of firearms?

George Dillman of Wyoming Armory Precision Firearms is on the Board of Trustees of the BBCW and the advisory board of the CFM. According to George, one of the objectives of the renovation was to make the firearms museum more of a hands-on experience, especially for the non-gun enthusiast who would often leave the museum numbed by sensory overload. “Sure were a lot of guns,” was a typical comment when asked for feedback as they exited the building. To enhance the hands-on experience, visitors to the museum can now shoot the Steel Challenge events, sight in scoped rifles at various yardages as well as shoot doubles-trap on sophisticated video equipment situated among various firearm displays spread throughout the museum.

Visitors can shoot The Steel Challenge thanks to sophisticated video equipment added to the museum.

Appealing to the younger crowd, visitors can physically manipulate a bolt action rifle, a lever action rifle, a break-open shotgun and even run the slide on a Glock all of which are permanently attached to a long kiosk. There is even a .50 BMG M2 (“Ma Deuce”) on which visitors can toggle the butterfly trigger! Also visitors can get a visual assist to experience the difference between the Weaver and Isosceles stance by standing on the footprints and aligning their shoulders and arms with lines laid out on a mat on the floor.

The CFM now houses 10,675 artifacts on display dating back to the 1200’s. The displays are not a random accumulation of guns, each exhibit manifests some element of historical significance due to either innovation, scarcity or provenance. Ernest Hemingway’s Winchester Model 21, Theodore Roosevelt’s “Big Medicine” Winchester 1895 and guns of numerous other US Presidents grace the halls as do the tools of exhibition shooters and competitors of note. Cinematic celebrity-guns dating back to Gary Cooper’s Colt Single Action Army right up to Robert Taylor’s 1911 used on the Longmire series are on display. Matt Dillon, Paladin and the Cartwrights’ sidearms are on display (if those names are unfamiliar you’re either very young or suffered a mis-spent youth).

To add to the hands-on experience, visitors can work various types of firearm-actions like this break-open shotgun and, below . . . work the bolt on a bolt-action rifle.

They’ve added a military section to the museum with a series of long vertical and horizontal file drawers (think “library card catalog” on steroids) with each drawer labeled with a specific war or conflict and the nationalities of combatants involved. Pull out one of the vertical drawers and you’ll find the “long guns” mounted under plexiglass that were used by that nation in that war. Horizontal drawers are similar but generally hold the sidearms of the country and conflict labeled. Veterans’ recorded remembrances of their service are available on a touch-screen to add a personal, emotional context to the museum experience.

"The Scout" standing guard on the back yard of the museum is still an impressive sight.
Dana Bowman, the first double amputee to re-enlist in the United States Army makes an inspirational entry to the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

The grand re-opening of the museum took place on July 6th, with an official ribbon-cutting prefaced by a courtyard welcoming ceremony conducted by some of the Trustees and Ashley Hlebinsky. The Buffalo Bill Center of the West hasn’t achieved its lofty status without a rigid commitment to decorum. A Douglas C-47 just back from France and a D-Day commemoration ceremony conducted a multi-pass “fly-by.” On the C-47’s last pass over the museum, Dana Bowman a retired Special Forces soldier and Golden Knight parachutist performed a precision jump from the WWII aircraft, landing on the grass lawn near the bleachers with an immense American flag. Having lost both of his legs in a tragic free-falling accident, Bowman holds the distinction of being the first double amputee to re-enlist in the United States Army. We in the gun-culture tend to be a patriotic lot, you’d be hard pressed to find a national-anthem-kneeler in our ranks and the site of the huge American flag being borne by the double-amputee parachutist was…..well….inspiring. It was the perfect aperitif to set the scene for entering the new museum. The pageantry was as masterfully executed as the museum renovation itself was.

The Cody Firearms Museum is truly the epicenter of American gun-culture; if it has a trigger and historical significance, you’ll find it at the CFM. Today’s political landscape has some dark clouds on the horizon for the 2nd Amendment and American traditions and values in general. Our domestic enemies have never been as strident and bizarrely illogical as they are currently. The gun-culture needs to be infused with knowledge, enthusiasm; a trip to the Cody Firearms Museum can help to bolster both.

- Greg Moats

Greg Moats was one of the original IPSC Section Coordinators appointed by Jeff Cooper shortly after its inception at the Columbia Conference. In the early 1980’s, he worked briefly for Bianchi Gunleather and wrote for American Handgunner and Guns. He served as a reserve police officer in a firearms training role and was a Marine Corps Infantry Officer in the mid-1970’s. He claims neither snake-eater nor Serpico status but is a self-proclaimed “training junkie.”

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