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Primary Arms is proud to support the National Shooting Sports Month. In order to build excitement and get new shooters out to the range, Primary Arms worked with major industry brands to create a pair of amazing giveaway GearBoxes.
Sellmark Corporation is proud to announce their attendance at the upcoming Sports Inc. Fall 2019 Outdoor Sporting Goods Show. Sellmark brands 12 Survivors, Firefield, Pulsar, Sightmark and newly acquired Kopfjäger will showcase their full lineup of optics and accessories at booth #217.
O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc. announced the release of the Mossberg MC1sc Stainless Two-Tone in 9mm. It’s available in standard-frame and cross-bolt safety frame versions and features a bead-blasted, stainless-steel slide over a matte-black polymer frame.

Manufactured in Italy’s Lombardy Region by Fabbrica Armi Isodoro Rizzini, the SLX600 Black combines today’s technologies with Old World Italian craftsmanship. It's available in four classic gauges--12, 20, 28 and 410.
Savage is excited to launch its new 110 Prairie Hunter, a precision bolt-action 110 platform rifle built for the cartridge that rewrote the rules of ballistics. It features a threaded muzzle, synthetic stock with a beavertail fore-end, three QD studs and a detachable box magazine.
Capstone Precision Group, the importer and distributor of Lapua and SK rimfire ammunition, announces the appointment of Luke Johnson as manager of the new Rimfire Test Center housed at the Cardinal Shooting Range near Columbus, OH.

High Speed Gear has been contracted to provide Heckler & Koch with more than 30,000 rifle TACO pouches as part of their fulfillment of the Army squad designated marksman rifle contract.
ERGO welcomes new OEM & International sales professional Michael (MJ) Johnson. MJ brings over a decade of experience in the Firearms Industry and a deep knowledge of our community’s needs.
FN America, LLC announced that the company has been awarded an indefinite quantity, indefinite delivery contract by Defense Logistics Agency to supply complete receiver assemblies for the M240 machine gun.

Daniel Defense announced that is has been selected as the designated service carbine for Texas Parks and Wildlife’s Law Enforcement Division. All Texas game wardens and park police will be issued custom DDM4V7 carbines to begin use in August 2019.
Galco Gunleather introduced the new StukOn-U pocket holster for small frame revolvers from Colt, Kimber, Ruger, S&W, Taurus and others.  Its Gripper Shell exterior helps the holster grab the inside of the pocket, while the closed-cell foam substrate gives the holster shape and sturdiness.


1791 Gunleather and Honor Defense announce confirmed fit premium quality holsters for all Honor Defense pistols, including the Compact, Sub-Compact and FIST models.

Hogue Inc. announced the new HandALL Beavertail grip designed for the Ruger Security-9 Compact. Hogue grip sleeves are manufactured using a long-lasting thermoplastic elastomer compound.
Bear & Son Cutlery announces that Michael Mathews has been appointed National Sales Manager.
A significant portion of active killer events are contagious, encouraging other troubled individuals to commit similar crimes, according to a release from the Buckeye Firearms Association. Media sources stopped reporting suicides for that reason with some success.

The Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation through their Scholastic Clay Target Program and their Scholastic Action Shooting Program awarded 126 youth athletes over $100,000.00 in college Scholarships through their scholarship program and at the 2019 National Championships in Marengo, Ohio last month.
Odor Crusher announces a sale on their top gear bags and Deluxe Flex Closet through the end of August. Odor Crusher gear bags and the closet are odor and bacteria elimination systems that are chemical free.
Shooting USA covers Precision Rifle Competition at the Brawl in Texas, turkey hunters shooting at clay birds to support the US Shooting Team and the M9 Beretta – now one of History’s Guns.

This week the NRA’s American Rifleman TV features the SIG Relentless Warrior Championship, the premier competitive shooting championship of America’s future military leaders.

If you’re not aware of ‘distributor limited editions’ of regular factory-produced firearms configured differently from standard factory offerings, you haven’t been looking at distributor websites. For example, the Ruger GP100 in 22 LR with a 4.2” barrel – it was a great idea, but deemed not “good enough for regular production.” Davidson’s went to Ruger with an order and Ruger filled it. One of those has been in the shop for a while and it’s a remarkable shooter.

Davidson’s isn’t the only outfit on that playing field – nor is Ruger. But Ruger’s been known to do quite a few of these and the most recent seen around here is their justifiably lauded Ruger Mark IV pistol This one is a TALO Distributor Exclusive called the “Raffir Hunter TALO Edition.” This critter is made with a 4.5” fluted barrel fitted to the stainless steel upper. This is atop the CNC-machined aluminum lower, making a standard auto feel more like the Mark IV Target 5.5” gun. Atop the muzzle of that fluted stainless barrel is HI-VIZ fiber optic front sight, backed up by a HI-VIZ adjustable rear sight – thankfully without added lines or dots. The gun weighs in at 35 ounces

Why is it the “Raffir Hunter?” It’s wearing Raffir Composite stocks. It’s a different feeling arrangement, somewhat of a muted palm swell type affair. They have an interesting appearance that don’t look great to me – others likely are taken by the look – but the Raffir Composites do have a unique feel. I can’t see them when I shoot the gun, so I’m calling their stocks a “win.”

TALO notes on their page, “Raffir is a premium composite material with fine brass and bronze meshes inside. A strong semi-transparent resin fixes the meshes in position and improves the 3D depth effect. Together, this unity of materials has a unique appearance and great strength.”

The front sight is a HIVIZ fiber optic affair -- very bright. The rear (below) also appears to be from HIVIZ -- it looks nothing like previous versions of Ruger adjustable sights.

I like them.

If you’re interested in ordering the gun, it’s model number 40132. It ships with a pair of 10-round Mark IV magazines, a HIVIZ polymer tool containing an opaque white pipe and a pipe that appears to be amber – both for the front sight as the rear sight has no fiber optic elements. The polymer tool is called “a LitePipe storage and installation key.”

The gun is shipped in a hard plastic case.

The range trip with the “exclusive” was interesting. I shot a few hundred rounds of various 22 LR, including CCI Mini-Mag 40 grain, Federal Premium Hunter Match, Remington Thunderbolt bulk pack promotional 40 grain, GECO Semi-Auto 40 grain and Federal Lightning (promotional) 40 grain. I encountered a few failures to eject (stove-pipe) stoppages with the Federal Lightning toward the end of the shooting session. To check function, I fired another 20 rounds of Remington Thunderbolt ammo with no issues.

The pair of stoppages could have been shooter-induced or it could have been the (rather aged) ammo. Function was otherwise uneventful.

Getting the sights to place the rounds to point of aim was a matter of a few moments and the Brownells pistol screwdriver setfor Ruger guns.

I found the CCI Mini Mag and Federal Hunter Match shot consistently well at around 22 yards off the bench. Both yielded groups below two-inches with the best three of five – ruling out my error – going into less than an inch. Remington Thunderbolt, their inexpensive, best-selling rimfire round, is rated as a high velocity round with an unplated forty-grain pill. Besides being value priced, it seems to be quite consistent; I shoot a lot of this stuff.

The Mark IV Raffir Hunter put five of the Remington bullets into two inches with the best three crowding into an inch. It doesn’t shoot like the pricier ammo, but it shoots plenty good for practice and plinking.

The Geco 22 Long Rifle Semi-Auto round features a 40 Grain lead round-nose bullet. “Optimized for semi-auto rifles and pistols,” the stuff can be found for around a nickel a round online. I’ve shot it in a number of guns. Like the other rounds I shot through the Mark IV on this trip, it shot very well for the comparatively low cost. It put five rounds into 5/8” – with the best three going into a half-inch, as shown in the accompanying image.

I brought along a sibling to the Mark IV Raffir Hunter: the Ruger GP-100 22 KGP-22-4, this one a Davidson’s Exclusive, available from their Gallery of Guns. It’s a 40 oz. double action revolver, featuring a 10 shot cylinder, with a 4” stainless steel half-lug contour barrel, topped with a Novak fiber optic front sight. The DA pull is quite heavy and quite smooth.

I shot them side-by-side. The shorter, lighter trigger of the Mark IV was a pleasure but it’s still a solid trigger. For sporting use, I like the fiber optic front sights on both guns.

The distributors seem to have a feel for what the consumer will want to buy – making distributor exclusive models from any manufacturer worth a look. These are very nice.

- - Rich Grassi

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