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SIG SAUER, Inc. is pleased to introduce Elite Hunter Tipped ammunition.  These premium cartridges feature a yellow-tipped, lead-alloy bullet with an enhanced boat tail design for superior flight characteristics over a wide range of velocities.  
The Los Angeles Police Department has selected Federal Premium ammunition for multiple firearms platforms, including 45 Auto, 308 Win, and 12-ga duty requirements. The contract, with up to seven (7) option years will begin delivery immediately.
SGT Patrick Sunderman, 24, of the Army Marksmanship Unit, was the overall competitor in the Open category of the Prone 6400 Aggregate Championship, fired as part of the Civilian Marksmanship Program’sNational Smallbore Matches lineup of events. SGT Sunderman compiled a score of 6385-500x in his win.

Nick Till, 45, of Howell, MI, entered the National Trophy Individual rifle match, capturing the Nathan Hale Trophy with a score of 496-25X, placing third overall in the event at the annual National Matches.
Legacy Sports International announced their attendance at the upcoming NSSF Range-Retailer Business Expo in Denver. The company will display HOWA Precision Rifles, POINTER Over Under and Semi Auto Shotguns, CITADEL 1911’s and Home defense shotguns along with NIKKO STIRLING Optics.
Pulsar announced their attendance at this year’s National Tactical Officers Association 36th Annual Law Enforcement Operations Conference and Trade Show in Orlando, Florida.

Smith & Wesson Inc. announced that it has reintroduced the Model 648 revolver, chambered in .22 WMR.  Built on Smith & Wesson’s K-frame, it features an eight round capacity and is designed for small game hunting and target shooting. 
Garmin International, Inc., a unit of Garmin Ltd. (NASDAQ: GRMN), today announced the Instinct Tactical Edition, a rugged, outdoor GPS smartwatch with tactical functionality.
Viridian Weapon Technologies is showcasing the FACT Duty™ Weapon-Mounted Camera (WMC™) at the Midwest Security and Police Conference Expo (MSPCE) from August 13-14 in Illinois this week.

1791 Gunleather names RubLine Marketing as Agency of Record. RubLine Marketing will be developing the strategy and marketing materials of several new products this year as well as the expansive current lineup.
The newest addition to the HatsanUSA, Inc. family, the AT44 QES, proves that high-octane energy does not have to come at a high price or decibel level. Featuring Hatsan's state-of-the-art Integrated Sound Moderator with QuietEnergy technology, the AT44 QES produces up to 1,350 fps and 49 FPE.
Samson is now offering their Bolt-On Optic Mounts and many M-LOK and KeyMod accessories in Tactical Grayor Coyote Tan Cerakote finish.

The excitement of having your shot break a flying clay target or knock over a steel plate and then sharing the fun of that experience awaits all who participate in National Shooting Sports Month this August.


Sightmark is pleased to announce that they have partnered with Phoenix Weaponry and the National Shooting Sports Foundation to provide a special Gearbox Giveaway as part of the National Shooting Sports Month celebration.
The National Shooting Sports Foundation announced that Hoppe’s RCBS, Champion Target and Butler Creek have partnered together to donate two Gearbox Giveaways as part of the National Shooting Sports Month celebration.

Odor Crusher announces a sale on their Ozone Armor Clean. From now through September 15th, 2019, you can purchase an Ozone Armor Clean Bag at a savings of $20 from the regular price.
Weatherby is excited to announce an average 30% reduction in Select Plus Weatherby Ammunition. This price reduction will bring best-in-class Weatherby ammunition to a new level of affordability for the end consumer.
College coaches are not only awarding scholarships to many who make the podium, but they are also on the ranges and field actively recruiting. Marissa Fullard is a prime example of how hard work and dedication to the sport of archery can pay off.

The Department of Natural Resources Sharonville shooting range will temporarily close for renovations Monday, Aug. 19 through Friday, Aug. 30.
This week on Guns & Gear, the program features Remington's 783 varmint bolt-action. Plus, Sig Sauer's short Copperhead AR 9mm pistol, the CTL-5324 long range scope from Crimson Trace, Umarex's T4E TM4 training guns featuring rubber balls, dust marking balls, and paint balls, and Ruger's AR556 Pistol.
The NRA’s American Rifleman TV will feature The Making of the U.S. M17 --  an in-depth feature about the success of the SIG SAUER Modular Handgun System.  The episode has  interviews with Ron Cohen, President and CEO, SIG SAUER, Inc., Gabe Bailey, MHS Program Manager, Sean Toner, Design Engineer, and Daniel Horner, Team SIG Professional Shooter. 
Shooting USA covers classic Steel Challenge competition at Talladega. Next, History’s Guns features the 500 Black Powder Express and John builds an ultralight rifle for rimfire competition.

Today's feature is from our companion service, The Tactical Wire.

Competing in a match and defending against a violent attacker are two completely different applications of your firearm. No matter how seriously you approach it, competition is a game. You get to go home at the end of the match. In self-defense, your performance, the ability to solve the problem, is the difference between going home, or not.

In a match you know where the targets are, where you’re expected to fire from and the required number of shots. Hopefully your hits are good, but accuracy, good or bad – the points you earn – is dictated by lines on the target and of course, time is a factor. You can go fast, get decent hits and still place well in the match.

Engaging a threat is completely different. First, it’s normally a sudden event, with little or no warning to prepare for the confrontation. The threat(s) may be difficult to locate and identify. You shoot until getting the desired response – the threat leaves or you get the opportunity to disengage. Ultimately the threat determines how “accurate” the hits are. You may get a marginal hit in the arm or leg, and that ends the fight. Or, you have to place multiple hits in different zones of the body. Again, the threat lets you know when you’ve fired enough rounds.

Yes, in a fight time is a major consideration, but not in the way you might think. The “time” we’re concerned with is how long it takes you to make decisions, and then act. Determining what needs to be done, and choosing to actually perform those actions must be done in an expedited fashion. This allows you to draw, get to cover, issue verbal commands – which are not required in a match – and if necessary get ready to fire without feeling stressed. Once you stress out and get into a hurry, trying to go fast, your rendition fundamentals will be full of mistakes. Efficiency just left the building. And the more time it takes to stop the threat, the more dangerous it gets for you.

During a match you’re not going to need to initiate an unarmed response against the attacker in order to create time for you to draw your weapon. There’s no worry about the threat attempting to disarm you. You’re not going to have to continue to fight, possibly with only one hand or arm after being hit, stabbed, or shot. The range is a controlled, safe environment where everyone plays by the rules.

In real life and death encounters there are no rules. In fact, cheating is highly recommended. It ain’t “playground” rules. You do everything and anything possible to gain an advantage over your opponents. And the unexpected – which rarely happens during a match – occurs constantly.

There’s nothing wrong with shooting competitive matches. Any shooting is good shooting, as long as you keep it in perspective. Keep in mind, there are competitive skills and techniques that are unsafe for self-defense. Be very careful not to develop any bad habits. The best way to prepare for self-defense is to focus on that specific art, developing your skills until there’s no way you’re going to get it wrong.

Tiger McKee is director of Shootrite Firearms Academy, which is celebrating its twenty-fifth anniversary. He is the author of The Book of Two Guns, AR-15 Skills and Drills, has a regular column in American Handgunner and makes some cool knives and custom revolvers. Visit Shootrite’s Facebook page for other details.

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