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Viper Archery Products has announced the availability of the Venom Pro and Venom Pro XL five-pin bow sights. The Venom Pro is a traditional hunting bow sight, while the Venom Pro XL features a longer, adjustable sight radius.
Leupold & Stevens, Inc. announced that Leupold Pro Shooter Doug Koenig won the 2019 Bianchi Cup Europe event, held in Philippsburg, Germany. Koenig ran a new-for-2019 Leupold Freedom RDS on his competition pistol on the way to capturing his sixth Bianchi Cup Europe title.
It was a successful weekend for Team HIVIZ shooters, Jerry Miculek, Lena Miculek, Lanny Barnes, and Becky Yackley at the 2019 IPSC World Rifle Shoot held in Sweden, August 3-10.

Team Hornady shooter Dave Preston took first place at the Meaford Long Range Steel Challenge, in Meaford, Ontario, Canada. He took first using Hornady 6mm 110gr. A-Tip Match bullets.
Industry Day at the Range has announced that additional shooting lanes have been released for prospective 2020 exhibitors. Spaces are expected to sell quickly, so interested parties are encouraged to register soon.
Savage introduced its new 110 Classic, a rifle that combines a walnut stock with user adjustability. The new bolt-action rifle is available in eight of the most popular hunting calibers.

Weatherby is excited to announce three new Mark V Accumark rifles with updated features. The Accumark is a classic Weatherby, but with new features and technologies delivering new style and new pricing.
B&T, Inc. has announced its partnership with Interstate Arms to bring B&T’s firearms and select accessories to law enforcement agencies.
German Precision Optics USA announced the appointment of Dane Bergeron to the position of national sales manager. In this new position, Bergeron will be responsible for maintaining, managing and resourcing the U.S. sales force for GPO.

High Speed Gear concluded its month-long “Battle of the Belts” giveaway with its customers and dealers. The most popular was the Operator Belt, followed by the Slim-Grip Padded Belt.
Meopta’s new Optika6 5-30x56 riflescope and Optika HD 10x42 binocular have won Outdoor Life magazine’s 2019 Great Buy Awards in their respective categories.
SIG SAUER Academy is pleased to announce a partnership with FLIR Systems for the Night Vision Operator course, to include the addition of cutting-edge FLIR Night Vision and Thermal Imaging equipment.

Apex Tactical Specialties is expanding its line of aftermarket upgrade parts for Glock pistols with the introduction of its Ultimate Safety Plunger for Large Frame Glocks. This plunger is designed specifically for the Gen 3 and Gen 4 Glock versions G20, G21, G29, G30, G36, G40 and G41.
Apex Tactical Specialties has expanded its aftermarket upgrade options for the FN 509 series of pistols with the addition of a new curved trigger version of its popular Action Enhancement Kit. The new kit is available now for pre-order with orders scheduled to begin shipping on Tuesday, September 17.
1791 Gunleather presents their new Optic Ready Holsters. Every 1791 OR holster is equipped with a sweat guard and is available in "signature brown," "classic brown" and "stealth black."

Hogue Incorporated unveils their Double Pistol and 10/22 Takedown / AR Tactical Bags. The Double Pistol Bag prevents damage to pistols. The 10/22 Takedown Bag will handle a 10/22 Takedown with the Hogue tactical stock and scope.
Riton Optics is proud to announce the release of their first pistol red dot optic, the X3 Tactix PRD. It features a 3 MOA dot making it ideal for both pistol and modern sporting rifle use.
Scholastic 3-D Archery has named Shelley Skinner as the S3DA Alabama State Coordinator. Shelley will oversee all aspects of the S3DA program in Alabama including tournaments and training events.

Promote state and local conservation efforts through the Iowa Scholastic Clay Target Program Non-Resident Deer Tag Auction, in partnership with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. The Iowa Scholastic Clay Target Program benefits from this auction.
The November/December issue of American Handgunner has feature coverage of Guncrafter Industries’ Hellcat X2 Commander in 9mm. Headlining the issue’s Handgun Of The Month giveaway package is a BCMGUNFIGHTER 1991 from Bravo Company.
This week, Shooting USA covers the 2019 USPSA Steel Challenge. Also, Hornady explains the technology behind their match-grade A-Max bullets.


This week on Guns & Gear, it’s Sig Sauer’s newest addition – the P365 SAS for snag-free concealed carry. Plus, Ruger's Hawkeye Target bolt-action rifle, Black Hills Ammunition's Honey Badger loads, and more.

Eighteen years ago this morning, every American old enough to have a memory of tragedy knows exactly where they were when terrorists armed with nothing more than box cutters killed more than 3,000 people.

They didn’t use evil black rifles. They weaponized passenger planes, turning them into guided missiles.

Eighteen years later, because of their actions, and our over-reactions, we’re a different nation.

Long gone are the symbolic unification gestures on the steps of the Capitol, along with the freedom to walk onto an airplane without being subjected to the kind of scrutiny formerly reserved for third world dictatorships or war zones.

Are we any safer? I’d say not.

Many of the same politicians who joined arms and pledged they would do whatever it took to keep the nation safe are busy this week introducing more feel-good legislation that will demonize law abiding citizens by making it more difficult to defend ourselves from people who mean us harm.

At the same time, the next generation is being taught that a cause for 9/11 was American aggression around the globe. Our “meddling” in the affairs of other nations -according to the people who are rewriting our history- is one reason the radical Islamists want us gone.

To that, I have always had the same response: if the United States had wanted to rule the world, ala Rome, we would. And all the countries who have spit in our faces in exchange for our aid and assistance would have been considerably less aggravation for the rest of the world.

Instead, we’ve given to those who haven’t appreciated the aid and continued to do the right thing, despite the fact we knew there would be no appreciation in return. For a majority of Americans, doing the right thing isn’t an option.

Today isn’t a day to gripe about what’s wrong with the United States; it’s a day to remember that we’ve always gotten back up after being knocked down. And that those knockdowns have always been the result of sucker punches. Americans, it seems, are considerably effective opponents in fair fights. Unfortunately, today’s not a time characterized by fair fights.

But this anniversary has been one of the most difficult for me. There was still a lot of anger and desire for payback the first couple of years, but that’s long passed, along with the mistaken idea that our most dangerous enemies are outside the country.

Today, we’re our own worst enemies. We’ve traded our core values for tolerance, our personal principals for profits, and seem incapable of thinking in time spans longer than quarters.

This week, I’m in Illinois at a writer’s event. And as we look at new products, I’m encouraged by the fact that we’re still an industry of small companies. And many of them choose to make their products in the United States knowing that they’ll likely never become as big as the companies that always choose the lowest price supplier, not the best product for the money.

They’re not trying to become the biggest company in their categories. But they’re working tirelessly to be known as the best in category for innovation, customer satisfaction and quality.

They’re no different from the more than 3,000 people who died eighteen years ago today. They were guilty of nothing more than choosing to go to work pursuing their versions of the American dream.

No one whose name is written on markers in New York, Washington, or Shanksville, Pennsylvania volunteered, but thousands of young people since then have, traversing the globe, putting themselves into harm’s way- voluntarily- so that everyone at home would be

As we remember 9/11, we need to do some serious reevaluation what we’re doing personally to make certain their sacrifice isn’t wasted. where we’re headed as a nation.

We can correct what’s wrong, but we’re not going to get the job done sitting silently. We need to stop worrying about people who are “threatened” or “offended” by the fact we still believe right and wrong aren’t relatives, they’re absolutes.

because we’re worried some will feel threatened or be offended because we are tired of listening to people who

Americans have always been willing to sacrifice for a greater good. I can’t imagine a greater one than seeing our country back on track. And I can’t imagine a better time to start than today.

—Jim Shepherd

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