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Action Shooting Teams from across the nation will be converging on the CMP Talladega Marksmanship Park once again for the 2021 SASP Action Shooting Collegiate Nationals. SASP Collegiate teams will be battling it out for the National title, March 12-14th, 2021.
GAMO Outdoor USA has announced that the popular GAMO Squirrel Master Classic will move to a “virtual squirrel hunt” format for 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It presents an opportunity for adults and youth hunters around the country to participate in this year’s virtual event.
Galco's renowned Miami Classic shoulder holster system is available for the SIG P365 including those fitted with a red dot sight. The system carries the P365 in horizontal orientation.

Butler Creek announced that the company’s Featherlight Sling lineup has been expanded with two new models perfect for today’s hunters and shooters. Now, gun owners can select either a new camo option or a single-point sling option.
Springfield Armory announced the hiring of Fred Mincks as its Law Enforcement Sales Manager. Mincks comes most recently from the corporate policing world, where he was the Lead Investigator for John Deere’s World Headquarters in Moline, Illinois.
For the second consecutive year, Outdoor Edge received the prestigious Gold Award for the “Knife Category” from Bowhunting World Magazine. Voting for this year’s Reader’s Choice Awards was 100 percent online.

IntelCase, exclusive distributor for Negrini of Italy, announced that it has partnered with 832 Marketing of Boise, Idaho to begin the next phase of their growth plans.
SDS Imports announces the promotion of General Manager Dave Biggers to Vice President and General Manager.
Remington Ammunition has announced its formation of an elite team of shooters who will compete in top national and worldwide competitions in 2021. The building of Remington’s strongest team ever included recruiting seven of today’s top shooters across all shotgun disciplines.

Hornady announced the appointment of Seth Swerczek to Marketing Communications Manager. Swerczek began with Hornady in 2013 as a Technical Services Representative and most recently as a ballistician in the Hornady Engineering Department.
Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. (NYSE: RGR) will file its Annual Report on Form 10-K today (Wednesday, February 17, 2021) after the close of the stock market.
The clock has run out on the bipartisan Washington "Spring Blade" Ban Repeal bill, HB 1224. The House Civil Rights & Judiciary Committee didn't hear the bill before the deadline on Feb. 15th and as a result it is dead for this year.
The U.S. Concealed Carry Association announced its online petition in support of H.R. 38, The Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2021, has received more than 75,000 signatures and is gaining every day.
The anniversary of the tragic and senseless murders in Parkland, Fla., three years ago remind us why the firearm industry is committed to "Real Solutions. Safer Communities." The loss of innocent lives because of the unthinkable acts of a criminal defies explanation but deserves our efforts to try to prevent them from occurring again.
1791 Gunleather announced the launch of the OWB Ultra Custom Belt Holster with Memory-Lok Technology. This holster blends Kydex-like retention with the comfort and beauty of premium leather.

New for 2021, Easton introduces 4MM HL Stainless Steel Break-Off Points. Designed for use with Easton’s ACE and Pro Comp 4MM target arrows, the 4MM HL point features four different sizes to offer proper fit to varying diameters of arrows.
Red Arrow Weapons includes the 6.5 Creedmoor caliber in the lineup for their premium AR-15 style firearms: the RAW-10 6.5 Creedmoor.
Rock River Arms, Inc. announces their newest predator rifle, the Fred Eichler Series Light Predator2L, featuring lightweight, carbon fiber handguards.

Birchwood Casey introduces five new shooting rests: Alpha, Bravo, Echo, Foxtrot, and Tango. They cover a range of AR-type firearms- rifles and pistols, as well as handguns.
Taurus announced another expansion of its premiere hunting revolver line with the introduction of the new Raging Hunter .460 S&W, a five-shot DA/SA revolver.
Century Arms introduced their AP5 firearm line to the US market. The AP5 or “Apparatus Pistol”, is a roller delayed blowback firearm imported from the MKE manufacturing facility. They are available in a full sized model, a midsized version, and a fully concealable version as the AP5-M.
Walther launched the Performance Duty Pistol, its flagship handgun. Including Red Dot Ergonomics engineered into the pistol, SuperTerrain serrations and Performance Duty Trigger, the new 9mm pistol is modular, versatile and is available in compact and full-size service models.
BPI Outdoors / Bergara Rifles announced that their Bergara B-14R Trainer rifle will be available in a left-handed version in steel and carbon fiber barrel.
SDS Imports is pleased to announce the addition of Adam Finger as their Operations Manager. Adam Finger is an Air Force Veteran with over a decade of experience in the fields of production and shipping.
German Precision Optics announces the expansion of its RangeGuide rangefinding binocular line with the introduction of a new 8x50. Ideal for those seeking less magnification, the 8x50 features exceptional edge-to-edge clarity as well as precise ranging on reflective targets out to nearly 1.75 miles.
The Civilian Marksmanship Program announced new developments for 2021 at its Talladega Marksmanship Park in Alabama.Major additions include the Unknown Distance Range, Spring Classic Matches, Basic Courses and Youth Outreach expansion.
Ballistic features a For Your Eyes Only cover image starring Black Rifle Coffee Company co-founder Mat Best. Also, the magazine is bigger than ever at 164 pages.
The G43/G45 magnifiers developed by EOTECH were launched to the world at SHOT 2020. As of February 1, 2021, both G43 and G45 magnifiers have begun shipping with volume ramp-ups to occur in the next few weeks.
Despite a 90-degree temperature swing from his home base to -20F (not including wind chill), Todd Rathner, Knife Rights Director of Legislative Affairs, was in North Dakota on Monday to testify and lobby in support of HB 1339, a bill to remove "switchblade, gravity knife, machete, scimitar, stiletto, sword [and] dagger" from the list of "dangerous weapons" that may not be carried concealed without a concealed weapon license.
On American Rifleman TV, the picks for the top 10 machine guns of all time continues with No. 4, the Browning M2 .50-cal. heavy machine gun, and No. 3, the German MG42 general-purpose machine gun.
Shooting USA covers the action at the Tennessee Championship match in the Single-Action Shooting Society. Then, new shooters team with more experienced riflemen to compete at the GAP Grind.

While I’m no predictor of economics or politics – having been wrong about such things all my life – I can only say that people who are fiscally challenged often have to make-do with “value priced” goods.

I try not to say “cheap,” or “junk” like I would have years ago. Part of the reason is that, as long as the tool fits the job and does the job, it doesn’t matter what it cost. While “you get what you pay for” is mostly true, there are times that the lower-priced options are plenty.

There are other times it ain’t good enough.

In terms of current handguns, modern manufacturing has made many of them more reliable for longer use than the previously hand-fitted jobs. They may not look as nice but they often tend to run very well.

Image from SIG-SAUER.

For example, I’ve not had experience with the SIG P2022, but I know people who’ve run classes with these guns and their analogs; the results were rather remarkable in terms of function and reliability. A nationally known instructor said, “As far as SIG, the P2022 is one of the best kept secrets in their line. After a week of shooting it overseas, I found it shoots good, it’s reliable.”

That’s good information.

SIG Sauer Model number E2022-9-BSS is a 9mm pistol with a 3.9” barrel, traditional double-action (DA/SA), with a polymer frame, stainless steel slide finished in “Nitron,” and it arrives with two 15-round magazines and SIGLITE Night Sights. The fashionable accessory rail, this one in M1913 form, is part of the dust cover. A 29-ounce pistol, it’s easy to carry.

Consider also the Ruger Security-9. A 15-shot 9mm with a four-inch barrel, arguably the best format for a self-defense pistol, they produced a decent fighting pistol (or recreational gun) at a low price point.

The Security-9 is hammer-fired, has features to appeal to the new shooter and to the experienced gunny who’d like a low-cost alternative.

In my experience, the Ruger Security-9 works well with most ammunition, it’s reasonably accurate with some loads and it’s a lot of fun to shoot. It fits into the envelope containing the most popular service/compact size centerfire pistol available, comes in at a lower price and it seems to fit a lot of different holsters that are already out there.

The original SD9 (top) had a blackened slide, tritium-powered front sight. The SD9VE is as good, better trigger than the original, without the night sight. Below, the SD9 worked well on the FBI-Instructor bullseye course.

S&W makes a serious pistol at a low cost, their SD-series pistols. Not to be confused with the “SW9VE,” the SD9, SD9VE, etc. occupies a line of accurate, well-made low-cost defense guns. The SD9/SD9VE are striker-fired guns. “Legendary Lawman Marshal” Chuck Haggard himself has noted the utility of the SD lines.

I called the SD pistols the “Thinking Shooter’s Self-Defense Gun.” The frame shares a similarity to the S&W Sigma pistol in terms of grip angle, though it feels slimmer. The dustcover rail is of the “universal” format. There are roughened pads in front of the slots for the takedown lever on both sides of the frame.

While sized similar to the Glock 19, a “compact” pistol, the SD9 magazine is sized to hold 16 rounds, a one-round improvement. The magazines tubes are metal. The magazines supplied were bright and shiny as if they’d been nickel plated.

Need a holster? Most holsters that fit the M&P fit this gun. No problem.


Later, we got the Mossberg MC1SC, a micro-size 9mm. What’s good about it? About everything. It’s a 22-ounce (loaded), subcompact, striker-fired polymer frame 9mm pistol. The glass-reinforced polymer frame is solid and features palm swells and a distinctive grip angle. The magazine release is reversible and the frame has a unique texture. The slide is constructed of stainless steel with “Diamond-Like Carbon Coating” for a finish – the 3.4” stainless steel barrel has the same finish. The slide serrations are described as “multi-angle,” a good description.

The “Safe Takedown System” simply features a special striker cover plate (a patent-pending design used under license from Strike Industries) that you can easily remove and replace, allowing access to the striker. Remove it, the striker and the slide can be moved forward off the frame. You don’t have to pull the flat-profile trigger – another interesting selection – to disassemble the piece.

Writer/cop Jeremy Stafford shot the LAPD Bonus Course, scoring “expert” with the tiny pistol. Well done – and not easy. I actually fired the Mossberg better in some tests than more expensive guns and that says something for the human engineering of the piece.

The gun scores high in handling, accuracy – due in part to trigger and sights -- and overall build quality. There’s cross-compatibility with holsters and magazines for the products of other makers, giving the Mossberg MC1SC a great deal of weight in the subcompact defense pistol market. Simply stated, it’s a nice heater.

While there are others, I have experience with all of these except the SIG – and I have reliable information on that one. Are there others just as good?

No doubt. These are the ones that first leapt to mind.

-- Rich Grassi

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