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Chuck Adams, famous for being the first archer to harvest all varieties of North American big game, announced his new website featuring his bowhunting expertise, unique archery products and a hunting blog.
Zach Hinze of Republican River 4-H defeated Kahne Packer of 5 Clovers 4-H in a shoot-off to win the junior high competition in the 51st Cornhusker Trap Shoot. More than 2,200 junior and senior high school students competed in the event.
Austin Lorenz of Blue River 4-H won a four-person shoot-off and captured the individual crown – the Cornhusker Cup – at the 51st Cornhusker Trap Shoot on Saturday.

Benjamin Menking of Fremont won a four-person shoot-off Friday to win the individual title in the 16-yard competition at the 51st Cornhusker Trap Shoot.
The Civilian Marksmanship Program is happy to announce the return of the annual CMP 5K Range Run & 1K Fun Run – set for Sept. 25, 2021, at the CMP Talladega Marksmanship Park in Alabama.
The NSSF  commends U.S. Sen. John Cornyn’s (R-Texas) introduction of S. 1522, the Constitutional Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act. Introduced with 30 original co-sponsors – over 30 percent of the U.S. Senate – it would protect law-abiding concealed carry permit holders from being forced to navigate a patchwork of varying gun control laws when crossing state lines.

A new Washington Post-ABC News survey revealing support for Second Amendment protection has risen while support for new gun control laws has declined, shows that Americans are waking up to the importance of gun ownership, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms said.
The Luth-AR Modular Trigger Assembly is a drop-in component. The housing is made from anodized aluminum and the internals are made to produce a 3 1/2 lb. trigger break.
Registration is open for the 2021 National Matches at Camp Perry, Ohio, hosted by the Civilian Marksmanship Program. There are several clinics for those who have their own gear and the Rifle Small Arms Firing School is for those who are new to the sport.

Arkansas S3DA State Coordinator Tracy Shaw is building a network of Regional Coordinators across the state to continue expanding S3DA membership and events.
Honored American Veterans Afield and The Independence Fund partnered to host a precision long-range 22 caliber shooting event at the Andover Sportsman’s Club in Andover, Connecticut. Six veterans from the Army, Army National Guard, Navy, and Marine Corps participated in three days of training and target shooting.
Picking up where Shooting Industry’s two previous Woman’s Issues left off, the third annual edition endeavors to help store owners educate, equip and empower female customers. Over the past 14 months, millions of women have become first-time gun owners — raising the stakes considerably for retailers to earn and retain their business.
Winchester announces its continuation as the official ammunition of the Scholastic Clay Target Program in 2021. The shooting sports continue to see an unprecedented level of participation in 2021, with perhaps none growing quite as fast as SCTP.


Later today, the Texas bankruptcy case of the National Rifle Association is scheduled for final arguments. A late question from the court last week has observers wondering if the case isn’t about to be tossed as a “bad faith” filing.

On Friday, Judge Harlan Hale instructed attorneys to address this question in their closing arguments: If the purpose of a Chapter 11 bankruptcy (reorganization) is to prevent a company’s falling into Chapter 7 bankruptcy (liquidation), does a bankruptcy court have jurisdiction where the sole purpose of the case is to avoid a state’s attempt to dissolve the corporation - via a dissolution that will require a lawsuit and a a state court’s determination that the dissolution is in the public interest?

In other words, dissuade me that escaping New York State’s attempt at dissolution isn’t the ultimate reason for the bankruptcy - not a collateral one.

If the NRA’s attorneys fail to convince Judge Hale, it’s back to New York State courts, after senior managers -including Wayne LaPierre- have admitted under oath in Texas they have, for years, engaged in personal fiscal enrichment. That’s not putting your best foot forward when it comes to convincing a New York jury the NRA’s not become hopelessly corrupt and deserving dissolution.

They were also forced to admit - under oath - that New York State courts aren’t hopelessly biased against the NRA.

Despite these embarrassing facts, now is not time to start writing the organization’s obituary.

It is time to start assembling competent management and getting it in place - ASAP. The members aren’t at fault, leadership is. What everyone seems to have forgotten is that the strength of the NRA isn’t their out-of-control managers, it’s the members.

And the membership is (finally) waking up to the fact that despite what they’ve been told by their “trusted” leaders, the negative information from hated news outlets has been true.

Reporters at The Trace consistently “shade” reporting to present the NRA in the worst possible light. They’ve made no secret their goal is to discredit the organization. It was created, staffed and funded for that express purpose.

Despite that, they have consistently reported the facts first uncovered and then acknowledged by the NRA’s officers and directors in the Texas hearings accurately.

They haven’t needed to shade facts.

It’s to the point now that the website NRAinDanger (a site created by a group of NRA members “all Life or above, who are concerned about where our organization is being taken”) gives this simple summation of the Texas bankruptcy fiasco:

“The NRA will be thrown back to the NY Attorney General, who has now been handed even more ammunition, more than enough to kill the organization. No, it’s not so much a killing as an assisted suicide.

The names of those responsible will live in shame in the shooting community. Their corruption, or weakness, killed a great organization that had endured for 150 years.”

That dire prediction may yet be premature, although the outlook isn’t good (especially for the “names of those responsible”).

A reform “plan” put together by current leadership won’t cut it. It might promise change, but it will deliver more of the same.

The NRA’s membership - not its “leadership - must somehow assemble and then submit a substantive proposal to correct the wrongdoing, punish the wrongdoers and get the organization back on track. Should that happen, there’s still a slim change at salvaging the organization.

Things need to change- quickly- for that to happen. And it will have to happen despite the opposition of the leadership in place today.

I have no idea where that kind of leadership can be found on short notice. But someone had better start looking -fast.

We’ll keep you posted.

—Jim Shepherd

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