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Dead Ringer is happy to announce the launch of its new Quick Draw 5-Pin Bow Sight. Designed to mount directly onto nearly any bow via a universal mounting system, the Dead Ringer Quick Draw 5-Pin Bow Sight allows for micro-adjustments for pinpoint accuracy.
The Recruit XP from Barnett represents an exceptional value in a crossbow, offering a sub-$300 package that is incredibly easy to use while delivering deadly downrange performance.
Hornady has been recognized as Ammunition Manufacturer of the Year by the National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers. Hornady received the award on October 24, 2023, at the Annual Appreciation and Caliber Awards during the association's NASGW Expo and Annual Meeting.

Springfield Armory announced that its new Echelon 9mm pistol has won the esteemed Guns & Ammo 2023 Handgun of the Year Award.
Blackhawk congratulates sponsored tactical athlete Zach Rodman for winning the Men’s Elite Division of the Tactical Games Georgia Regional Event. A longtime police officer from Indiana, Rodman runs a full suite of Blackhawk gear
Rogue Ridge’s RG750 fat tire e-bike is engineered with a 750-watt motor and 13 amp hour battery, the RG750 can power up steep hills and through long trails into the backcountry. It can reach up to 20 mph with an impressive range of up to 35 miles and fully recharge in just 2.5 hours.

Industry Day at the Range announced that Sons of Liberty Gun Works will serve as the exclusive On-Ground Staff Transportation Sponsor at the 2024 range day event. SHOT Show Industry Day at the Range will take place at the Boulder Rifle and Pistol Club on Monday, January 22, 2024.
Mission First Tactical announced they are attending and displaying at the 2023 SWAT Round Up International event presented by the Florida SWAT Association. This SWAT training, competition and vendor show will be held in Orlando, Florida.
Damian Ross, founder of Self Defense Company, takes the guesswork and mystique out of self-defense in the new release of the official Self-Defense for Dummies by Wiley Publishing. Damian clarifies and removes the sport and ceremony from self-defense, giving readers actionable insights into real self-defense.

The Floating Blind Bag from Cupped Waterfowl keeps all your hunting gear secure, whether you’re hunting from a boat on big water or posting up in flooded timber. Featuring a water-resistant shell, the Floating Blind Bag protects calls, ammo, and other necessities from moisture and sports a foam lining to prevent sinking.
The Millennium T100 Tripod Stand gives hunters a lightweight and extremely mobile shooting platform. This T100 weighs in at only 36 pounds and is ultra-compact so that it is easy to carry and deploy. Should a hunter need a little extra height, a 4-foot extension is available (T103).
Galco adds the SIG-Sauer P365 XL – with or without optic – to the line of fits for their Royal Guard 2.0 IWB holster. It features a metal-reinforced mouth, removable belt loops, in a two-tone color scheme.
At the close of the market today, Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. will file its Quarterly Form-10Q. On Thursday, the company will host a webcast to discuss the Q3 operating results.
NSSF®, in partnership with TenPoint Archery, Archery Trade Association, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, has released another film in the “Partner with a Payer®” series—a collection of videos highlighting the importance of wildlife conservation and management.
NSSF® tracks and reports monthly U.S. import units for several sporting arms, ammunition, and optics categories from the US International Trade Commission.Here are the results for June 2023 compared to June 2022.

SIG SAUER is pleased to announce former United States Military Representative to the NATO Military Committee Lieutenant General E. John Deedrick has joined SIG SAUER as Advisor to CEO, Ron Cohen.
Caracal USA announces a strategic partnership with KROLL International, LLC. KROLL will be marketing Caracal’s CAR816 A2 5.56x45 NATO gas operated short stroke piston rifles, the CAR814 A2 Patrol and MOE rifles, the built-for-combat Enhanced F 9mm pistol, the new CSR sniper rifles, CMP9 9x19mm and the Lynx-DS pistols.
Your purchase of a Vortex® Adjustable Waterproof Dog Collar (MSRP: $24.99) or standard Vortex® Adjustable Dog Collar (MSRP: $19.99) via the Vortex® website during this special charitable promotion will directly support the work being done by The United States War Dog Association. All dog collar proceeds will go directly to USWDA to help their work supporting the military K-9 community.

Primary Arms is proud to announce the promotion of Scott Tirman to the position of Vice President of Sales. In his new role as Vice President of Sales, Scott will continue to leverage his extensive experience and expertise to support and enhance sales operations across the entire Primary Arms business.
NSSF tracks and reports monthly U.S. export units for several sporting arms, ammunition, and optics categories from the US International Trade Commission. Here are the results for June 2023 compared to June 2022.
Media Lodge announces a dynamic collaboration with Iraqveteran8888’s Eric Blandford, to host and produce the 7th season of “What’s Hot at SHOT” video series.

Trijicon, Inc. was selected by the Federal Bureau of Investigation to provide the RMR HD and MRO HD optics for the Rifle Red Dot Sights and Mounts solicitation. The Trijicon MRO HD received a maximum threshold award of $7.0 million within the large objective lens category and the Trijicon RMR HD received a maximum threshold award of $4.0 million within the standard objective lens category.
Primary Arms is pleased to announce the appointment of Özge Cumberland to Chief Business Development Officer. As Chief Business Development Officer, Özge will drive strategic business initiatives, fostering partnerships, and identifying new growth opportunities.
Salvo Technologies, Inc. announces the hiring of Keith Enlow as president of its Sports Division, Salvo Sports.

Gather valuable insights for maintaining compliance at your firearms business by joining retired ATF Director of Industry Operations Judyth LeDoux and Compliance Expert John 'JC' Clark – both NSSF Compliance Consultants for this informative session. During this webinar, they will address critical issues impacting Federal Firearms Licensees (FFLs) while delving into essential topics that every FFL should be aware of.
Outtech is seeking candidates for a Regional Manager in the Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, and Oklahoma territories. This position will professionally represent Outtech Sales Services vendors to retailers within a territory by providing outstanding sales and customer service.
A federal judge in California has granted a preliminary injunction in a Second Amendment Foundation challenge of two California statutes prohibiting gun shows at the Orange County Fairgrounds and on state-owned property, while denying a requested stay to allow the state time to file an appeal.
EAA Corp and Girsan Firearms introduce the Girsan MC14BDA, a modern take on an iconic 380 ACP design. The Girsan MC14 series boasts a 13+1 magazine capacity, which shares compatibility across the Girsan MC14 lineup that uses a series 84 magazine.
Federal Ammunition adds size No. 1 to its popular Power-Shok buckshot product line. The load provides the patterns and terminal performance needed, thanks to the Triple Plus wad system, quality lead pellets and granulated plastic buffer that minimizes shot deformation.
EAA Corp and Girsan announce the EAA/Girsan MC14G84, a double stacked, .380ACP pistol. This pistol will feature a 13+1 magazine capacity, composite grips, 3-dot sights, an aluminum lightweight frame, smooth DA/SA trigger, ambidextrous frame safety and come in the classic All-Black or a Two-Tone finish.
In the third video of Walther’s Beyond the Counter series, we travel to Brandon, Mississippi, the home of Van’s Deer Processing. This episode features Van Allen, owner and founder, who got his first taste of store ownership at six years old while behind the cash register of his family’s grocery store.
Bow Spider announced that with any online purchase in November, customers will receive a free waterproof Bow Spider Pack Cover that will keep your backpack and all its contents (inside and outside the pack) from getting wet while hunting in the rain. It has a retail value of $19.99.
This holiday season, save big and embark on an outdoor adventure like no other with MyOutdoorTV, Outdoor Sportsman Group’s No. 1 global subscription streaming platform. MOTV is offering 50 percent off an annual subscription OR 50 percent off gift cards – simply use promo code HOLIDAYHUNT50 at checkout now through November 17.
Beginning November 1st, customers who purchase any new Springfield Armory® SAINT® rifle or Hellion™ bullpup will qualify to receive a “Gear Up” package worth up to $500. This package includes a free red dot optic, an extra magazine and single-point sling, and a $200 Alexo Readywear voucher.
Bear Creek Arsenal produces high-quality rimfire firearms for the AR market, which includes a 22 WMR. It uses a straight blowback design and uses a standard ½ - 28 thread pitch and can be easily swapped for your favorite suppressor or muzzle device.
IWI US, Inc. (“IWI”) has determined that the Carmel Rifle has a safety issue with the firing pin blocker and is thereby subject to a Safety Warning and Recall Notice. IWI is issuing this mandatory recall to repair the safety issue in the specific Carmel rifles. IWI will correct these recalled firearms at no cost to the customer, and this recall does not affect any other IWI products.
XS® Sights is proud to continue its sponsorship of the Honored American Veterans Afield (HAVA) San Antonio National Family Day. The event will be held on Saturday, November 4, 2003, at the San Antonio Police Training Academy, and is for wounded U.S. Veterans and active-duty military and their immediate families.
Remington Ammunition introduced The Remington Podcast. Hosted by Remington’s Audrey Mayes, the show takes a deep dive into all things ammunition.
It’s a new shooting sport format developed to test the hunter with equipment he or she already has; then the Cameo Shooting and Education Center and Take Aim Technology’s Shot Tracker.
A 4-year-old doe that was reported to be in poor condition – skinny, drooling and showing no fear of people – in Klacking Township, Ogemaw County, recently tested positive for chronic wasting disease.


Years ago, I’d written in this service about the smallest 22 double action revolvers. These originally included the S&W Model 34 – a J-frame “Kit Gun” made of steel, a six-shot 22LR with adjustable sights and a square butt.

The S&W M34-1 is not the original 22/32 Kit Gun, but close enough. Below it, the S&W M317, an “Airlite” Kit Gun with 3” barrel.

The idea was simple enough. Originally known as the .22/.32 Kit Gun – a 22 built on the 32-frame – these were later built on the Chief’s Special – “J” – frame, as they were producing many of the five-shot 38 Special guns.

This S&W M34-1 “Kit Gun” 2-inch was followed by the updated Model 63 Stainless Kit Gun. With a three- inch barrel, fiber optic front sight, it’s weighty like the earlier gun, weighing in at around 26 ounces. In no time, the Model 317 Kit Gun arrived; a 12 ½ ounce, 3-inch, 8-shot gun, it likewise had adjustable sights with a fiber optic tube on the front.

I’ll cut to the conclusion in the earlier piece: “Fired from a stable rested position, the guns were quite accurate. Their great claim to fame, though, was portability. Hence the problem: how often do you use a field handgun from a stable rest position?”

The answer is that a smart shooter will always seek to use a stable rest position of one type or another.

The more current S&W M63 (upper) has the “Kit Gun” format with adjustable sights, exposed hammer spur; the M43C lacks those features. Below, the M317 Airlite can be shot well, but care has to be taken as distance increases; results of a ‘walk-back’ drill shown.

I’m excluding the fixed sight 22 tiny revolvers here – the LCR and the earlier fixed-sight M317, as well as the “Centennial” (hidden hammer) versions of the small frame S&W 22 revolvers in LR and Magnum calibers.

I’m sticking with the “Kit Gun” format here: 2-3” barrel, adjustable sights.

Over time, I’ve written extensively about using these things for my “cool down” on range days when I’m shooting a T&E handgun or rifle and it’s time to settle into slow, deliberate precision firing. How can that be done with these small, light guns?

Part of it is something I discovered early along the way: it seems that I was most accurate when I exaggerated the follow-through. The shot broke, the gun bucked, the hole appeared down range as I “admired (my) work through the sights.” And I paused.

It struck me that, with some rounds, I was literally moving the gun off line before the bullet left the barrel. With some of the inconsistency of bulk-packed rounds and promotional ammo, that seemed to be a possibility.

That wasn’t all of it. Consider that I began my work with small, light (some very light) short-barrel 22 revolvers around 12 years ago. One or another of these things have made the trips to the range nearly every time and I never left without a few cylinders of “ball and dummy” or “chase the bullet” drills.

Bulk pack 22 is a reason to use these guns for practice. They may lack some in consistent velocity, but serve the practice purpose. Below, a non-S&W alternative is the LCRx in 3” trim.

These guns have stout triggers; holding it still through trigger press and ignition is a chore. And it’s worth doing. My shooting generally has gotten better. I’m not chasing a medal or trophy, but I’m finding satisfaction in one-hole groups at five- to seven yards with a 3” sub-1 pound revolver with a 12-pound trigger press.

And frustration when that doesn’t happen. You learn more from failure than success.

The Ruger LCRx 3” 22 – an adjustable sight rimfire of the “kit gun” genre – was another chore. It was enough different from the S&Ws (regardless of the stocks I used on them) that I had to relearn what I was doing.

Like the newer S&Ws (and unlike the M34-1), the Ruger has an 8-shot cylinder. This makes the newer “kit guns” excellent for ball and dummy exercises.

I can’t recommend the small rimfire revolvers enough for practice – and for field use. There’s a learning curve, I won’t deny that. When I was left-hand only for a short time due to age-related issues with my right hand, I got a left-hand belt holster to fit the LCRx and continued to work on holding the gun still through the ignition sequence.

Simple but not easy.

Adjustable sights, stout triggers, larger capacity on the newer guns -- all of which is good for working trigger control and for field use as a pest-popper or plinker.

— Rich Grassi

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