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ScentLok’s Saddle Hunter jacket leverages ScentLok’s 30+ years of apparel knowledge and John Eberhart’s 40+ years of saddle hunting experience to deliver a garment that is tailormade to deliver comfort and performance.
Vortex Crafted Impact™ is back, and this time, Vortex® is teaming up with Special Ops Xcursions (SOX) to give our active duty Special Operations Community and their families the opportunity to unwind together in the outdoors. Every dollar spent on the purchase of this limited-edition shirt will help send our warriors on outdoor adventures.

The Easton 4MM FMJ offers more penetration and the highest level of broadhead accuracy with its made-in-USA dual composition construction. The 4MM Full Metal Jacket is offered in spine configurations from 400 up to 250 and is compatible with the all-new Easton 8-32 Match Grade half-out system.
Dead Ringer announces its new Black Series Tackdriver Carbon DT 5-Pin Dovetail Bow Sight. Constructed with a lightweight aluminum alloy frame, carbon fiber arm, and tool-free locking arm knob, the Black Series Tackdriver Carbon DT offers durable performance that won’t weigh a bow down.
Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. has been recognized by the National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers as Firearm Manufacturer of the Year. Ruger also earned awards for its newly re-introduced Marlin Model 336 Classic, which was awarded both Best New Overall Product and Best New Rifle.

Hornady congratulates Doug Koenig, Miles Neville, Robert Brantley, Austin Orgain, and Jake Vibbert for their performance at the PRS Pro Series Finale on November 4, 2023, in Medicine Lodge, Kansas.
Silencer Central announced its participation as an event level sponsor at CANCON GA 2023, a fully suppressed range day in Richmond Hill, Ga., November 10-11, 2023. With a dedicated team of silencer experts onsite, Silencer Central will be unveiling two highly anticipated products and offering attendees a chance to win six free tax stamps in the Joes versus Pros contest.
The Coliseum from Rutted-Up Blinds provides hunters with a stealthy yet comfortable setup to ambush bucks all season long. Boasting a spacious 9-foot by 7-foot footprint, the 13 windows can lock out in any position and are 100% smoked but still provide a clear view, even in low light conditions.

Galco's Concealable 2.0 Belt Holster, a thoroughly modern version of the strongside belt holster, is now available for the Glock 43X MOS, with or without red dot sight.
Nothing is better than a lightweight, adjustable climbing stand when it comes time to move and get in position. None beat the versatility of the OL’MAN® Alumalite CTS or the Multi-Vision stand.
New for 2023, Barnett® presents a full line of King Rat Slingshots sure to bring adventure to hunters of all ages. The King Rat series is rooted in David Barnett’s childhood and draws from over 60 years of hunting and adventures.
TBA Outdoors is continually answering a host of questions and concerns from our clients, such as what it takes to implement a successful media event.
XS® Sights announces Jeff King has joined the company as Marketing Manager. In this role, King will manage all marketing and advertising activities to support the company’s continued growth.
INFORCE is excited to announce that it will be attending CANCON 2023, a combination range day and gun show being held in Fleming, Georgia on November 10-11.

Kopfjäger is excited to announce that it will be attending CANCON 2023, a combination range day and gun show being held in Fleming, Georgia on Nov 10 – 11.
Pnuma Outdoors and Heated Core announce the latest addition to their leadership team, Mike Meiran. Mike, a seasoned professional in the outdoor industry, will be taking on the role of Director of Sales and will be leveraging his extensive experience in sales, marketing, and merchandise planning.
Sightmark announces its participation in CANCON 2023. Sightmark is proud to present its exceptional product lineup at this year's event, featuring products designed to redefine hunting and shooting.

Christensen Arms announces its recognition as one of the top 100 fastest-growing companies in the state of Utah by Mountain West Capital Network and the Utah 100. This prestigious acknowledgment underscores the company's commitment to excellence, innovation, and dedication to meeting the evolving needs of its customers.
HeadHunters NW announces the launch of its comprehensive Career Planning Services. Geared towards both individuals and organizations within the industry, these services aim to elevate careers, optimize online presence, and strategically position professionals and businesses for success.
NSSF and CarbonTV have announced a cooperative HuntSAFE partnership to promote hunting and firearm safety during the fall hunting season, starting with a new video, “Safety is Always in Season.

Pulsar will be exhibiting its latest products at CANCON 2023, a combination range day and gun show being held at the 17 South Rod & Gun Club in Fleming, Georgia on November 10 – 11, 2023.
NSSF®, together with the ATF and the Department of Justice (DOJ), announced a month-long public education campaign reminding the Fort Worth area public about stiff penalties facing individuals convicted of unlawful firearm purchases.
Springfield Armory® is proud to announce the release of a drop-in threaded barrel for the 3.7” Hellcat® Pro 9mm, offering a new range of capability for this popular pistol. MSRP of the 9mm Hellcat Pro 4.4″ Threaded Barrel is $169.99.

Viridian and Optics Planet have collaborated on the new Omega Closed Emitter Green Dot Sight. Engineered for rapid target acquisition with a 5 MOA green dot reticle, the battery and electronic components are situated at the top of the sight, delivering a sleek profile and preserving compactness.
Bear Creek Arsenal is excited to announce the 6mm ARC upper as a new addition to the AR-15 platform that delivers unprecedented performance. Our 6mm ARC upper features 416R stainless steel in 16, 18, 20, and 24-inch barrel options with a 1:8 twist rate.
Introducing the all-new TANGO-DMR series of riflescopes from SIG SAUER Electro-Optics - a high-performance riflescope line that delivers unrivaled accuracy and precision in a lightweight design with advanced optical prescriptions.
MDT Sporting Goods Ltd. is proud to announce the expansion of its MDT Field Stock series with a new inlet designed specifically for the Ruger American Short Action.
High Speed Gear® has partnered with David Acosta Jr. of Allegiance Defense Solutions to develop the most versatile and concealable magazine pouch to hit the market. With direct insight from Acosta, HSGI® has created a pouch that is concealable, comfortable, and most of all, functionable.
ZeroTech Optics has recently launched the Thrive HD Micro Reflex Sight. Utilizing the Shield RMSC footprint, the sight features a sharp 3 MOA Red Dot with 10 adjustable brightness levels, and a battery life of up to 150,000 hours, powered by a CR2032 battery.
After a long hiatus, the Civilian Marksmanship Program’s (CMP) Advanced Maintenance Clinics will be returning in 2024. The course is for those firearm enthusiasts interested in assembling his or her own vintage rifle with the help of hands-on, knowledgeable instructors.
For a limited time, AG Composites is offering a fall sale on its popular Adjustable Chalk Branch stock. These stocks are ready for shipping at a low price of just $495.
Now on It’s time for the election of 2023: The one that could get away if freedom-loving voters don’t pay close enough attention. As in sports, momentum does matter in elections and how this one comes out will impact the narrative for the 2024 elections.
To help dealers get the most out of sales during the holiday and end-of-year buying season, experienced retail guru Doug VanderWoude shares tips in “5 Ways To Boost Year-End Profits” in the Nov. issue of Shooting Industry.
Safariland has released a new limited edition holster lineup featuring the Multicam Alpine pattern. The new holsters, available in the 6354RDS, 6304RDS, and 6354RDSO models, are designed to provide peak protection and performance while operating in areas that receive significant snowfall.
Packed with deer’s favorite grains as well as protein and fat, Grainiac from Antler King is an irresistible attractant. Grainiac retails for $29.99 for a 20-pound block or $39.99 for a 33-pound block.
ALPS OutdoorZ announced week 3 of their Sales for Conservation initiative to support Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever. To contribute to conservation, ALPS OutdoorZ will allocate a portion of its weekly profits to support crucial causes dedicated to protecting the welfare of wildlife and wild places.
Luth-AR is once again proud to sponsor the Desert Classic and Area II Championship held at Rio Salado Sportsmans Club in Mesa, AZ. Luth-AR will be a Stage Sponsor for 2023.
This Week on Shooting USA it’s the Precision Rifle Series Finale at K & M Precision in Finger, Tennessee. Tune in Wednesday 9:00 PM Eastern and Pacific, 8:00 PM Central on Outdoor Channel.


It may seem that the wheels of progress turn slowly, but they continue to turn nevertheless. The Apollo holster from Dark Star Gear arrived. Made for the feathery Kimber K6xs revolver – or, in fact, any three-inch Kimber K6s revolver – it was designed primarily for front-of-the-hip carry.

I was stunned by the comfort of this rig, about which more will appear later. Included in the mailer were three IAC Immediate Action Carriers. Made by Dark Star Gear, they are the brainchild of Cecil Burch of Immediate Action Combatives. Designed to hold most .38/357 rounds on a common 1.5″ wide belt, they each hold a pair of rounds.

Ever fight for real estate on your belt? A cartridge slide or 2x2x2 pouch too much on one side of the belt? These are sold as single units. Add a couple and you have six rounds for a reload. If they look speedy, forget it; they take some practice.

What doesn’t?

One thing’s certain, these won’t lose a round like some loops. Better to have that round you have to dig out than to have to crawl around trying to find it in the dark during an engagement. Besides, with a little effort, you’ll find yourself getting those rounds out with some deliberation.

The Immediate Action Carrier had been a “one of these days” project, but – according to the maker’s website, “… the modern revolver/snubby renaissance gave us the opportunity to revive it.”

Kimber K6xs with DSG Apollo with Hornady ammo. Below, case heads are recessed in the Kimber revolver.


Now, back to the revolver revolution – soon after getting the Dark Star Gear Apollo IWB holster, I made a quick trip to the range with the Kimber K6xs. Previous work with this light 38 appears here and here. As I’m considering the viability of the six-shot, lightweight revolver for personal protection, I sought to do some holster work, consider the relative practical accuracy of the piece and determine the zero with a likely carry load.

Using some locally-printed targets downloaded from First Person Safety, the FPS-1, and my go-to target, the B8 repair center, I took along ammo appropriate to the task: Fiocchi 38A 130 grain FMJ and Federal Punch +P 120 grain JHP, along with Hornady Critical Defense +P 110 grain FTX.

It was cool and breezy. Using the Fiocchi ammo, I checked the zero from fifteen yards. That effort yielded one hit high over the 3x5” rectangle in the center of the “chest” and a pair that landed right at 3 o’clock. Moving to seven yards on the “head” portion of the target, I got one in the center circle and one on the “nostril” of the face.

It’s not what I’d call target accuracy but it’s a one-pound DA revolver with no single-action notch.

While at seven yards, I threw some Federal Punch at the target. They fell within 3 3/8” and tended low.

A B8 target from fifteen yards took five hits from Hornady Critical Defense +P. The group was smaller at 2 ½”, the center of which fell 2 ¼” low and 1 ½” right. All five hits were in the shaded portion of the target.

I was holding with the orange dot in the center of the front sight hovering over the center of the bull. It looks like I’ll have to cover higher with that load at that distance. As to the windage issue, I believe it’s the unique nature of the stock. A Hogue, well designed and well rendered, it’s a bit thin. Along with the revolver’s design, I think it forces my hand into a location that has my trigger manipulation pull that muzzle right.

I posted another target and began holster work using the Fiocchi ammo. I began at five yards, starting with the hand on the holstered handgun. I gave a verbal command and drew to fire as the timer sounded. These were singles. I followed this with a draw to a pair shooting with both hands, followed by a pair fired left-handed.

From seven yards, I shot a failure drill from the holster, followed by another fired weak-hand only. On that string, a headshot was just outside.

At ten yards, I did the “ball and dummy” exercise popularized by Claude Werner. I had two live rounds in the gun and four empties. On each draw, I’d try to fire a single. If there was a “click,” I’d open the cylinder, spin it and close the gun onto the cylinder.

I did the same when a round fired. The target for this was the ‘head’ portion of the FPS-1. The results were that the first round attempted fired (not a first, but unusual) and the fourth attempt was a fired round. Hits were below the “eye” on the right and in the “eye” on the right.

I finished with six singles, drawing the gun each time to get the holster reps. All of the hits were in the 3x5” box save one that wandered out onto the line high right.

I finished the day without the tingling in the right hand I’d experienced on the first trip. None of the loads fired felt weak; the Fiocchi and Federal were hot enough and the Hornady is a solid +P load. All empties extracted with nothing more than gravity.

Slick chambers.

As to the new holster, the Apollo is incredible. It’ll take some getting used to for wear while seated. The holster is long enough for the 3” guns and that helps press the holster body out and the gun butt back into the body for concealment. Attached to the waist with a Discreet Carry Concepts High Level Retention Discreet Gear Clips, it’s sure and secure while still allowing “easy-off” convenience.

The access was quick and sure. This holster is a winner. Between the Apollo for belt carry and the Galco StukOn-U pocket holster for pocket carry, the new gun actually got some ‘carry time’ on it.

A light, six-shot 38 snub – if that’s what you’re after, Kimber is one good place to look.

— Rich Grassi

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