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Save 20% on top-quality Ed Brown parts for your 1911 and M&P. Be sure to grab the 1911 rebuild kits and recoil springs and more.
Springfield Armory® announces the launch of its 2023 Fall Clothing Line, offering shooters and outdoor enthusiasts a broad selection of Springfield Armory-branded products.
The Cold Culture Hooded Jacket Realtree, available in Realtree EDGE camo, combines fashion-forward style with durable weather protection. The core of the new Cold x Realtree partnership, this jacket fuses an edgy streetwear design with the outdoorsy look Realtree customers love.

Team Remington’s championship roster of top trap, skeet and sporting clays athletes is now even stronger with the addition of this year’s NSCA National Champion, Brandon Powell.
Krieghoff International, Inc. is proud to announce Brandon Powell and Madison Sharpe took the 2023 National Champion and Ladies National Champion titles and celebrates the outstanding achievements of Krieghoff shooters at the 2023 National Sporting Clays Championships.
Congratulations to Team Vihtavuori’s Ian Klemm winning the 2024 F-Class Long Range National Championship. Klemm, who loaded Vihtavuori N150 powder and Berger’s 30 caliber 200.20X bullets, had an impressive grand aggregate score of 1580-82X crowning him as F/TR National Champion for an unprecedented fifth time.

Mission First Tactical (MFT) is pleased to announce they will be exhibiting at the 2023 Greenline Tactical Night Operations Summit held Thursday, November 16th, through Sunday, November 19th, 2023. 
Safariland announces the launch of its new online loyalty program. Designed to reward and show appreciation to its loyal customers, the Safariland Loyalty Program offers a range of benefits and exclusive discounts.
NSSF®, together with the Dallas Police Department and several other Dallas-based organizations, announced the start of “Project ChildSafe® Dallas,” a citywide initiative to promote firearm safety and secure firearm storage to help prevent firearm accidents, thefts and suicide throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

On Monday, November 13, Brian Boyle will provide a legal update to review recent FTC developments related to advertising, marketing, social media and how these changes impact social media influencers and product reviews.
X-Vision Optics is thrilled to partner with the Ahern Group, Manufacturer Representatives. The Ahern Group will promote X-Vision Optics in the TALO states of Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma.
Old Glory Bank is proud to announce that Old Glory Pay is now accepted by Code of Vets to make donating easy, secure and private. Old Glory Pay users can go to the Code of Vets website, at, to scan the Old Glory Pay QR code and easily make a donation to Code of Vets.
HeadHunters NW is excited to announce the commencement of its third annual Industry Salary Survey, running from now through December 20, 2023. The HeadHunters NW Industry Salary Survey 2024 guarantees confidentiality for all participants.
AmmoSquared Inc. announces its new direct supplier relationship with Sako of Finland. This collaboration underscores AmmoSquared's commitment to providing its customers with top-tier ammunition options and an unparalleled purchasing experience.
Smith & Wesson Brands, Inc. has recently launched the "I Trust M&P" campaign, focused on bringing awareness to the performance and reliability of the M&P series.

DSG Outerwear announces the launch of the Breanna 2.0 Fleece Camo Pullover and Bib Set in Mossy Oak® Country DNA® camouflage. Designed by women, for women, this innovative hunting apparel offers the perfect blend of function and comfort, making it an ideal choice for outdoor enthusiasts.
Crosman Corporation announces the launch of the newest addition to its product lineup: the Fortify BB Revolver. Combining reliable performance, and the nostalgic styling of a classic revolver, including ivory-colored grips, the Fortify is sure to provide hours of shooting fun for any airgun enthusiast.
CrossBreed® Holsters builds on the success of its original Confidant Multi-Fit Mag Carrier with the introduction of a second-generation model that offers even greater performance, ergonomics, and function for everyday carry practitioners.

TRUE’s special design and release of the FLAT DARK EARTH DUO directly supports DAV (Disabled American Veterans). This two-piece release features a 3-inch folding Wharncliffe knife and dog tag bottle opener perfect for working around the house or relaxing with buddies and sharing stories of times past.
Camfour is featuring the TALO exclusive Glock 49MOS and it is in stock, ready to ship. The 49MOS in 9mm has a 4.9” barrel. It is available in both 10 & 15rd capacity with both front (white dot) & rear (white outline) polymer sights, the Glock 49MOS exclusive is a crossover design incorporating the full size G17 MOS Slide with the G19 frame.
SIG SAUER is proud to introduce SIG Studios, a groundbreaking new venture from SIG SAUER with ‘Stories of the Uncommon.’ The documentary series features the stories of visionaries, storytellers, and truth-seekers in the defense, competitive sports, and outdoor industry.

Now on, the U.S. Supreme Court agreed to hear a case in which the state of New York used their regulatory authority in an attack on the NRA’s First Amendment rights.
Armasight announces the release of the Sidekick 320 handheld Thermal Optic. The Sidekick, the smallest fully multi-functional 12-micron 320 thermal imaging monocular on the market, is available immediately online and in select retail outlets.
After a long hiatus, the Civilian Marksmanship Program’s (CMP) Advanced Maintenance Clinics will be returning in 2024. The course is for those firearm enthusiasts interested in assembling his or her own vintage rifle with the help of hands-on, knowledgeable instructors.

This week on the No Lowballers Podcast, the crew is joined by Rick Larnerd from Gobbler Knob Long Rifles and Chris Powell from the Houndsman XP podcast to talk about what it hunting was like in the frontier period.
Silencer Central announced its biggest sale of the year, the "buy-one-get-one" sale. For a limited time, Silencer Central fans who purchase a Banish suppressor will receive a free BANISH 22k rimfire silencer, valued at $465.
QuietKat announces an exclusive sale for our nation's heroes. In a gesture of gratitude for their service, QuietKat is offering a 25% discount to all active duty military personnel and veterans. This special offer is available now and will conclude on Cyber Monday.
Primary Arms announced the launch of a free giveaway, featuring a custom-built IKR-103 AK-pattern Rifle Package and a host of high-quality accessories.
Launching into a crowded field already full to bursting, the Springfield Armory Echelon has a high bar to clear if it aims to impress “gun guys.” After going hands-on with his test model for the January issue of GUNS, Will Dabbs, MD claims, “I can honestly report it cleared the bar by a wide margin. The Echelon flirts with ballistic perfection.”
“I went over the 6", adjustable sights RM66 with a fine-tooth comb, shot the heck out of it and concluded it performed like my S&W .357 revolvers that cost twice as much. I love my Smiths and Colts, but from a value standpoint, these new Rossi USA revolvers have them beat,” contends Frank Jardim of the new compact .357 Magnum featured in the Jan/Feb issue of American Handgunner.
New research from Outdoor Stewards of Conservation Foundation (OSCF) sheds light on what type of firearms hunters prefer, and provides detailed insights into hunting with AR-Platform rifles. The research, entitled “Proliferation of Hunting with AR-Platform / Modern Sporting Rifles”, was conducted for OSCF by leading outdoor industry research firm Responsive Management.
Ball and Buck announced the limited edition Winkler Camp Axe and Fixed Blade collaboration. These limited-edition blades have been developed alongside legendary bladesmith Daniel Winkler and maintain the classic durability and functionality found in all Winkler knives.
Liberty Ammo’s .45 ACP hits 35% harder than Hornady and 54% harder than Sig Elite.
Ralph and Vicki invite all to come along as the crew heads to Alabama for another GAMO Squirrel Master Classic.


A discussion about one of our recently departed associates led to questions about various issues he’d potentially have been involved in. The details don’t matter but it led to an inquiry about a particular shooting incident. The opening hit was solid, but the offender didn’t stop. This led to in-depth questioning, investigation and the human tendency to blame “stuff” instead of people.

The initial results were predictable, but the long-lasting nature of the aftermath was not. The ammo companies have stepped up and, very likely, produce better defense and hunting ammunition – to say nothing of match ammo – than ever.

This ammo was great – but each round was checked by competitors before stepping forward to shoot.

Still, it’s mass production and the individual rounds of ammo are small, with a number of potential problem areas. The discussion shifted to modern ammo production quality. The stand-outs? Ammo that was defective.

Everyone has their own horror stories – talk to an experienced ammunition reloader sometime about his/her “Oops!” moments; we all have them.

When it’s critical for the ammo to work, what are we talking about?

Checking your ammo alone won’t guarantee hits, but it helps make sure that when you need the gun to shoot, it will.

At the risk of the “old man” syndrome of repeating myself, allow me to repeat myself: my primary concern is ignition reliability, followed by functional reliability. That’s followed up by ensuring the ammo “hits where I look.”

The ignition reliability is tough. I don’t know if that primer will light or, if it does, if the powder will light. I can help prevent it from failing by not lubricating my ammunition.

Before anyone laughs, we’ve seen it before. During an annual safety and serviceability inspection, I was called into the armory. The armorer had removed all the deputy’s ammo from each magazine, inspected it for visual flaws and had it setting case-head down on cardboard. When he went to reload the magazines, he saw he could read the headstamp of each round in oil left on the cardboard.

He asked the deputy what happened … I won’t repeat the response, but he had lubricated his ammo. The rangemaster put the ammo into a box for the range bin and we tested it on the next range day. Nearly no round fired on the first hit. If it didn’t fire the first time, it was dead as a hammer. Penetrating oil penetrates. It did and killed primers and powder.

Before attending an expensive shooting school, make sure your ammo will work in your gun – and take a spare gun of the same caliber. Don’t waste people’s time while you’re trying to sort out an ammo problem.

That’s a user malfunction. Speaking of user-malfunctions, I once took a two-day shooting school. For me, it was expensive and it involved travel, three nights away from home. Add lodgings, meals, etc. I used a pistol that had a very tight chamber. I shot a considerable amount of factory ammo from that gun. For savings, I elected to use some factory remanufactured ammo for the class. The first round from the first magazine had that gun so tied up, it took a committee and considerable violence to strip the round from the chamber.

Fortunately, I brought another gun – with mags and holster. I switched them out and went through the class without a hitch. That is not the ammo’s fault. I failed to check. Rarely factory ammo has some issues.

I’ll supply no pictures of mis-seated bullets, pressed into the case while tipped to the side. I won’t post a photo of a cartridge sitting up out of a range chamber-gauge or a premium target shotshell losing pellets from a bad crimp. I won’t even look for the old print photo I had of a cartridge with the primer seated upside down. The pictures you see here show the good stuff.

But it happens. Based on quality checks I’ve seen at some ammo making facilities, it’s hard to fathom how those rounds get out – but, as everyone in the process is human, it’s inevitable that some mistakes will slip through.

Whether you’re trying for a Distinguished badge, breaking a hundred straight, cleaning a qualification course, heading to an expensive shooting school, shooting for classification in a shooting discipline or heading to a match, you want to make sure the ammo’s good.

What can you do?

It’s time consuming and it’s time well spent. Visually inspect every round. Make sure everything that’s supposed to be round is round and not smashed, ensure the primer’s right-side up, and feel for oil. It doesn’t hurt to wipe the rounds with a non-oiled cloth after handling, before boxing. Check the crimp on handgun, levergun, shotgun ammo.

Match-winner, coach of champions and actual expert George Harris handles auto pistol ammo this way: he pulls the barrel from his field-stripped pistol and does the “drop” test. Each round is dropped into the chamber “to ensure it enters and exits without restriction.”

Smart move.

Now, if the cartridge case has no flash hole – to allow burning primer gas to enter the powder chamber of the cartridge, I can’t help you. That has (on extremely rare occasions) happened.

If it does, you better have a “Plan B.”

— Rich Grassi

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