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The Hornady 7mm PRC (Precision Rifle Cartridge) has been named the 2023 Ammunition of the Year by the Guns & Ammo of the Year Awards.
Smith & Wesson Brands, Inc.accepted the 2023 Innovator of the Year award presented by the National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers.
Waterfowl hunters, get ready to take your game to a new level with Millennium Marine’s B-100 seats, now available in two Mossy Oak® patterns. The B-100 BTL features the original Mossy Oak “Bottomland” pattern. The B-100 SGH seat comes in Mossy Oak’s waterfowl-specific “Shadow Grass” camouflage.

Blackhawk® congratulates sponsored athlete Ehea Schuerch for her second-place finish in the Women’s Elite division at the Tactical Games National Championship. Schuerch’s latest victory marks her fifth podium finish of the 2023 season during her first year representing the Blackhawk brand.
Krieghoff International announces a series of impressive victories and top placements by their shooters during multiple events at the 2023 National Sporting Clays Championship. Krieghoff shooters have delivered exceptional performances across various categories.
Congratulations to Brux Borden, Team Lapua, for winning the F-Open Grand Aggregate Team Award at the 2023 F-Class Long-Range Championships with a score of 1593-95X.

Team Berger’s David Gosnell finished High Senior in the F-Open Division at the 2023 F-Class National Championships. Gosnell, competing with Berger 7mm 180 Grain Hybrid Target bullets, Lapua 284 Brass and Vihtavuori N555 powder, scored a 1590-74X for a 6th place finish overall.
AmmoSquared, a platform for ammunition management and stockpiling, announced its attendance at the 2024 NRA Show in Dallas, Texas. The team welcomes attendees, enthusiasts, and partners to visit them at their booth, number 6923.
Built on a billet aluminum, fully ambidextrous upper and lower receiver set, the ADM UIC MOD-1 is the budget friendly and feature packed carbine of the UIC line.

The partnership between Target Sports USA and 704 Tactical was announced as the firearms enthusiast and "YouTuber" renews his exclusive contract with the online ammunition retailer.
Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks is now accepting applications for Shooting Range Improvement Grants. Approximately $300,000 in funding is available. Application deadline is Feb. 1, 2024.
The Montana Master Hunter Program (MHP) is accepting applications for the 2024 program. Deadline is Nov. 30. Led by One Montana, the MHP is for hunters who want to continue to improve and hone their skills, build relationships with landowners, and be an advocate for conservation and wildlife.
Legacy Sports International, a distributor/importer in the shooting sports Industry, announced the appointment of Paul Lemke as its new Chief Operating Officer, effective November 13, 2023.
Federal Ammunition’s FireStick muzzleloader ignition system has now been approved for use during the muzzleloader specific seasons in 25 states, including Minnesota, Kansas, Pennsylvania, and more. Additionally, several more state approvals are anticipated in 2024.
Silencer Central has rallied behind a groundbreaking bill introduced in Congress on November 9, 2023, which aims to redirect tax stamp revenue from the sale of suppressors to vital conservation efforts and expedite the processing of applications.

QuietKat announces the hiring of Ross Botha as their new Sales Manager for Military, Law Enforcement, and Official Government Agencies (OGA). With well over 30 years in the defense industry, Botha brings unparalleled expertise to the QuietKat team.
Are you looking to increase classroom and range traffic? Join us from a free webinar, Wednesday, December 6, 3pm, to learn from 3 range-retail businesses who are having great success developing new customers through their First Shots offerings.
Swarovski Optik North America Ltd., a subsidiary of the Austrian-based company, is presently seeking a Territory Sales Representative for the Northeast region.

Federal Ammunition’s Podium Wad—a featured component in Federal Premium’s High Over All (HOA) competition-grade target loads—is available for the general shotshell reloading market.
Bear OPS presents the Bear OPS Mini Rancor IX Slide Lock Flipper Knife. The knife boasts a 2.30-inch drop point blade precision engineered from D2 steel to provide durability and edge retention. The blade features a sleek black finish, delivering both functionality and aesthetics for the discerning user.
FN America, LLC announced the release of two new options to customers who own 5.7-chambered firearms – FN DFNS for personal protection and FN GUNR for training and range use.

This week on the No Lowballers Podcast, the crew is joined by Rick Larnerd from Gobbler Knob Long Rifles and Chris Powell from the Houndsman XP podcast to share some stories from their careers as conservation officers.
The family of Thomas Charles “T” Bisbee, along with S3DA, organized a memorial shoot to honor Thomas who passed from sudden cardiac arrest in 2016. The annual memorial shoot -- “Send It – Shoot for “T” – uses proceeds for worthy causes. This year the family chose S3DA as the organization to receive the proceeds.
HeadHunters NW presents an exclusive bonus episode of the HeadHunters NW Podcast. Hosted by Shaylene Keiner, President of HeadHunters NW, this segment delves into the professional journey of Meprolight USA’s General Manager and VP of Sales and Marketing, Bill Yerby.

XTech Tactical is proud to announce its Easy Load Follower and its new MTX 365 2-packs. All products are for the standard frame Sig Sauer P365 pistol 10 round magazine. XTech Tactical released its now very popular MTX 365 magazine extension for the Sig Sauer® P365® in 2022. All kits will now ship with XTech Tactical’s Easy Load Follower.
Primary Arms announced the start of its Pre-Black Friday Sale. Customers can enjoy an exclusive 13% off on all products sitewide using coupon code SAVE13, making it the perfect opportunity to gear up for the holiday season.
Need to get outfitted for your upcoming hunts? Academy Sports + Outdoors has got you covered with a variety of Realtree camo apparel and gear designed to keep you out there longer. Shop ONLINE, in the Academy app, in store or order curbside pickup for all your Realtree gear.
Liberty Ammunition is featured in Tactical Life Magazine. The author notes that the recoil was light and groups were tight.
Bond Arms released the Cyclops in 44 Magnum. Weighing in at 28 oz, the Cyclops 44 magnum is stronger and more durable than ever.
Industry Day at the Range announces Aero Precision as the official WiFi Sponsor for the highly anticipated event in 2024.
NSSF® announces that Patriot Mobile has signed on as the official Wi-Fi Sponsor for the 2024 SHOT Show®. Patriot Mobile is a U.S. mobile phone service provider offering nationwide coverage on 4G or 5G networks and U.S.-based customer support.
Just added to MyOutdoorTV’s JUST SHOT™ library are new episodes of JUST SHOT™: Buck Commander. Catch up with the entire Buckmen crew in real-time as they are on a quest to harvest the ever-elusive monster whitetail.

Is there a significant difference in handling and deployment competency between the moderate capacity-micro compact autos and their predecessor service- and service-compact autos? Ken Hackathorn has noted the difficulty many have in handling the “pocket rockets,” and Darryl Bolke noted that he has difficulty with the G43.

I imagine the difference varies based on fit not feel, handling the controls and juggling magazines of the smaller heaters compared to the larger guns. Hitting is a matter of holding the gun still as possible through the ignition sequence.

Getting the firing grip of the piece in the holster quickly is a problem not just of holster design but the size of the gun. If you have huge mitts, that puts you behind the 8-ball in terms of effective use of the smaller guns.

It also goes to your experience in handling small revolvers – the expectation of many is “the smaller the gun, the less the accuracy.” That’s not true. If you added “practical” to the “accuracy” component, you’d be closer.

I recently shot the G43X because I’d been carrying it because it needed maintenance and fresh ammo. That’s when the issue of comparing the smaller, very popular line of carry guns to the established standard came to my attention.

First, what test to use to compare the smaller guns? To start, five rounds on a B8 at 15 yards to ensure I was on as far as the visual solution. Then, posting a standardized target – I have the IALEFI-Q target -- I’d begin work at extreme distance for the ‘outlier’ event.

Moving in, work would include speed from the holster, high percentage shots from close to moderate distances. The end would feature hits from low ready as “the quickest draw is having the gun in your hand.”

Springfield Armory Echelon was the service pistol baseline, drawn from the Galco Corvus IWB holster.

I settled on 20 rounds for this portion of the test.

Aside from the distance shooting, times and hits would be recorded for each string. At the end, there’d be a string-for-string comparison. The Sample size is small. There are only so many guns and I’d be reluctant to take a box of guns out and shoot this thing repetitively on the same trip; we’d quickly run afoul of “training effect” and soon wander into fatigue.

I’d just like to begin to quantify the differences in the envelope of the defense pistol as a bit of a baseline.

The short “Micro-compact Standards” use the IALEFI-Q target, scored as follows: center ring = 10 points, 2nd ring = 8 points, “bottle” = 2 points. That’s 200 points possible; recording times and hits for each string in the “par” stages.

50 yards | 5 singles | center
25 yards | single | “head”
5 yards | single, SHO | “head” 2.5 sec.
7 yards | single | “head” 2.5 sec.
7 yards | pair | center 2.0 sec.
7 yards | failure | 2.5 sec.
10 yards | pair center | 2.5 sec.
15 yards | pair center | 3.0 sec.
15 yards | single, guard | center 2.5 sec. (X3)
(20 rounds, 200 points possible, +5 rounds “sighters”)

The baseline was the Springfield Echelon in a Galco Corvus holster configured for IWB carry, shooting Winchester “White Box” 115gr. FMJ. The sighters were fired from fifteen yards. Four of five rounds went high, one hit the “X.” As usual, I tended to the right.

From 50 yards, there was a hit at 11:30, one at 4:30 and three off the right side at 3 o’clock. The single-head at 25 yards was high, off target at one o’clock. From five yards, the hit was in the head circle in 2.2 seconds. The single head hit from 7 yards came out at 1.96 in the circle. This was followed by a successful pair (over time) at seven and another in time at ten yards. At fifteen yards, there was a fair run. The score ended at 188/200.

The smallest pistols tried were the GLOCK 43 (top) and Taurus GX4, both from a Galco IWB holster.

The Hellcat Pro was drawn from the Galco King Tuk Cloud IWB and fired with the same ammo over the same course. The fifteen-yard sighters all clustered inside the 10 ring. At fifty yards, the score was 34/50, with three in the “10” ring and two in the “bottle” outside the rings.

That’s fair shootin’.

At 25 yards, the high percentage shot veered right off the bottle for a -10. That, sadly, was the shooter. But we’re comparing the guns used by the same shooter.

At five yards, the two-second hit, one-handed, was just over two seconds, just like the succeeding seven-yard shot. The pair at seven yards was in time with one in the bottle, not the rings. The failure drill took up too much time, with dismal results. At ten yards, I lost eight points.

Likewise, at fifteen yards, I had bad hits and fair times. Just scoring the target without docking for times, I ended at 178/200.

Finally, the Galco Stow-N-Go holster was used with the Taurus GX4 and a GLOCK 43.

I loaded the GX4 with the 11-round magazines full to check function. The GX4 has XS Sights, G43 has Ameriglo Spaulding sights and Talon-Grip.

The 15 yard “sighter” targets portended results – sometimes. Above, the GX4 didn’t fare so well; below, the G43 did slightly better.


Without going through the details of each, the fifty-yard results were dismal. The GX4 hit below the headbox at 25 yards, still a hit. (The G43 put the 25-yard round into the circle.) The hits with the GX4 didn’t get a lot better and the times suffered. Ending score for the Taurus was a disappointing 92/200.

The GLOCK 43 did well with the fifteen-yard sighters. I found that, when I had time, I could do some decent work with it. The problem is time to handle such a small pistol. I found two things with these smaller guns: over time = “harder to shoot;” hits outside the center or off target = harder to shoot.

Suspicions confirmed.

The GLOCK 43 ended up with 138/200.

Hopes raised from the Shield sighter target were dashed by the practical shooting event.

My micro-compact baseline was with an old favorite, the “Retail Shield.” A late specimen of the original S&W M&P Shield line, it’s an example of a gun type I’ve shot a lot. You can’t tell that from the score. The ammo was Fiocchi 9AP 115gr. FMJ.

The sighters on the B8 from fifteen yards yielded a 49/50, making me overestimate my skills. The distance shooting component was tragic, the closer exercises saw me lose points I shouldn’t have. From that point, it was on/off; some good enough, some stupidly off. The total was worse than the G43 (slightly) at 136/200.

The results? Rain is wet. Smaller guns are harder to shoot well, just like everyone said. The question – how much? – was not so well defined. I had an off-day with the Shield. That’s like actual battle any day. You can’t afford to lose rounds then.

— Rich Grassi

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