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Vista Outdoor Inc. (NYSE: VSTO) has rejected the unsolicited proposal received on November 22, 2023 from Colt CZ Group SE to combine Colt CZ and Vista Outdoor. In a letter to Colt CZ, acting Vista CEO Gary McArthur cited a number of factors in the decision, including a lack of “adequate details
Fire-N-the-Hole and Mossy Oak are thrilled to introduce a game-changing addition to the world of compound and crossbow hunting: the Sidewinder Broadhead decorated with the iconic Mossy Oak Country DNA pattern.

Step into a new dimension of firearms excellence with the Walther PDP Match Steel Frame—a masterpiece meticulously designed to shatter performance boundaries and redefine precision. This extraordinary firearm is not just an evolution; it's a revolution, introducing a precision-machined steel frame that elevates the concept of excellence to unprecedented heights.

Smith & Wesson Brands, Inc. accepted this year’s Guns & Ammo ‘2023 Innovator of the Year Award.’ Nominated and voted on by Guns & Ammo editors, contributors, and staff, Smith & Wesson is the recipient of this year’s award.

Patriot Ordnance Factory Inc. announced that it has been named as one of the finalists in two categories of the 2023 Ballistic’s Best Reader’s Choice Awards.
For the second time this year, a prominent publication has named the Wilson Combat NULA Model 20, featuring an AG Composites Privateer composite stock, as its best new rifle of 2023. This time it’s Ballistic magazine.
American Defense Manufacturing will be giving away 12 awesome ADM products to 12 lucky winners during the month of December. Prizes include red dot mounts, Recon scope mounts, UIC lower receiver and more.

The new MAAR Cleaver Flipper Knife consists of a folding cleaver blade capable of tasks large and small. At 3.5 inches, this blade is made from D2 steel, a tool capable of long-term use crafted for exceptional durability. It’s finished in a black oxide stone wash, so it can be discreet when necessary.
Perfect for any season, the rechargeable THAW Heated Stadium Seat features multiple heating modes, ranging from a high setting lasting seven hours to a low setting that lasts 16 hours.
X-Vision Optics, a night vision and thermal optics brand, is excited to announce its partnership with H&G Outdoors, representing the midwestern and western territory of the United States.

Celerant Technology announced that it has been awarded a Fall 2023 Top Performer Award by SourceForge, the world’s largest software and services review and comparison website.
The NIOA Group has taken up a tenancy at Picatinny Arsenal in New Jersey as it looks to strengthen allied supply of critical munitions. Picatinny Arsenal has a workforce of more than 6000 military, government and civilian personnel and includes key organisations such as Joint Program Executive Office Armaments and Ammunition (JPEO A&A), Project Manager Soldier Lethality and Combat Capability Development Command Armaments Center (DEVCOM-AC).
Friday is the final day for exhibitors to secure their spot at the Industry Day at the Range, scheduled for January 22, 2024. This event is the perfect opportunity to showcase your products and connect with over 2,000 key players in the firearms and outdoor industry.
RSR Group’s 2023 E-Vault Virtual Show featuring Magpul® starts Tuesday, December 5th at 11:00 a.m. ET, and concludes on Friday, December 8, 2023, at 11:59 p.m. ET. This unique online event allows dealers to take advantage of incredible deals and savings on Magpul® products available only at
QuietKat announces that its 2024 product lines have met the stringent criteria of UL 2849 and UL 2271 certifications, showcasing their commitment to the highest standards of safety and performance for eBikes and their batteries.
Bleecker Street Publications is pleased to announce the acquisition of the Athlon Outdoors portfolio. This comes as the first step toward building a new media conglomerate focused on the outdoors and firearms.

SKRE Gear announced that it has named Hunter Outdoor Communications as its public relations agency of record. This appointment comes after a lengthy review process. The appointment is effective immediately.
Sightmark collaborated with Freedom Hunters, a distinguished 501(c)3 military outreach program, on a remarkable hunt dedicated to promoting the culture and lifestyle of hunting while giving back to those who pledged to defend our nation for an expedition of a lifetime.
NSSF® flatly rejects the Gas-Operated Semi-Automatic Firearms Exclusion (GOSAFE) Act, which would ban the sale of Modern Sporting Rifles (MSRs) and most other semi-automatic rifles. The bill was introduced Thursday by U.S. Sens. Angus King (I-Maine) and Martin Heinrich (D-N.M.).

Walther Arms announces the launch of the all-new polymer frame PDP Match into the 9mm performance duty pistol product line. Equipped with a dynamic performance trigger, 18-round capacity magazine, 5-inch barrel, and a sleek, full-size polymer frame ensures success from every shot.
Walther Arms, Inc. announces the launch of their steel frame PDP Match, in addition to their recently launched polymer frame. The precision-machined steel frame guarantees the PDP Match's ability to endure the harshest conditions, while shattering performance boundaries and securing superior results.
Realtree and Santa Claus are pleased to announce a renewed and lifetime agreement, solidifying Realtree as the official camo of Christmas for years to come.

For the big-game hunting and shooting community, the rise of the 7mm PRC has sparked a ballistic debate with the old reliable 7mm Remington Magnum. The latest episode of Vortex’s Cartridge Talks steps into this fray, pitting the two heavy-hitters against each other in side-by-side analysis with results that deliver clarity and leaves nothing to chance.
Target Sports USA is thrilled to announce the kick-off of its highly anticipated "12 at 12 Days of Holiday Deals" event, bringing festive cheer and exclusive savings to firearm enthusiasts nationwide. The deals kick off Dec 5th, 2023.
Manufacturers and resellers of civilian firearms, parts and accessories can turbocharge their international sales growth in 2024 and save 50% on their start-up investment during EasyExport’s Winter Promotion. Through January 15, 2024, companies with smaller product catalogs can start driving international sales to new heights for as little as $600.

NSSF® is expanding incentives to target-shooting ranges, firearm training instructors and other partners offering its First Shots® program. This new comprehensive support system for First Shots hosts provides many benefits, including being able to recover startup costs and build program momentum.
Give yourself the ultimate outdoor entertainment gift this season with a MyOutdoorTV subscription for just $1 per month for 3 months. For a limited time, new subscribers can dive into three months of exhilarating outdoor action for only $1 per month using promo code HOLIDAYHUNT3.

You might say that Tom and Joan Kerbel met by “accident” – that is, a car accident.

One fateful day, Tom got into a wreck so bad that it, unfortunately, destroyed his lunch – so, he was forced to walk into the local Subway to have another sandwich made. There, the employee, Joan, was happy to make him another. The two ultimately hit it off, marking the beginning of a lasting relationship.

Tom and Joan Kerbel are weekly regulars to the Gary Anderson CMP Competition Center Range.

Fast forward eight years into their marriage and the two have sparked a new type of love affair that has strengthened their bond even more – air gun competition at Camp Perry.

Camp Perry in Port Clinton, Ohio, is headquarters to the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) – a national organization dedicated to firearm safety and competition for all. The base also holds the Gary Anderson CMP Competition Center, which is home to an indoor, 80-point electronic air gun range that has facilitated local, regional and national events for over a decade, including Olympic trials.

Outside of competition, the air gun range hosts Open Public timeslots each week, where anyone of any skill level is welcome to give air rifle or air pistol a try – even if they don’t own an air gun of their own. It’s a great place to gather with friends and family or simply to try something new.

“We like it because it’s something we can do together,” Tom said. “We enjoy it.”

Joan never liked shooting until she visited the CMP’s air gun range – now she participates in multiple disciplines.

Joan, a native of nearby Gibsonburg all her life, was aware of Camp Perry and had seen the activity around the National Matches each summer (an event held at Camp Perry since 1907), but never knew what it was about.

“I just knew it was some sort of shooting – I didn’t know it was people from all over the world, which is amazing,” she said.

Tom enjoys using his own air rifle while Joan practices air pistol.

Tom, also from the area, remembers shooting 22 rifles at Camp Perry when he was younger – even thinking back to the famous Mess Hall that was destroyed by a tornado in the late 1990s. He got away from visiting Camp Perry for a while then came back around six years ago when he was invited by a group of friends to try out the air gun range.

Though he had always shot for fun at sportsman’s clubs, he didn’t know what to expect with air gun. He was quickly entranced and soon encouraged Joan – who wasn’t too keen on the idea of shooting – to join him at the range.

“I thought to myself, ‘Great, now I have to sit and watch him shoot,’” she admitted. “I didn’t want to go.”

Her thoughts changed as she walked up to the main entrance of the Gary Anderson CMP Competition Center, saying she was immediately impressed by the facility.

“We were surprised at how big and beautiful the building is,” Joan said. “When you walk in the door, the people are so helpful and so cheerful.”

The air gun range within the Gary Anderson CMP Competition Center includes 80 points equipped with electronic targets.

Once in the range, Tom got Joan on the firing line with an air rifle, though she was nervous. Thankfully, her worries were alleviated with the help of CMP’s employees who happily assisted her during her first dive into marksmanship.

“There were people there to help us, and that felt really good,” she said. “The people at Camp Perry came over and showed me how to set everything up and how to handle the air rifle and how to absolutely be safe.”

“And I was instantly hooked,” she went on. “I just loved it.”

CMP’s trained staff, like former Division I NCAA rifle athletes Ryan Hinson (CMP junior rifle camp coordinator) and Catherine Green (North Range coordinator) have supported Joan along the way and are always at the range to help others interested in the sport. Joan also received help from CMP’s Jackie Slosnerick, who regularly competes in air pistol.

“They were very comforting,” she said of the CMP staff members. “They’re so willing to help you.”

Joan and Tom practice every Tuesday and Thursday at the air gun range.

The staff gave her tips on how to improve her shots and made the entire process easier on the newcomer.

“The people are so nice – I can’t stress that enough,” she said. “The cost isn’t bad to try it out, to rent the gun and buy pellets. It’s just a fun day.”

Joan admits she likes the lightweight air guns because it’s less compression on the ears, with no kickback as with other firearms. Tom and Joan also like the controlled temperature of the range – avoiding the elements of the outdoors.

Tom brought home five trophies from his wins in the air gun events at the National Matches, held at Camp Perry each year.

Tom and Joan visit the air gun range every Tuesday and Thursday during the day and compete in CMP matches when they can. Since their start, they’ve now grown to participate in other marksmanship disciplines, with Joan recently moving on to the outdoor .22 rifle and .22 pistol. Tom also shoots silhouettes, long range and black powder events in his spare time and even won five air gun trophies during the 2023 National Matches.

“It was just a good year,” Tom said with a smile.

The entrance to the Gary Anderson CMP Competition Center features a check-in area and CMP merchandise store.

Tom and Joan became so involved with air gun that they even trained to become range officers – individuals who ensure safety on the range during events. It was while serving as a range officer during one of CMP’s competitions that Joan took notice of air pistol and became intrigued.

“I thought, ‘I’d like to try that,’” she said. “So, the next time we went to the air range, I tried air pistol, and BAM – I was hooked again.”

Joan has goals of her own in the sport – starting small by trying to reach an overall score of 400 and earning a bronze medal at the upcoming 2024 National Matches. Until then, she and Tom will continue their weekly dates at the Gary Anderson CMP Competition Center, doing what they love.

The Gary Anderson CMP Competition Center includes the air gun range and real Olympic memorabilia from the career of Gary Anderson.

“We feel blessed to have this facility so close to our residence. So many people can’t do this,” Joan said. “We’ve also met so many wonderful people through shooting. It’s amazing.”

Learn more about CMP’s Competition Centers, including open hours and other frequently asked questions, by visiting

— Ashley Dugan, CMP Staff Writer

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