Between The Berms

May 18, 2011
Dave Sevigny is the new Single Stack champ. Photo: Julie Golob

11-year-old Lee Wills will be beating you someday soon. Photo: Julie Golob
Well, it's either the dawn of a new era, or a sign of the coming apocalypse, but Rob Leatham did not win the 2011 Springfield Armory USPSA Single Stack Nationals. Instead, Dave Sevigny outgunned Leatham by 17.2707 points to take the title that for the last 16 years belonged to Leatham. Lest you think Sevigny's win was a function of luck, Leatham's age, his knees or anything other than skill, consider that Sevigny finished fourth in '08, second in '07 and third in '06. So, it was just a matter of time before he claimed the top spot. Be sure to check out today's edition of The Shooting Wire for more information about Austin Cisna, Sara Dunivin, Jon Huspek and Robert Keller who each won titles at the Single Stack Nationals. And take special note, if you thought that you could wait out Sevigny for your turn at Single Stack glory - because you know he's going to win more, there's 11-year-old Lee Wills, the youngest shooter at this year's national match, working his way up the ladder. There's already a guy on Facebook asking who's starting the betting pool on when Wills earns his GM card, and picking 16 as the age he gets it. The only thing good about being beat by a kid that young is he still has to call you sir or ma'am when he speaks to you.
Max Michel is getting ready for Gold in Greece. Photo: Stefan Wendland
The Yanks are coming... Max Michel returned from Cheval-Blanc, France where he took second in the IPSC Med Cup. The match pitted Michel against, the man most consider to be the best open shooter in the world, Eric Graufel of France. Yes, I too find it hard to believe that a French shooter could be the best but I'll leave it to you to insert your own French jokes. Take your time, I'll wait.... The match ended with Graufel taking first with 2314.1941. Michel finished second with 2174.9024 (93.98%) and Jorge Ballesteros of Spain took third with 2160.1696 (93.34%). Earlier this year when Michel won the Florida Open Ballesteros placed fifth. From the official scores listed, Michel finished no lower than 9th out of the 114 shooters on any stage and placed in the top three on 12 stages with two stage wins. Of course, Graufel won most of the stages (16). The Med Cup is a precursor to the IPSC World Shoot later this year in Greece where Michel will again face Grauffel. All kidding aside, you have to respect a guy who is described as being so good that only two shooters in the world have a chance at beating him. And who are those two shooters? Michel, who beat Graufel in 2008 at the Florida Open, 1518.1209 to 1517.3324, and K.C. Eusebio, the reigning USPSA Open champ. Both will be in Greece shooting for Team USA. Being one to never let impartiality get in the way of my jingoistic tendencies, I say that Graufel, and the whole of IPSC, have yet to see Michel's and Eusebio's best - which I suspect is frighteningly fast. We'll have to wait and see. One last Med Cup note... A special shout out goes to Frank Garcia, the only other U.S. shooter competing in the match. Garcia placed 15th in the Production division with a score of 1951.1753 (86.15%). Let no shooter competing under the star-spangled banner in a foreign nation go unrecognized. That's our motto, or at least one of them. Do Not Forget... The deadline to apply for Season 4 of Top Shot on the History Channel is this Friday, May 20, 2011. If you think you've got what it takes, go to to find the casting info. Good luck.
Calling all revolver shooters. All of Wheelgun Nation will be gathering in a matter of days (June 2-5 ) in San Luis Obispo, Calif. for the 20th Annual Smith & Wesson International Revolver Championship. If you rock the wheelgun then this is your match. And lucky for you there are still some slots available so grab your gun, send in your match application and take your shot at the defending champions: Jerry Miculek, Julie Golob, John Bagakis, Annette Aysen and Craig Buckland.
The USAMU is on Facebook. Go. Like. Share. You've got your orders.
Finally, a little birdie, well not so little and not quite a full one (if you know what I mean), asked if we could direct the loyal readers of The Shooting Wire to the Facebook page for the United States Army Marksmanship Unit. This is the Facebook home for the Home of Champions where you can keep up with their many talented shooters. I know you mainly hear me talk about the Action Shooting Team, guys like Lee Dimaculangan, first name SGT, who are always running and gunning (you can find SGT Dimac on Facebook too), but the USAMU shoots every discipline and wins in all of them. You should get to know all the members and follow their efforts. So, go and visit the USAMU on Facebook, hit that "Like" button at the top and then share it with the rest of your friends. They have around 8,750 fans as of Tuesday evening. That's not acceptable, people. There are 20K members of USPSA and about 18K members of IDPA. SASS is in the 30K (active) neighborhood and each of the shotgun disciplines have 20K to 30K. The USAMU deserves your support so get to work and spread the word. - Paul Erhardt, Editor, the Outdoor Wire Digital Network Got shooting sports news? Send us an email at