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Buck Knives, Inc. acknowledges that many Americans enjoying getting outdoors--and going camping ranks among the top adventures. From backpacking into remote regions to tent camping in a campground to cabin getaways, all enjoyable outdoor adventures begin with proper planning--and preparedness. Buck Knives offers some tips for everyone planning and going on a camping trip.
Fiocchi congratulates Will Fennell, member of the Fiocchi Pro Team, on his wins at the at the Providence Cup & American FITASC Grand Prix held at the Providence Hill Sporting Club in Jackson, Mississippi.

Baschieri & Pellagri USA celebrates the achievements of its Pro Staff members, Gebben Miles, Karen Miles, and Joseph Pinchin at the Providence Cup & American FITASC Grand Prix held at the Providence Hill Sporting Club in Jackson, Mississippi.
Team Mathews set the pace for the 2024 IBO National Triple Crown with an electric start at the first leg of the event located in Pipestem, West Virginia, claiming several podium finishes, including a clean sweep in the Pro Men’s Release.
X10 shooters showcased exceptional talent and precision this year at the highly anticipated 2024 Western Classic Trail Shoot. Amongst a field of elite archers, James Lutz and Mike Schloesser stood out with their remarkable skills and determination, culminating in a thrilling shoot-off for the top position.

Continuing a season of dominance, Team Remington won three major championships at the recent World Sporting Clays Tournament, including the main event’s HOA championship title as well as Ladies champion and Junior champion.
Mesa Tactical introduced the new Truckee forend for the Mossberg 930 and Mossberg 940 shotguns. Truckee forends are machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and are equipped with M-LOK slots on the sides and bottom, providing versatile options for accessory attachment.
Bodyguard Armored Backpacks addresses daily protection challenges through an innovative “conceal and deployment” style system. It resembles a conventional backpack, with armor components neatly and deployable as needed. It allows individuals to maintain a non-threatening appearance suitable for everyday use by anyone, anywhere.

Hunting is hard on clothing and other gear. Modern fabrics come with hefty price tags, so protect them with Scent Thief® Laundry Detergent. It thoroughly cleans clothing and accessories and helps to preserve fabrics and maximize performance.
Loaded with the nutrients deer need for a robust immune system and optimal health, Power Rack Deer Mineral from Antler King produces trophy bucks.
Buck Knives recently celebrated the grand re-opening of its Factory Store at the company's manufacturing facility and headquarters in Post Falls, Idaho. The re-opening event at the 1,600 square-foot-plus store highlighted the enduring tradition of craftsmanship and excellence that defines Buck Knives.
In a special moment during the NRA Foundation Banquet and Auction in Dallas, Texas, the President of Henry Repeating Arms presented a limited-edition New Original Silver Deluxe Engraved rifle to retired U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Patrick Brady, America’s most decorated living veteran.
Hornady Security Mobilis Safes have been named the 2024 American Hunter Gear of the Year as part of the National Rifle Association Publications Golden Bullseye Awards.
Outdoor Sportsman Group (OSG) is pleased to announce a series of key executive promotions aimed at enhancing industry coverage and operational efficiency. These strategic changes underscore the company's commitment to optimizing client service and acknowledging the exceptional contributions of its team.

Arcus Hunting’s category-leading brands Tink’s and Dead Down Wind announced their continued partnership with professional hunter Kristy Titus and her series, Pursue the Wild. The series is viewable on Pursuit Channel, Pursuit Up, WildTV, WildTV Plus, and Carbon TV.
Outdoor Sportsman Group announced the promotion of Michael Cassidy to the role of Group Publisher for Hunting and Fishing publications, effective immediately. In his new role, Cassidy will spearhead operations and strategic efforts across Outdoor Sportsman Group’s (OSG) flagship hunting and fishing titles.
The United States Concealed Carry Association recently featured Liberty Ammunition in a blog. The article focused on the effectiveness of the Liberty OverWatch 9mm.

Beretta announced its first Law Enforcement Limited Edition, the A300 Ultima Patrol Realtree Trace Blue shotgun. This product is available exclusively via Beretta’s Law Enforcement Dealer network as part of its American Defender program. This unique shotgun features the Realtree Trace Blue camouflage pattern developed exclusively for Beretta. The production will be limited to only 2,500 units worldwide.
Streamlight Inc. introduced the TLR-7 HL-X, a 1,000-lumen, multi-fuel, rail-mounted light with a longer-reaching beam that provides up to 22,000 candela. The new light gives users the choice of using either a cost-saving SL-B9 USB-C rechargeable battery pack or a 3-volt CR123A lithium battery, depending on availability or user preference.
The Competition Ultimate Practice Shooting System (CUPS) is Robert Louis Company’s top-of-the-line product and includes all their practice shooting products: a Red LaserShooter, a Green LaserShooter, a LaserPro Moving Target Projector, a Wobbler, and a 9'x 54" Skeet/Trap Banner.

Camp Chef announces the new Gridiron 36 Flat Top Grill. The new Gridiron 36 includes a built-in griddle leveling system allowing the griddle to be leveled even while hot, making your griddle experience safe and easy.
ZeroTech Optics is proud to announce the launch of its newest innovation in precision shooting optics, the Trace Advanced 5-30X56mm riflescope. This groundbreaking product comes in two variants: the Trace Advanced 5-30x56mm RMG 2 Illuminated and the Trace Advanced 5-30X56mm Tremor3 Illuminated.
Federal Ammunition and Duluth Pack have teamed up to create a capsule collection of expertly handcrafted carry-all bags, hunting gear, and quality limited-edition apparel. The exclusive line of Federal products made by Duluth Pack is appropriately named “Home On The Range” which is a nod to the great homeland origins and rich histories of both Minnesota-based companies.

Legacy Sports International is glad to announce that they have added additional stainless models and calibers to their popular HOWA 1500 Series. There are a variety of great stock options for these Stainless offerings including HOGUE Overmolds, HS Precision, Walnut, Walnut DLX and HERA H7 for the 6.5 Creed and .308 calibers.
Primary Weapons Systems announced that the newest product in the PWS portfolio, the UXR (User Xchange Rifle), is now shipping to dealers across the United States. This rifle allows for unparalleled modularity. The UXR platform is currently available in .223 Wylde and 300 BLK with a .308 caliber option to follow shortly.
Night Fision is pleased to announce their newest product: the Optics Mounted Stealth Sight. Designed to solve the problem for firearms that have omitted a rear dovetail, the Optics Mounted Stealth Sights are a simple but elegant solution mounting using the same screw path used for the optic.
Flint River Archery Club held an Outdoor Target Regional at Big Hollow Recreation Area in Sperry, Iowa. Archers from three S3DA teams participated in the event.
The National Archery in the Schools Program is a sponsor and supporter of the Archery Hall of Fame. Last weekend, NASP leadership attended the 2024 induction ceremony held in Springfield, Missouri. During this year’s ceremony, NASP unveiled a new perpetual plaque that memorializes top scoring male and female archers.
The National Archery in the Schools Program is excited to announce a partnership with The Fédération de tir à l'arc du Québec, Archery Federation of Quebec (FTAQ) to become the 10th Canadian Province in the program! Students who reside in the Canadian province of Quebec will now have the opportunity to participate in school archery.
The Board of Directors of the National Rifle Association of America (NRA) elected former U.S. Congressman Bob Barr as President of the NRA and Doug Hamlin as NRA Executive Vice President & CEO. Pennsylvania businessman William A. Bachenberg was elected NRA First Vice President and Mark E. Vaughan, President of the Oklahoma Rifle Association, as Second Vice President.
Alan Gottlieb, founder and executive vice president of the Second Amendment Foundation, has been named to “Gun Owners For Trump,” a coalition of prominent gun rights activists and advocates supporting the re-election of former President Donald J. Trump to a second term in office.
VKTR Industries is proud to announce their business partnership with Sports South, LLC. The VKTR full range of products are currently in stock and available to order from Sports South.
The Headrest Safe Company announces their NRA Golden Bullseye award-winning, best-in-class vehicle safe is now available to MidwayUSA’s vast customer base. Since its introduction, The Headrest Safe™ has fast become the category leader in vehicle safes.
The JK 155 PCX .45cal is rated for 45 ACP and 9mm full-auto use as well as for use on other pistol calibers from 25 ACP on up to 357 Magnum, and even on 300 Blackout, all without barrel length restrictions.
BulletSafe presents the Conceal Vest–a cutting-edge solution for discreet and reliable concealed protection. Meticulously engineered with a focus on detail, this vest is designed to provide concealed security without compromising comfort or style.
American Defense Manufacturing honors the service of those who fought and died for freedom by offering coupon codes for mounts and for complete firearms.
Meprolight® is extending, until midnight Friday the opportunity for you take advantage of the same — 24% — discount given those who attended the 2024 NRA Annual Meeting in Dallas. Visit the Meprolight® Store and enter NRA24 at checkout to receive your discount.
MyOutdoorTV is offering a special Memorial Day promotion. Starting now and running through June 3, 2024, new subscribers can enjoy MOTV’s extensive library of outdoor content for just one dollar a month for three months.
Bear Creek Arsenal® has created a once-in-a-lifetime promotion. This promotion offers America’s favorite caliber 5.56 NATO in high-quality complete uppers and rifles that have been lowered to the unheard-of prices of $179.99 and $337.07 respectively
The NRA World Championship is a comprehensive test of over-all shooting skill in multiple disciplines, from the practical shooting sports to precision small bore, and the shotgun sports. Plus, the story of the Mosin-Nagant, now one of History’s Guns.

Today’s feature comes to us from our companion service, Shooting News Weekly. All images provided by Travis Pike.

For years, the 20 gauge has been considered a practical alternative to the 12 gauge, offering lower recoil and substantial power. However, finding a purpose-built tactical or defensive 20 gauge shotgun has been a challenge.

While 20 gauge deer and bird guns are plentiful, a dedicated tactical smoothbore has been…elusive. Until now, that is. Mossberg has introduced both .410 and 20 gauge variants of their renowned 590 series pump guns, each with unique features that address this long-standing issue.

It’s worth mentioning that Mossberg used the 590 platform to create both .410 and 20 gauge Shockwaves and simply extended those into proper shotguns. There are two variants of the 20 gauge model. There’s my plain-Jane model and an SPX-type gun with ghost ring sights. My plane-Jain gun holds six rounds in the tube and one in the pipe with an 18.5-inch barrel. The SPX gives you nine shots and a 20-inch barrel.

Why the 20 Gauge?

I love shotguns, but almost all of my experience has been with 12 gauges. Diving into 20-gauge guns gave me a better perspective on using one for home defense. As a man with a broken shoulder, I suspect I’ll be forced to switch to the 20-gauge eventually, so I might as well get educated now.

The 20 gauge 590 shotgun was like a crash course and I was impressed. The first thing I did was look for quality defensive ammo.

A 20 gauge 590, who would-a thunk it?

When it comes to tactically inclined defensive 20 gauge ammo, the options are limited, often leaving you with sporting rounds of buckshot. At SHOT 2024, Federal’s announcement of a Flitecontrol load for the 20 gauge caught my attention, but it’s yet to hit the market. (Trust me, I email Federal once a month about it.)

Barnes and Winchester make ‘tactical’ 20 gauge loads, but they don’t offer anything particularly unique other than a high price point.

There are plenty of #3 and #2 buckshot loads out there, but I had a lot of success with Monarch 9-pellet #1 loads. In the past, #1 buckshot has proven to be a capable penetrator, and nine pellets provide a decent payload that’s on par with your average 00 12 gauge load. The patterns are tight, and the recoil is, at worst, mild.

The Mossberg 20 Gauge 590 is identical to its 12 gauge counterparts.

The 20 gauge provides something of a Goldilocks option. It’s so powerful as to create excessive recoil, and it’s not so underpowered that you lose out on the advantages of a defensive shotgun. It’s just right for the shotgunner who can’t deal with the oomph of 12-gauge recoil, but still wants that efficient multiple pellets-per-trigger-pull effect.

The 20 Gauge 590

As a man who already appreciated Mossy shotguns, the 20-gauge 590 wasn’t a big surprise. It’s identical to their 12-gauge variants. The controls and ergonomics are the same. The pump is still a little sloppy, and the trigger is a little mushy, but that’s all normal for a 590. The tang safety is right where you want it, and the bead sits directly on the barrel.

The tang safety is brilliant…always has been, always will be.

I can’t speak for all furniture, but most stocks for the 12 gauge will fit the 20 gauge. Others might not have the same level of compatibility, but GG&G modifies the Magpul MOE forend to work on 20 gauges if you’re hard-up for M-LOK slots. Sadly, none of the built-in weapon light forends from Surefire, Streamlight, or Nightstick fit the 20 gauge variant. You’ll have to be more creative with weapon lights.

The 20 Gauge 590 is simple, but still carries the genes of a fighting shotgun.

The 20 gauge 590 features a drilled and tapped receiver for optics. I had a Williams Gun Sight LRS mounted, but I’m currently experimenting with others. (That’s why there’s still a mount on the receiver.) Red dots on shotguns are like peanut butter and jelly…they go together well for instinctive, quick-reaction shooting.

The 20-gauge 590 shotgun differs from the standard 590 in that it weighs only seven pounds. Oh man, I love how little this shotgun weighs. That light weight makes the gun super handy and easy to tote. I never considered the considerable weight savings just a few pounds make.

The Mossberg 590’s cleanout tube is one of the big distinguishing features of the 590.

It’s great as a lightweight working gun and a home defense firearm. If you need to release the 20 gauge 590 with your support hand for some other task, you can still keep the gun forward and toward a threat’s direction.

Pumping and Shucking With the 590 20 Gauge

Right off the bat, the difference in recoil between the 20 gauge and 12 gauge is significant. I’m pretty good at the push/pull technique of recoil mitigation, and with that technique, I don’t even have to shoulder the 20 gauge 590 to tame the gun.

I ran through a few drills, including two-round strings at ten yards with buckshot. I landed two rounds on target in exactly one second. That’s blazing fast, and I’m proud of it. I ran through the shotgun casino drill and the shotgun el pres. This is where I ran into some interesting bugs with the 20 gauge 590.

Loading the 20 gauge tube isn’t as easy as loading the 12 gauge tube. There’s a little extra room inside the loading port, and when trying to press a round into the magazine tube, it occasionally got stuck on the inside of the loading port on a portion of the receiver that surrounds the tube. It’s less intuitive than the 12 gauge, but won’t slow you down considerably.

At 10 yards, the gun patterned my Monarch nine-pellet buckshot load in a pattern roughly the size of my palm. I fired five rounds and the patterns consistently measured between 4.3 and 5 inches. That’s not terrible. It’s not FliteControl good, but it’s tight enough for home defense use.

The 20-gauge 590 runs like a pump shotgun should. It always goes bang, extracts empties, and ejects them. Bottom line: Mossberg’s 590 shotguns set the standard for reliable pump action shotguns.

All Rainbows

The main problem I have with the 20-gauge 590 is the bead sitting on the barrel. With basic buckshot, that isn’t a big problem, but with slugs, the rounds all appear to hit high. Once the 20-gauge Flitecontrol load is finally released, I expect it will have the same problem slugs have at home defense ranges.

I wish Mossberg would raise that bead a bit like Remington does with their pedestal bead sight. Luckily, Defender Tactical has us covered with their HighBall bead sight. That fixes the issue and makes point of aim and point of impact the same.

Another issue is the 590’s stock has a length of pull of around 13.87 inches. That’s fine for me, but I’m a big guy. I’d bet a lot of people looking at 20-gauge guns are smaller shooters and would be better served by a more Bantam-length stock.

The Mossberg 20-gauge 590 is an outstanding 20-gauge option. The 590 has been a leader in the tactical pump-action world for decades and it’s about time they released a 20-gauge variant of the gun. Luckily, it lives up to the well-earned reputation Mossberg has established with the 590 series as a fighting shotgun.

Gauge: 20 Gauge
Action Type: Pump-Action
Chamber Size: 3″
Barrel Length: 18.5″
Choke: Cylinder Bore
Capacity: 6+1
Length: 39.5″
LOP: 13.87″
Weight: 7 pounds
MSRP: $566

— Travis Pike

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