Between The Berms: Cyber Monday Shopping List

Nov 26, 2012
Cyber Monday is a lot easier to survive than Black Friday, plus you can do all you shopping in your pajamas. Though, there is a good chance that a few in the early lines at Wal-Mart were also in their pajamas. If you are shopping online today here are some shooting related items to consider. The list also includes (at the bottom) links to the items listed in the Back In Black (Friday) column.
Anything Action Target: Yup, that's right. You pretty much cannot go wrong springing for a steel target (or two) from the folks at Action Target, and it would likely be an unexpected surprise for the favorite shooter on you Christmas list. Action Target makes a variety of targets but here are a couple suggestions to get you started: Rimfire Dueling Tree ($119.00), PT Static Cowboy Action ($210.00) and PT Tactical Torso ($299.00). Captains of Crush: Bob Vogel swears by these and they certainly do improve your grip strength - which is a key element of a good handgun grip and managing recoil. If you're looking for a training tool to help improve on the fundamentals of your shooting then the Captains of Crush Grippers are a perfect item and one that's priced right at an MSRP of just $19.95. The Captains of Crush start at 80lbs of gripping resistance and go all the way up to a ridiculous 365lbs. We recommend you start on the lower end of that spectrum. Casing Magnets: 12-Gauge Magnets from are available in either brass or nickel and cost just $14.95 and come in a set of four. This is the perfect refrigerator magnet for the hunting and shooting household.
40 Cal Push Pins: Also from is this set of four .40 Caliber Bullet Casing Push Pins which costs just $8.95. These are great for both home and office - just don't try and carry them through airport security. Understanding what these are, and more importantly what they are not, is probably well beyond the capabilities of your average TSA agent. Bullet Pens: Bullet Pens from are made from real brass casings with a real bullet precision machined to accept either a Cross or Parker refill. The cost for one of these unique Bullet Pens ranges from an MSRP of $55.00 to $135.00. Comp-Tac International: Comp-Tac Victory Gear introduced their International holster earlier this summer and it's quickly become one of if not the most popular holster they make - especially for the competition shooter. Whether the shooter you are buying for is male or female, the outside the waistband, drop/offset International is configurable for almost any shooter. Plus Comp-Tac's speedy turnaround and excellent customer service make ordering from the Houston-based holster maker a pleasure...and they send you Smarties with your order. The International costs $69.00.
Taran Tactical's Glock Basebads: There are a lot of aftermarket accessories for Glocks but few designed and developed by somebody with Taran Butler's shooting pedigree. Taran is a top level competition shooter and a highly sought-after trainer for Hollywood celebrities that want to look authentic rather than foolish when handling firearms on screen. Taran Tactical Innovations' Glock Basepads are quickly becoming the preferred magazine basepad among serious Glock competitors. The cost for a Taran Tactical Glock Basepad ranges from $29.95 to $39.95 depending on the model.
Bang Bang Boutique: If you are shopping for a female shooter who'd prefer something in a color other than black (or some similarly uninspired earth tone) then you might want to check out the Bang Bang Boutique. This site is all about the female shooter and offers range bags, firearms cases, CCW purses, hearing protection and more - all in colors and styles for a woman's fashion sense. And best of all you can personalize your gift BUT you probably want to ask a lot of questions and take lots of notes before finalizing that customized range bag. Especially if you're a guy and think that your deep love for all things made of black ballistic nylon makes you a fashionista...because it doesn't. Armed In Heels: is another site that's perfect for shopping for your favorite woman shooter.They offer a wide variety of products for women including apparel, concealed carry options and firearm-themed jewelry and accessories. If tricking out a Glock is the question, then a trigger kit from is probably the answer. Rich Grassi, editor of The Tactical Wire, reviewed the Guardian and the Vogel Competition Trigger System which will give you a good backgrounder on the quality and performance of the products. You can order online but keep in mind's lead time of up to 7-10 business days. The Guardian Kit costs $139.95 while the Vogel Competition Trigger System goes for $149.95.
Brilliant Backstraps: Tracy Hughes' little company, Brilliant Backstraps, has become one of the go-to sources for customizing the Smith & Wesson M&P, and has helped S&W pick up more than a couple new female customers. In addition to custom painted M&P backstraps, she now offers stippled backstraps and custom painted Sig Sauer grips, with more make and model options to come. M&P backstraps start at $30.00 and go up depending on the level of customization. Big Cyber Monday Sales: Several online retailers, as well as firearms accessories companies, are offering special Black Friday thru Cyber Monday sales. Be sure to check out the deals available thru today on these sites: - Sinclair's Cyber Weekend Sales Event - Brownells Black Rifle Friday Sale -'s Black Ops Friday Sale - SureFire's Cyber Monday Blowout - MidwayUSA's Black Friday Sale - Crosman's Cyber Monday Sale - Panteao Productions 25% Off Holiday Sale -'s Black Is Back Black Friday Sale Back In Black (Friday) Online Shopping List: And finally from last Wednesday's column, if you didn't pick up any of these items at your local retailer this weekend you can certainly purchase them direct from the manufacturer from the comfort of your computer.... Break-Free CLP Wipes (MSRP $4.15) Bianchi Model 101 Foldaway Holster (MSRP $15.25 or $27.50) T-Reign Retractable Gear Tethers (MSRP $15.95 to $27.95) Berger Bullets Reloading Manual (MSRP $29.00) Hornady Handbook 9th Edition (MSRP $40.00) Nosler Reloading Guide #7 (MSRP $21.99) Safariland Model 4552 Dual Rifle Case (MSRP $129.00 - $149.00) Crimson Trace Rail Master Light (MSRP $139.00) Crimson Trace Rail Master Laser (MSRP $149.00) - Paul Erhardt, Editor, the Outdoor Wire Digital Network Got shooting sports news? Send us an email at