Between The Berms: Tulsa Baby

Sep 18, 2013
Headed to Tulsa and the excitement is palpable. OK, so that's a big fat lie, but after waking up at 2:00am for a 7:00am flight, you aren't getting my best. And I'm pretty sure I'm writing this in my sleep. But still, I'm headed to Tulsa and IDPA's U.S. National Championship. The match officially kicks off Thursday but the staff started shooting yesterday - in the rain. Also shooting Tuesday, as well as Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, is the 'Puerto Rican Flash' himself, Yamil Sued. And thankfully, as always, he's on his game. And that's good news for you as his friends here at The Shooting Wire hit Yamil up for some first day photos. You can find more of his expert work here on Facebook.
When the King holds court, you listen. Team Smith & Wesson's Jerry Miculek takes a break during competition. In early for the championship, Miculek will finish up Wednesday before heading out to compete in yet another match. Rumor has it that Miculek just might win the ESR title this year - but it's hard to say for sure. Photo: Copyright Yamil Sued 2013
Speaking of winning, at dinner last night Kitty Richards, 'She of the Gaudy Pistol', got everybody's attention then stood up to proudly proclaim that she was leading Bob Vogel after the first day of competition. Impressive indeed, that is until you realize the unbeaten Vogel isn't scheduled to shoot until Thursday. Photo: Copyright Yamil Sued 2013
Match Director John May (right) is overseeing his 5th IDPA Nationals. Considering that IDPA, a relatively young sport, is in its 17th season, that means May has been one of the major influencers in the sport and has helped define what a nationals level defensive shooting competition looks like. Photo: Copyright Yamil Sued 2013
Don't cry for her Argentina. Despite the rain, Mariana Corrales of Argentina is having a great time at the IDPA Nationals, though you'd never guess it from this picture. Almost a year ago Mariana played host to IDPA's Terry Burba and now Terry, Kitty Richards and the rest of IDPA are welcoming Mariana to the U.S. It's pretty safe to say that no amount of rain will dampen her spirits this week. Photo: Copyright Yamil Sued 2013
Also coming in from 'outside the country' is Ricky Gilbert of the Republic of Texas. Gilbert, along with match director Darrell Sells, ran a near flawless championship this summer at their Comp-Tac Republic of Texas. The Lone Star State's 'A Team' have contributed stage designs and will be running stages, making sure their portion of the Nationals runs as smoothly as possible. Photo: Copyright Yamil Sued 2013
Joining the Lone Star State delegation is Darrell's wife Becky Sells, the founder of Armadillo Concealment. Returning to action after a back injury sidelined her earlier this year, you can expect to see Becky backing up Darrell and Ricky - when she's not fitting IDPA's top shooters for new vests that is. Photo: Copyright Yamil Sued 2013
Forget the big name shooters. Forget Team Argentina. Forget the Texans (if that's possible). The highlight of the first day of competition is this lady, Debbie Singer. Why? Because she has a boatload of homemade chocolate chip cookies. After extensive sampling, I am prepared to declare the Debbie the new National Champion. I don't think the match officials will let my ruling stand, but they absolutely should...and Yamil Sued is in total agreement. Photo: Copyright Yamil Sued 2013
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