Odds and Ends

Feb 10, 2016
Today, we examine a little of this and a little of that. First, the "internet controversy" du jour: A lot of internet traffic was generated over a snippet of video that apparently depicted an unintended discharge of a firearm, the subject being a nationally known instructor. Immediately the internet peanut gallery began throwing stones. Admittedly, some of the critics have some background – but many have no apparent background. That the object of the exercise had some people making excuses didn't help. Adults in the room – Dave Spaulding and Pat Rogers – noted that people using machines have accidents and that doesn't make them "bad." Attacking people with keyboard vitriol is counterproductive and silly. Perhaps we should learn from the event and not pile on. If you have something constructive to advance, carry on. Otherwise, we're degraded to being "Heckle and Jeckle." Meanwhile, I saw a posting from an instructor who found he had an armorer course student who'd never touched, fired, carried a firearm before. The questions that the student raised made the instructor think he was being trolled. It became apparent that this student was "newest of the new" and decided to start in the firearms lifestyle by learning about the pistol in-depth. That student is precisely the people we want in Gun Culture 2.0. They bring a different way of looking at the lifestyle and thinking about it. Realizing that this was a great opportunity, the instructor did the best he could in facilitating learning for that student – even spending time after class to make sure he "got it." He recommended we slow down before being quick to criticize someone for a lack of knowledge. I agree. While we have some clowns in the industry, they are (thankfully) few in number. In fact, this is the best industry in the world in terms of the people we tend to draw. Let's keep it that way – and stay civil. Honor Defense has begun shipping their line of All-American 9mm pistols. These are modular handguns. According to their release, the first pistols shipped are the Sub Compact and FIST. Additional Honor Defense models are set to ship in Q1 2016. Meanwhile, holster maker DeSantis Gunhide is involved in making holsters for the new gun. DeSantis offers a full line of IWB and OWB holsters, plus a wide range of accessories, using leather and Kydex. As to the Monday feature in this space, the proposed "Standards" series, I asked for feedback – and I got it. In response to reader mail, I'll be running various qualification-type courses in this space periodically. It won't be a "standards and qualification" handbook – those are available from the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors, IALEFI. On some courses, I'll be able to provide a link to the source – on others I may not. As always, if you're new to defensive firearms and haven't participated in basic training or line drills, don't just go out and try these on your own. In fact, it's best to cut some of these courses up into segments and work them one at a time. Don't set the par time on your timer – leave it open-ended and record your hits and the actual time it took to do it. Then you can work on those elements individually and clean up your performance. -- Rich Grassi