Here We Go Again

Jun 6, 2022

Editor’s Note: For many of us, the reemergence of “instant legislation” to solve longstanding problems is frustratingly familiar. Across the country, pro-Second Amendment organizations are stepping up efforts to combat what the mainstream touts as “new efforts” to do something about "gun violence". If you’re paying attention, you’ll notice this “new effort” looks a whole lot like another attempt to criminalize a constitutionally guaranteed right. Here’s retired law enforcement officer (and Tactical Wire editor) Rich Grassi’s take.

Same old stuff again –

Yes, there’s been more of that pesky “gun violence.” Strange terminology, but I guess “murder” and “violent crime” doesn’t excite people enough. If it’s something we need more of, it's outrage and other high emotions.

Not surprisingly, the government has come up with “The Solution” -- which is suspiciously like the “Final Solution” of an earlier era. What is this new brain storm?

It’s “Old Gun Control.”

Reminds me of the political cartoon from another earlier time – late 1960s or the 1970s – where a patent medicine salesman standing on his traveling medicine show wagon, selling the latest, greatest wonder drug – Old Gun Control. Not only would it stop all violent crime, but prevent dandruff and halitosis.

If it seems too good to be true, it is.

Again, it’s “Why don’t you give up those (the most currently disfavored gun goes here) for a better world?” And some of our “friends,” the type that start off by saying “I’m a supporter of the 2nd Amendment but …” or “I’m a hunter, but …” are getting their five seconds of fame by cutting up an Evil Black Rifle on social media, opining that “one less of these things will make the world safer.”

Bravo Sierra.

The latest Occupant of the People’s House in Washington, D.C., has likewise given forth his great knowledge of terminal ballistics, firearms technology and public policy, all relating to the topic at hand – just as he’s done since the 1970s. It seems he’s learned even more – about a pistol cartridge developed in 1908 (the 9x19mm) as well as the other “high powered weapons.”

Jeff Cooper, someone actually possessed of quite a bit of real knowledge, referred to that Evil Black Rifle as a “poodle shooter.” He believed putting down a feral human who was in the process of murdering people required a “real rifle.”

The truth, as we’ve come to find out, is somewhere in between.

But what about The Solution? Won’t it solve the problem?

In a word, “no.”

The great philosopher of late night television, Greg Gutfeld, referred to the gun control lobby as people who focus on a single variable. While he clowns around, he couldn’t be more right. It’s a multivariate problem, something the government is profoundly unable to comprehend or deal with. Their solution is to disarm the population, as if that was possible, to solve crime.

It ain’t a gun problem. It’s a people problem (kind of like public policy generally).

The best public policy comes - not from government functionaries - but from the interested citizen.

Why is that?

Because bureaucrats are concerned with continuing and growing the bureaucracy by whom they are employed.

Consider giving money to charities that help the poor; are you outraged by the amount of donations that actually reach their client populations? Good.

Check to see how much of the taxes you’re expected to “contribute” to the poor through various welfare programs – then look to see how much actually reaches those “beneficiaries.”

Around a dime per dollar or so? It’s not much.

And consider their expertise: we’re preached to by people telling us of the awesome power of the AR15 and how the often- considered “puny” 9mm will remove the lungs from people.

These are folks who think a castle nut is a fan of medieval architecture.

All the while not exploring the fact that the real problem is the nut of another kind – the nut behind the trigger.

But can we do nothing?

No. Not the way we’re headed.

We find that a minute number of “denials” from NICS are ever followed up on. Some wise politician, when Vice President a few years ago, admitted they didn’t have the staffing to chase every “deny” response in NICS – so we need even more laws they won’t enforce (unless politically expedient – a discussion for another time).

And in each of the recent (and not-so-recent) cases, the events, while shocking to all, weren’t completely unexpected by people who knew the violent offenders.

They weren’t lone wolf attacks; they were known wolf attacks.

But were they flagged in NICS? No.

So, you ask, why not? Because they were never reported.

So who do you turn to for solutions? You have to turn to the politicians -of both parties.

Make your expectations known. A good many law-abiding gun owners live in districts represented by gun-grabbers. It doesn’t hurt to let them know how many gun owners (or potential gun owners) out there don’t approve of their stupidity.

Age limits? Great, so the voting age, drinking age, medical marijuana and age of military service will all be increased to 21 … right?

What about those who like analogies? What do you say to them?

If you’re smart, nothing. If you’re like me, it would go like this:

“I wish it was as easy to vote as it is to get a gun.”

“Me too. You’d get to go to a federal licensee, fill out a form telling them everything about you – including “race,” sex, age, date of birth, and whether or not you’re Hispanic (not sure why that matters), plus if you lie on any of the questions, you’re subject to federal criminal prosecution for perjury – then you have to wait for your ‘instant’ background check (none of which the candidate running for office has to do). “

Can you imagine such a law being passed? Me either.

-- Rich Grassi