More on the Ruger Custom Shop GP100 9mm

Feb 19, 2020

I’ve just gotten back from the range, having fired the new Ruger Custom Shop creation, the “Super GP100,” received late last year. As a fan of the line, I think all GP100s are “super.” This one is tweaked for competition.

To go back to earlier coverage, the Ruger Custom Shop Super GP100 Competition Revolver is a stainless version of the current .357 Mag CS3, but chambered in 9mm. The cylinder is shortened and the barrel, shrouded forward of the frame, protrudes into the cylinder window of the frame to mate up closely to the cylinder. This prevents excessive free bore to help enhance accuracy and velocity. This allowed Ruger to maintain the same profile as the CS3 while adding an additional half inch of barrel length. The cylinder is constructed of stainless steel and has a PVD finish to enhance durability. It also facilitates extraction. It’s extensively fluted, which serves to reduce weight and facilitate quick rotation.

As to recoil of the 9mm in the hefty howitzer, it’s not unnoticed. It’s not like the GP100 in 357 Magnum (when loaded with Magnum ammo) nor the 10mm GP100 – but you know you fired a shot from the 45.6 oz. competition revolver.

A green fiber optic rod is in the front sight and the trigger – in both trigger-cocking and single action modes – is simply superb. The stocks do nothing for those of us with short hands, but I was able to reach the trigger and make the gun work. Supplied in the Custom Shop hard case, the MSRP is $1549.00.

While trying the "Super GP100" 9mm, I found out about the RIMZ EZ Moon Clips. The RIMZ 929 looked like a fit -- and it is! Easier to load and unload than the factory-supplied steel moon clips, you need only your fingers to accomplish the task. There is a "top" and "bottom" to the RIMZ clips -- as you'll find out when loading the gun. They're polymer but quite rigid without being brittle.

In my first outing, I’d fired the gun at fifty yards and fifteen yards. I should’ve gone back to my notes, as the unadjusted sights hit low with all loads tried. The double action press is light but has a confident firmness. It is a bit of a reach for me with the Hogue lumber but this stock seems a little smaller than the ones I’d tried on the Match GP and the GP100 10mm. Single action was light.

It ships in a waterproof, fitted hard case. It includes three moon clips, a moon clip unloading tool, a Ruger Custom Shop Certificate of Authenticity, challenge coin, cleaning cloth, gun peg and decal.

The MSRP for this custom competition revolver is $1549.00.

Speaking of the moon clips, I ran into some information online about a plastic moon clip – the RIMZ 929 Hydrocarbon Polymer ( 8 shot ) Moon Clip 9mm. I contacted the company through the website to ask if the 929 size moon fits the Ruger Custom Shop Super GP100 9mm 8-shot revolver. The answer was “let’s find out.”

Shortly thereafter I received a pair of the RIMZ Moon Clips by Beckham Products Design LLC . Reading up, I see that they are constructed of “space age hydrocarbon polymers.” The company’s site notes that their product is used for IPSC, Steel Challenge and ICORE competitions. The webpage has a link for ‘demooner tool.’ When you click on the link it takes you to a page that just says, “There is no need for a demooner tool or demooner tools with the RIMZ moon clips.”

The clips are also available from Brownells – that site notes the “High-strength, hydrocarbon polymer won’t rust, break or deform; fires 300-400+ rounds before requiring replacement. Loads easily by hand without the need for special tools or costly equipment. Keeps empties together, too.”

At first, trying the new product “dry,” I found I could load cartridges the wrong way; there is a top and a bottom. The top, facing the shooter, is recessed. Think “recessed chambers” as in “pinned and recessed.” That will keep you from doing what I did, in the cold – loading them backwards so the cylinder doesn’t close into battery.

Are they easier than using steel moon clips?

Oh, yes. And you can load that GP100 quickly with these.

I did some general range work with the new gun – and moon clips. I finished with some accuracy work while working with some other guns. Shooting from a rest at 25 yards, I put five rounds of Creedmoor 115 JHP/HAP ammo into 2” – not bad for the shaking I was doing from the cold. The revolver has a lot going for it; and the RIMZ 929 moon clips are a neat addition.

- - Rich Grassi