Ruger CS6 Super GP100

Jan 17, 2020

I received the new Ruger Custom Shop creation, the “Super GP100” late last year. A fan of the line, I think they’re all “super.” This one is tweaked with competition related alterations.

The new Ruger Custom Shop Super GP100 Competition Revolver is a stainless version of the current .357 Mag CS3, but chambered in 9mm. The cylinder is shortened and the barrel, shrouded forward of the frame, protrudes into the cylinder window of the frame to mate up closely to the cylinder. This prevents excessive free bore to help enhance accuracy and velocity. This allowed Ruger to maintain the same profile as the CS3 while adding an additional half inch of barrel length.

The cylinder is constructed of stainless steel and has a PVD finish to enhance durability. It also facilitates extraction. It’s extensively fluted, which serves to reduce weight and facilitate quick rotation.

I’d noticed complaints about the lightening cuts in the barrel shroud. Apart from looking trendy and appealing to the younger set, it enhances balance. One commentator opined that the recoil of the 9mm in the revolver was “inconsequential.”

I shot the CS6 9mm Super GP100. The recoil of the 9mm in the revolver is not on par with the GP100 in 357 Magnum (when loaded with Magnum ammo) nor with the 10mm GP100 – but it’s far from inconsequential. The blast likewise enhances the “snap” of the 9x19mm in the 45.6 oz. competition revolver. It’s an 8-shot gun that’s configured for use with moon clips, 3 of which are provided along with a tool to help with the clip unloading chores.

The Ruger CS6 GP100 is a 9mm eight-shooter, meant to be fed with moon clips. Below, the 9mm recoil is not inconsequential in spite of the GP's weight.

A green fiber optic rod is in the front sight and the trigger – in both trigger-cocking and single action modes – is simply superb. The stocks do nothing for those of us with short hands, but I was able to reach the trigger and make the gun work. Supplied in the Custom Shop hard case, the MSRP is $1549.00.

For the first rounds out of the gun, I shot it at fifty yards using Winchester 115 grain Silvertip HP ammo. Too bad I hadn’t checked zero first, as I went low and right with rounds off the paper but on the backer. I moved up to fifteen yards and, using a neck-hold on a silhouette, I fired a 1 ½” eight-shot group standing, two-hands. The double action press is light but has a confident firmness. It is a bit of a reach for me with the Hogue lumber but this stock seems a little smaller than the ones I’d tried on the Match GP and the GP100 10mm. Single action was light.

As this was my first range trip in some time – and the first rounds I’d fired on this trip – I was happily surprised by the Custom Shop Super GP.

The Ruger Custom Shop Super GP100 Competition revolver ships in a waterproof, fitted hard case. It includes three moon clips, a moon clip unloading tool, a Ruger Custom Shop Certificate of Authenticity, challenge coin, cleaning cloth, gun peg and decal.

The MSRP for this custom competition revolver is $1549.00. If you’re a competitor or just like a fine wheelgun, this is one to take a look at.

- - Rich Grassi