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EOTECH Awarded SBIR Phase II Contract

Plymouth, MI – EOTECH, inventor and original manufacturer of Holographic technology for use on military, LE, hunting, and consumer firearms, has been awarded a follow up SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) contract for the development of a dual-color holographic head-up display for increased situational awareness and targeting in military aircraft.

This Phase II contract funds further development to produce a system that allows more information to be acquired faster without obscuring the pilot field of view, which leads to efficient decisions and reduced cognitive load on the end-user. Commercially, the developed technology may adapt to existing firearm weapon sights, and could provide customers with new functionality, such as overlaying waypoints or caliber data onto their field of view.

“We are extremely proud to have received this Phase II contract and are excited to continue developing this technology into a solution that enhances the performance of our pilots,” said Dennis Finnegan, President of EOTECH GOV. “EOTECH has been at the forefront of holography, dating back to the 1950’s, and has dedicated its existence to providing tools and technology that improve the performance and increase the safety of our warfighters.”

The SBIR program is intended to support scientific excellence and technological innovation that is moving from the lab to the market. Investing federal research and development funds into startups and small businesses yield positive results. It fosters a strong national economy and stimulates the creation of novel products, services, and solutions in the private sector; strengthens the role of small business in meeting federal research and development needs; increases the commercial application of federally supported research results; and develops and increases the US workforce, especially by fostering and encouraging participation by socially and economically disadvantaged and women-owned small businesses.

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Headquartered in Plymouth, Michigan, EOTECH designs, manufactures, and markets the original Holographic Weapon Sight (HWS) and designs and distributes Vudu rifle optics, EFLX pistol sights, thermal and night vision systems, and laser devices. The world's tier-one professional’s trust EOTECH's full line of professional-grade optics to deliver unparalleled speed, accuracy, and reliability. Since 1996, EOTECH Holographic Weapon Sights (HWS) have been designed, developed, and manufactured in the US. In 2016, EOTECH expanded its optics line by introducing the Vudu line of premium magnified optics designed to cater to the most sophisticated of users. Our exacting standards demand continued focus on product quality, not quantity, ensuring that the highest specifications are not only met but exceeded. Every optic manufactured is treated as if it will be the one that will face a life and death situation. When there are zero margins for error, there is only one clear choice - EOTECH.


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